tirsdag den 29. januar 2013

Café Spotlight #5 - Cake theme!!!

In this café spotlight, I'll try and guide you guys to awesome cake-places in Copenhagen where you can go to cheer up when it's just a bit too cold and too dark outside!

Kreationer. Udstillingsvinduet hos Dessertdragen kan få selv den største afholdsmand til at stoppe op. - Foto: MARIA FONFARA (arkiv)

Dessertdragen is an amazing place. Just looking through the window makes you drool! They make all sorts of cakes, but the most impressive ones are the huge, decorated ones.
Everything is takeaway as there are no seats in the shop!
Dessertdragens Kageværksted. Mon.-fri. 12-18. Sat. 12-16. Skt. Peders Stræde 26, Kbh. K. www.dessertdragen.dk
Konditori Antoinette
This place brings a bit of life to the otherwise a bit empty street, Pistolstræde. The style is rococco with columns, mirror walls and gold-seats.
The cakes are both the classical ones with lots and lots of cream (45 kroner), tarts, petits fours and mousse cakes. The coffee is good, they also have tea or lumumba (hot chocolate with cognac and cream).
Konditori Antoinette. All days 9-18. Østergade 24 B2, Kbh K.www.konditori-antoinette.dk
Cake Away
Nikolaos Strangas is the go-to guy of macarons in Copenhagen. They are ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! :D
Hos Strangas får man nogle af byens bedste desserter.
The prices are standard café prices and the hot chocolate is hard to find better (maybe at La Glace).
Cake Away. Tue.-fri. 11-17:30. Sat. 11-16. Åboulevard 7, Kbh. V.

The Royal Café
Hiding in the garden between Royal Copenhagen, you'll find the first of The Royal Cafes. The second one is in Tokyo. 
The rooms are decorated in a quite unique way with soaring mannequins among other things. They also serve smushi (Danish open sandwiches served as sushi), but this is about the cakes.
One giant piece of cake with whipped cream for 50 kroner is alright. They also have a superb apple crumble and an awesome carrot cake and some of the best coffee in Copenhagen!
The Royal Cafe. Mon.-fri. 10-19:00. Sat. 10-18, Sun. 10-17. Amagertorv 6, Kbh. K.
Le Montmartre
Superclassic, superfrench and just about cult-status. Le Montmarthe is really good for light, classical french cakes. The aesthetics of this place is colorfull when you enter from the streets, slightly bohéme-ish.
Le Montmartre. All days 10-18. Oehlenschlægersgade 5, Kbh. V.


Super cheap, delicious cakes. Especially the lemon meringue. Relaxed atmosphere. What more could you ask for?
Lækkerier. Mon.-Wed. 8:30-17:00, Thu.-Fri. 8:30-22, Sat.-Sun. 10-17. Borgergade 17F, st., Kbh. K.
How does a gourmet cake place sound? Amazing! There is one right across the street from Marmorkirken. The Far Away Down-cake with coconut, dark chocolate and homemade plum jam sounds too good to be true. And so does the pumpkin cake with pistacchio, dried cranberries and four different spices! And the cheesecake!! Have them in-store with coffee, tea or hot chocolate!
Also, this is a good option for allergics as there are plenty of options with no gluten in them. :)
Taste. Mon.-Fri. 9.30-18, Sat.-Sun. 10-17. Store Kongensgade 80-82, Kbh. K. www.tastedeli.eu


Free classical music (February 23rd)

I kown it's early, but this just caught my attention.

In DR Koncerthuset (which is a very interresting building in itself), young classical orchestras will be playing all day, for free, at the event called Orkesterfestivalen. The local orchestra, SpringStrings, from Lyngby will also be playing. You can stay all day or just listen to a single orchestra.

Check out updates on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Orkesterfestivalen

Billede: Husk at man på OrkesterFestivalen selv bestemmer, om man vil være med hele dagen eller blot høre et enkelt orkester. 
Der er fri entré til DR Koncerthuset.


Tips on bikes and tickets for public transportation

Hi everybody!

Hope you all got settled and hopefully you have lots and lots of fun in the introduction week!

Last semester, I did a feature about useful apps for you guys (it's one of the first posts in the archive). I don't have any additions to this, however, there are some things, that I will tell you (in my best motherly voice) because I think it'll make it easier for you to have fun while you're here.

I am going to cover 3 topics:

and... well now I forgot the third, but it'll re-appear at some point. Maybe it'll just be random tips.

Anyway. Here we go:


Copenhagen LOOOVES bikes. This means mainly two things, except for less pollution from traffic and people getting lots of exercise:

1) Bikes are KINGS of the street and 2) since we love them, there are many of them everywhere.

