søndag den 21. oktober 2012

Bar Spotlight #1 - Vibes Apotek

New bars are popping up everywhere in Copenhagen these days, one of the less recent being Vibes Apotek (Vibes' Pharmacy).

Situated in the Nørrebro-part of Copenhagen, the usual guests are likely to be awesome and young as yourselves. However, there's a bit of way to walk/bike if you want to continue after midnight in Central Copenhagen.

The "pharmacy" claims to be able to cure following "diseases": 

Tired and common malaise (fancy word!)
Broken hearts
Writers' block
Impatience and old love
There is a back-room with a DJ, and Persian rugs on the walls. The chairs are wooden logs and the rooms are decorated with boar-heads and pharmacy-like bottles, sirups and extracts on the wall and old vacuums for holding flowers in. The drinks are dirt cheap: black absinth, "Headfuck No. 1" (vodka and cucumber-drink), "Black Milk" and the pink "Barbie-Squirt"-shot among others. The prices are seriously student friendly (drinks from 35-40 kroner!!) and the ambience very relaxed and lounge-like. Sometimes they have different music-events. Check them out on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vibes-Apotek/198592913515051

Foto: Sandra Skriver

Find them at Ydunsgade 5 (a side street to Jagtvej), 2200 KBH N
Open thursday, friday and saturday (19:30-midnight).

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