tirsdag den 30. oktober 2012

Bar Spotlight #2 - Fidel's

This bar is in the spotlight because I've only had fun times every time I went there.

Prices are standard for cocktails! And I promise you, they are delicious. The selection is enormous, seriously! Check it out here: http://www.fidels.dk/fileadmin/filer/drinkskort.pdf *drool* (Psst, try the Georgia Mint Julep - I'm never going back to mojitos again). They also have several good whiskeys if that's what you're into!

There's a dance floor and maybe a bit crowded - but in the good way! As you'd expect at a bar full of people having a good time. 

As for the usual people there, it's the right mixture of businessmen/-ladies and students/people like us, out drinking and dancing. Sort of like Kulørbar, but with better drinks and less hot in there.

And about the atmosphere - they are going for sort of a Cuban vibe (according to their website...). That's not exactly what's going on, but people are very happy and careless in the good way - I suppose that's how close we get to a true Cuban vibe at Fidel's! Either you love it or either you don't (if you don't, Vinbaren is on the corner and is also very nice!).

Opening hours:
Tue-wed: 18-00

Thu: 18-03
Fri: 16-05
Sat: 18-05

Note that you must be at least 20 years to enter tuesday-thursday and at least 23 on friday and saturday (but usually they are large with the age of the girls!).

Find them at Dronningens Tværggade 9, KBH K.

If this guy was making cocktails, the vibe would definetely be more Cuban...

Or maybe her!


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