fredag den 28. september 2012

Events this weekend!

Another weekend is around the corner and here's what you can do!

Free fruit in the Central Station

Until 17. If you're there anyway. Below the giant clock.

Yeah, go and get them for free!

Intelligence Day 2012

Blablabla, meet Mensa and Gifted Childre for an informal talk about intelligence. Or just visit them on saturday at Kongens Nytorv by the metro-station between 11-15 because there is coffee and cake in their tent! And I think it's free if you just pretend they're interresting. 

Maybe this is the kind of cake they like in Mensa?

Blodig Weekend ("Bloody Weekend")

If you're into horrorfilms, guts and blood, this is your lucky weekend!

Blodballet. Den franske 'Livid' blev hyldet af både anmeldere og horrornørder som en moderne gyser, der på samme tid er smuk og ekstremt uhyggelig. - Foto: PR-foto
Still from the french "Livic" which should be both terrifying and really beautifull!
There are various showings of horrorfilms for both feinschmeckers and n00bs. Check out the program here: 
Prices vary from free (short films about upcoming Danish horror talents) to 100 kroner with several events included in the ticket price!
The showings will be in Cinemateket and Husets Biograf. Tickets can be booked here:

Den Store Biografdag

If you didn't get enough of films - there's

This weekend is a popcornweekend!

If you want beer rather than popcorn (then go to the ESN Masquerade in Kampsax Baren tonight. I won't make a big deal of it here on the blog, since I'm dead tired of all their SPAM!!! STOP IT, ESN! I don't want to play with you.).

OR you could

Visit a new friday-bar, KBIII

Start your friday night early at the new bar in Kødbyen, with John Vincent and Rizzaw are DJ'ing (they must be really cool, because I have no idea who they are!) and there's a barbeque in the yard. Starts at 21, but be there early if you don't want all the hipsters to get all the beer before you! Admission's free and if you want to stay for the party later (23-04), you only pay half the price (80 kroner). A Belgian DJ, The Magician, will be visiting. Check it out on facebook:, and for the afterparty:

Yeah, he looks like a magician, but can he do any tricks?!

All the very best facebook hearts,

tirsdag den 25. september 2012

An unofficial site of the Queen

After being encouraged to post more funny pictures of the Queen; Here they come.

Your Majesty! Kids could be watching!

Heheh, this is just awesome. 

I have the feeling our Majesty went a bit crazy that day. Must have been an important speech to her!

I know from a previous post on the blog that the Queen is not impressed with Danish pålæg (the stuff you put on your black bread), but she seems to be very into crêpes or dürums or springrolls or whatever it is. "NOM NOM NOM".

Best royal facebookhearts,

One day trip suggestion #2: Helsingør and Helsingborg

This trip, like the one to Aarhus, is also one of my favorites: Going to Helsingør (Elsinore) and take the ferry to Helsingborg in Sweden (I've seen it described as the Miami of Sweden, make of it what you want or go and see for yourself).

How to get to Helsingør:

This is super easy. You go and buy a 24-hour ticket in 7/11 or at the Central Station. Then you take the Coast Line (Kystbanen) to the end station, which happens to be Helsingør. Lucky! The 24-hour ticket is app. 130 kroner and is valid both ways within... well... 24 hours. Also buy a bike ticket in the ticket machine at the stations, if you bring your bike on the train (it's 10 kroner).

What to see in Helsingør:

Kronborg - The Hamlet castle

You've all been impressed or bored-to-death with the iconic Shakespeare story about Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. This is where it's supposed to have happened in the story. It's a beautiful rennaisance castle with all what you could desire from one such with royal rooms, canons outside and creepy cassemates (the dark dungeons under the castle where Holger Danske, a statue who is supposed to come alive, should Denmark ever be in war and need to be defended, sits and watches time and tourists go by). I say go!

The relation to the story of Hamlet also means that occasionally, they set up the play in the castle. One time, Jude Law came and played the role of Hamlet. Just saying that sometimes you can meet famous and handsome men from showbizz in the sweet nightlife of the Helsingorian pubs and what's-worse.

A very handsome man, I must say! I envy my friend who got to play pool with him one night in one of the most greasy pubs in Helsingør! Sigh...

I hope you have more fun at Kronborg than this guy to the right!

Opening hours from 11-16, closed on mondays. Tickets from 50-95 kroner (if you're more than 10 people, you can get a group discount on the full tour!).

Kronborg in summer, from above and in snow!


Just outside Kronborg is the male version of the Little Mermaid. Just saying. He's very shiny and then you can say you visited them both..

Shiny muscles! Tiny guy!


