onsdag den 10. oktober 2012

Café Spotlight #1 - The Log Lady

The Log Lady is one of my favorite cafés in all of Copenhagen.

It's very unusual to find such an unspoiled and unique café so close to Rådhuspladsen. However, that's the case with this café, which is by the way named after Twin Peaks' Log Lady. They serve amazing coffee and sometimes even cherry pie (only when cherries are in-season, but don't worry - the otther cakes are nice too). The prices are cheap and they also have an awesome organic breakfast buffet! You can also get drinks, wine etc. And the music is always nice.

The rooms are suuuuper nice. I won't ruin it for you by writing everything here - just go there and get the feeling back in your fingers after staying outside in rainy, cold autumn-Copenhagen.

Tilbage til naturen. The Log Lady er opkaldt efter den kvinde, der rendte rundt med en trækævle under armen i tv-serien 'Twin Peaks', og indretningen af cafeen er da også fuld af naturindslag, som træstubbe til at sidde på, udstoppede dyr, potteplanter og store skovtapeter. - Foto: Lærke Posselt

Where: Studiestræde 27, København K
When: Monday-friday at 13-23, saturday at 14-23. Closed on sundays.

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