The only cute street in Helsingør! But it's very cute! They serve legendary icecream (Brostræde Is) and the best sushi place on Zealand is located right to the opposite site (Sushi Ichi Ban, tell the guy with dark hair and glasses that Nanna the Ninja sent you! Maybe he'll be extra nice and give you a soda or something. Most likely, he'll wonder why all the international costumers tell that... or he'll just laugh! He is my karate-sensei!). Go there to really feel the vibe of being in Helsingør. It's full of these old cute houses!

Is it Instagram or is it old? You decide!

Licquor shops and drunk Swedes

When I speak of the "vibe" of being in Helsingør, I think of all the licquor and wine shops. I tried on Google Maps, but it did not include at least five of those I remember (which should then be added to the ones shown). Seriously, I've never been in a city with SO MANY BOOZE SHOPS!!!

The reason they're there is that it's cheaper for the Swedes to go to Helsingør to buy their alcohol. And because Helsingør is an old, very central and important harbour city of Denmark! You know how these get with all the thirsty sailors...

How many booze shops can you find when you go there? And who gets the best offer?

I can count 10 booze shops from Google Maps (when searched for "Helsingør vin" which is only the "wine"shops).. There are at least 5 more!

In Helsingør, these trolleys are dubbed "svenskervogne" - "Swedish wagons"! They are a very common sight!

Drunk Swedes are everywhere in Helsingør after dark - this is a drunk moose in an apple tree in Gothenburg in Sweden, but sometimes it ends very similar with the Swedes when they go out in Helsingør! And we say it entirely out of love. <3

But I wanna stayyyy!

If you liked Helsingør so much that you didn't want to go to Helsingborg the same day, bring your bike and ride it back to Copenhagen. Or both ways. It's a beautiful trip along the shore and the houses are impressive in some of the areas the Strandvej will take you through! The trip is about 40 km (maximum) each way! You can also just ride your bike a couple of kilometers north of Helsingør to some beautiful small towns (almost villages) along the beaches. I grew up there, and I mean it when I say it is almost the most beautiful when fall is beginning!

This is the best!

How to get to Helsingborg:

By crazy luck, the ferry terminal (Scandlines) is connected to the station building in Helsingør. Go to the 1st floor, buy a ticket (a return ticket is app. 50 kroner). There is a ferry every 30 minutes and it takes about 25 minutes, then you're in Helsingborg!

A sight of downtown Helsingborg!

What to see in Helsingborg:


Kärnan is my favorite place in Helsingborg! My mom always told me when I was little how the young people would run on the stairs on Graduation day. The park around the tower on top of the fort is pretty ok and the view over Helsingborg and Helsingør is awesome!

Kärnan of Sweden! Go there and feel like a knight while you run up and down all the steps! The view is worth it!


Dunkers is the Culture House of Helsingborg. They often host free exhibitions and sometimes they are very interresting. Go there to check out current culture of Skåne and Sweden or just enjoy a nice cup of coffee alongside the harbor! If it's not a free exhibition, admission is 35 swedish kroner. (yes, I know it's in Swedish, it was the best I could find!).

The weird house with the weird name! Dunkers...


The garden and palace of Sofiero is sooo idyllic and beautiful! There are also flowers at this time of the year. The garden is open from 10-18 every day, unfortunately the palace is closed outside of April and September. Sofiero was voted Europes' Best Park in 2010! The park is located 5 km north of Helsingborg, and you can bring your bike on the ferry if you buy a ticket for that!

A pretty castle with a pretty park full of pretty flowers!

I went home early, I don't know what to do for the rest of the day!!!

Well, you can - on the way out or the way back - stop at the Coastal Line Station Humlebæk and visit Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. If you ride your bike one of the ways, you will pass it on your way! I know the entrance is 90 kroner for a student with student card, but if you're in to modern art, go there! It's awesome. At this moment they have an exhibition with self-portraits! Read more on their website:

Opening hours are 11-22 (except weekends when they close at 18 and mondays when they are closed).

Some of the exhibitions showing right now at Louisiana

Just note, that you'll be too busy to enjoy all the things, if you decide to to it all on the same day!

Lots of facebookhearts,

mandag den 24. september 2012

BEST monday

BEST is a international student organisation placed on 93 indifferent location around Europe. At DTU the BEST group focus on developing students in a fun international environment, through creating events for other students and internally between BEST groups aroundEurope. This year we are making a Cultural Exchange with Portugal.

In the BEST group there is 50 % danish students, so for an international student it is a great way to get a danish network. To hear more about BEST join the Information meeting about BEST on Monday the 24th of September in the Glas hall in the cantina in the lunch break. Please sign up at:


Marie :)

PS: If you didn't get the chance to check out the information meeting, check out their website or go talk to Marie at the BEST-office at PF-gangen in Building 101.

Sorry for posting this kinda late. Tried to post it yesterday from an iPad - bad idea. It coldn't handle all the awesomeness.

Soon there will be a post on Danish music and later this week a post about some of the bars in Copenhagen plus another one-day-trip suggestion (this time to the land of meatballs and IKEA furniture!).

søndag den 23. september 2012

Sorry for not updating friday

But i went to Fælledparken on saturday and it was very empty and boring. You did not miss anything. :)


torsdag den 20. september 2012

Events this weekend!

Also this weekend a lot of stuff is going on in Copenhagen!

First and foremost, DSE will give away FREE BEER in Diamanten (building 414) from 15-17. Be there! Because the beer is free!

Secondly, there is a laundromat foamparty going on in Copenhagen (Fælledvej 23 at Nørrebro, 19-22) this friday! Cheap beer will be sold, so no need to bring booze. There is going to be a party outside, too, because there is only room for about 50 people in the room!

Opvarmning. Fredag står den på Skum-fest på et møntvaskeri på Nørrebro. - Foto: PR-foto

Saturday will be celebrated in Fælledparken! It's been renewed and that is finally done! There will be music and a skate-show, that's all I know for now! More info tomorrow.


The (late) post about the DSB Wildcard

Soooo sorry for not posting anything for a week! It's been busy around.

I realised that I only saved the post about the DSB Wildcard as a draft. It's short, but here it is:

Go and get the DSB Wildcard on the DSB webpage. You can even get it if you don't have a CPR-number yet (just put 9999 as the last four numbers after your date of birth). The Wildcard costs 185 kroner but if you are going to travel to Jylland or Fyn more than once, you will save money on buying it. After buying it, it's valid for one year and you get discounts on your train tickets! Yay!


torsdag den 13. september 2012

DTU Campus traditions???

I got asked a question by one of my exchange students: Are there any traditions on Campus?

I have experienced this before.I went to the Chinese University of Hong Kong last summer, they had a funny tradition with a rock-sculpture. You could touch it or walk under it. If you walked under it before you graduated, you would get very bad luck in your studies and never graduate. But you could touch it, and it would give you luck in your studies.

That's the lucky/unlucky sculpture in front of the library... and yes, CUHK Campus is on a mountain-side!

But on DTU Campus, we don't have any traditions like that, it seems. Hm! I've been trying to find out, asking people, but nothing came up.

Luckily we have some traditions, just not like the CUHK-one (or the ones many of you know from your home campuses).

One of the best known is the Årsfest (Year Party/formal/ball/dance/prom/...) held every spring. People dress up, lecturers of the year are awarded, the Dean of Students give a speech and even the Queen pops by and says a couple of words, which is why, a couple of weeks in advance, a queue party is held while the students wait up all night to buy tickets - with or without dining. The dining tickets are limited and everybody wants to get the seats in the room where the Queen will give her speech (the glass room in the canteen). The queue is usually a fun event with beer and tents and free breakfast in a random hallway on Campus. At the Year Party, there are always some great bands too. And lots and lots of pretty dresses.

Historical photo of a year party at DTU!

All queens love a great party!

And a good hangover....

Although the food might not be her style.

The second tradition that pops up in my mind is the costumed pub crawl on Campus (friday, October the 12th this year) following a day before with a running competition around Campus (thursday, October the 11th then).

The custumed pub crawl (or the "(un)serious" PF-Run is a huge event where people meet up in costumed, dressed as a variation of a common theme! I went with a group of sailors, pigs and bananas and human tetris blocks! Some people even build transportable speakers fitting the theme and play music as the pub crawl goes from bar to bar (all bars have a special offer).

Get together your introduction week group for a fun night before the autumn break (you get to take care of your hangover for a week after!). 

It doesn't have to be crazy complicated to go as human tetris!

Fænomen. PSY optrådte i sidste uge til MTV Awards i Staples Center i Los Angeles. Han har også lært Britney Spears, hvordan man laver de karakteristiske 'Gangnam Style'-dansetrin. - Foto: Matt Sayles/AP
"Gangnam Style" PSY wishes you an awesome weekend! Bet you'll see at least 10 groups with Gangnam-theme at the PF-Run!

Have the best of weekends,

onsdag den 12. september 2012

One Day Trip: Suggestion #1 - Aarhus

We have been talking about suggesting some one day trips for all of you (we = Marie and I, don't worry, she'll start posting stuff soon)!

The first and most obvious one day trip is to Aarhus, which is in Jylland (also because I'm going there this weekend).

A little about Aarhus

Aarhus is Denmark's "second capital" (or the capital of Jylland, you could say). Being the second largest city in Denmark, it's got an urban feel to it like Copenhagen, but Aarhus is no mini-Copenhagen. It's very different!

The city is parted by an "å" (I know those of you who went to the Danish course-introduction know what this is). In Aarhus, most of the stuff that's happening is happening by the å. If you are looking for ___ bar or ___ restaurent, any inhabitant of Aarhus will tell you that it's right next to the å - and they are right!

The å in Aarhus. Or, pronounced in the local dialect, Aarhusiansk, "åÅÅÅååen".

The centre of Aarhus is very central. The shops, cafés (they are really nice!) and bars (even more nice) are very, very close together.

There is a university centre just outside of the citycentre, so the vibe in Aarhus is very young and the night life is busy!


Going to Aarhus

There are a couple of ways to go to Aarhus - by bus or by train. The bus (Line 888) is usually the cheapest. Find your tickets here:

The bus departs from Valby Station (a couple of stops by s-train from Copenhagen Central Station). It's relatively quick (approx. 3½ hours, the ferry included). This usually costs 250 kroner each way, unless you book well in advance (a so called "red" departure"). Bring your student card.

The other way is by DSB train from the Central station. This is usually about 350 each way, unless you have a Wildcard (see my post about Wildcard) and, again, book well in advance. If you're lucky, you can get tickets for 199 each way, and maybe even 49 - if you don't mind sitting in the hallway. Look for the "orange tickets" on the DSB webpage.

Aarhus Station is in the city centre and there's a cheap hostel (approx. 200/person/night) 10 minutes outside of town by bus:

The bus is easy to use and a bit cheaper than in Copenhagen!


The important stuff first. Since you're definately going to party with all the happy Aarhus people, we'll start with the bars!

Skolegade is a street where there is a bunch of bars and clubs. You can never go wrong here! My favorite is the Billabong Bar, a surfer bar with an Australian atmosphere and a Volcano-drink with fire (just ask in the bar!). It's laidback, but there are also crazy places in this central street in Aarhus!

Outside Skolegade

There are also bars outside of Skolegade!

Some of my favorites here are:

Right next to the å, there is a pub! And it's a nice one with young people, table fussball and darts. Relatively cheap beer! Address: Åboulevarden 33, 8000 Aarhus
(couldn't find any photos of it, so just believe me!)

A new favorite of mine. My sister showed me this nice and very different bar (compared to my other favorite). Their tequila-lime shots are excellent! Address: Jægergårdsgade 71

"Rarbar" means "nice bar"

Kurts Mor

Last, but not least, there is the pub "Kurts Mor" ("Kurt's Mom"). It's smokey and a bit shabby, but in a good way. Cheap bottle beer! A must to experience a true Danish bodega! Young students  saying SKÅL with drunken sailors and the like!  Address: Fredens Torv 7, 8000 Aarhus

The only photo, I could find. But it sums it up pretty much, I guess.

Social Club

A nightclub! Ok, I never went there, but there's an hour of free beer if you bring your student card (from 23-00) and drinks for 10 kroner (from 01-02) - how come I never went there?!??! Open from 23. Admission is free before 01:00 with your student card. (you must be 20+). Address: Klostergade 34, 8000 Aarhus

Cultural sights

After drinking a lot of beer friday night, you want to have a nice and easy saturday! How about some cultural experiences? Aarhus is a rich cultural city. Except from the examples I've mentioned, the City Hall is worth having a look at. Some people think it's one of the finest examples of Danish Design! Stroll around town and see the different parts (the older part and the newer part around the å).


Aros is a must! It's Aarhus' museum of modern art and the place where you can meet the "Boy" sculpture! The exhibitions change relatively frequently. Remember, it's closed on mondays! Entrance is 80 kroner if you bring your student card!

Two of the best artworks include the Olafur Eliasson sculpture on top of the building: Your Rainbow Panorama. It's definetely worth taking a tour around the rainbow and see the city of Aarhus change colours! The view is impressive.


The other one is the "9 Rooms" permanent exhibition in the basement. In every room you get a new, unique sensation and atmosphere. I'd go to Aros just to see them (I saw them twice!).


These two are among my favorite rooms! You have to spend at least 10 minutes in the last one, it's changing!

ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum
Aros Allé 2, 8000 Aarhus

Den Gamle By

Those of you who did the tourist trip to Frilandsmuseet in the introduction week will have seen something like Den Gamle By (the old town). The concept is the same: Old houses from all over Denmark put together to form an old town in another town. It's idyllic and pretty and a great way of seeing some of the old Danish culture. There is also a new town in the old town with houses and stuff from the 50's-70's!

Entrance is between 80 and 100 kroner, depending on which day you go there. Check the calendar and events on the webpage here:
Aarhus - Den Gamle By view

Den Gamle By
Viborgvej 2, 
8000 Aarhus

Tivoli Friheden

Of course Aarhus has its own tivoli! It's called Friheden and is found just outside of town. Remember to check the calendar for open-days and program. Entrance is 80 kr (and the webpage is right here:

Tivoli Friheden
Skovbrynet 5, 8000 Aarhus 

I'm looking forward to go and hoping some of you plan a trip sometime too!

All the best,