1) means that please, please, please, look out for bikes when crossing streets. It's for your own good, because even if they will stop, they will yell at you, which is not very fun (maybe if you don't understand what they yell) - and if they don't stop, well. That hurts. More on you than on the cyclist.

1) also means that because bikes rules the streets, many cyclists in Copenhagen gives this many f***s for the general rules of behavior in traffic: 0. They cross streets even if the light is red, they ride on the sidewalks and many things that are even worse. This is dangerous to pedestrians, people in cars, but also other cyclists. Therefore, remember to get a HELMET! I knew two of the international students last semester who had some pretty nasty bike accidents - one because a motorcycle hit him (he only damaged his bike, because he wore a helmet), and one, who was drunk, riding his bike without a helmet. He took a fall on his face and he looked scary for a long time. Awesome photos to post on facebook for your friends, but you don't want to freak out grandma with your awesome Danish photos because you fell on your bike.

Another motivation for you to remember to wear a helmet is that if you damage your teeth while falling on your bike (or in any other way - even though falling on your bike is one of the main causes for people to damage their teeth by accident), the cost of fixing them again is not covered by your yellow card with your CPR number on. And dentists are RIDICULOUSLY expensive in Denmark. If your helmet fits right, the risk of your face hitting the ground in a bike crash is minimized drastically. :)

2) means that because the bikes are everywhere, they are easy accessible for people who want to steal them. Therefore, spend the money on a proper bike lock. Maybe even two. Lock your bike to something, because the worst thing next to paying all your money to a dentist will be to pay for new bikes over and over again. Bikes also get stolen on Campus, so watch out. :)

Public transportation

The public transportation system in Denmark is excellent and efficient. But it's super expensive as well. Therefore, learn some basic stuff about the tickets, so you can save some money:

* Klippekort are the 10-stamp tickets. It is always cheaper to buy these instead of a single ticket.
* You can combine the klippekort stamps. If you need 5 zones and have one 2-zone klippekort and one 3-zone klippekort, you can stamp one time on each card: 3+2=5
* Klippekort is not personal. If you are two people going 2 zones, just stamp one time for each person on one Klippekort. Or you can borrow a Klippekort from your friend if you forgot to buy one. Yay!
* Since the bus and train companies are phasing out the klippekort, you may not be able to buy them throughout the time you're staying here. There are two solutions: Stock up on them! You can use them throughout 2013. Or get a Rejsekort instead.
* Rejsekort is the personal travel card. BUT YOU NEED A CPR number to get the one with best discounts. Once you have your CPR number, get a card here: http://www.rejsekort.dk/koeb-rejsekort/sammenlign-rejsekort/rejsekort-personligt.aspx. I know the activation system with calling them with your personal information seems very unnecessary and silly, however - that's how it is. The price of travels with Rejsekort is at least as cheap as with Klippekort.
* Rejsekort is cheapest in off-peak periods.
* Rejsekort works everywhere in Denmark - as long as there are at least 50 kroner on it.

I just realized their webpage is only in Danish. Oh Denmark, why are you not more international? Is it really true that non-Danish speaking residents can not get a Rejsekort like this without Google Translate (I'll call them and tell them it's not good enough. :P)

The secret third topic

I have completely forgotten this. Well... The rest was a lot of information, so I guess we're set for now.

And I think my motherly voice could use some work.

Wait! It was...

Places where you should not roam around drunk and alone in nighttime

Copenhagen does not have some "rotten areas" as such, but these places can be uncomfortable to hang out at alone in the dark because certain gangs hang out there. Stay away from Blaagårds Plads (at night), Mjølnerparken (at all times) and the far-from-central end of Tagensvej (at night). I could mention some other ones, but these are important as they are central and you might just end up there if you get lost. If you do, just go away from there calmly and let people mind their own business. Not saying this to scare you or anything, and except from Mjølnerparken, all the places are just fine in daylight. :)

Ok, hope you can use my advice. I'll continue by writing some recommendations on where you get the best cake in Copenhagen! Yay!

Happy Introduction Week,

torsdag den 24. januar 2013

Cheap shots tonight

The central bar, Billy Booze, will be celebrating its second birthday the next couple of evenings. First two hours they will give away free rum shots and after that, the rum will only cost 2 kroner for each shot. So if you're ready to skip dinner in order to go to a massive party instead, go to Billy Booze tonight from 18. Yay!

Best Thursday party wishes,

Events this weekend!!!

Hope something interesting will be going on! Let's see!!


2 years birthday on Billy Booze!

The discount bar Billy Booze celebrates their second birthday again, same concept, different kin of booze for 2 kr for a shot!

Distortion Dark!

Refer to the post about this event from earlier this week!

Party in Vega:

The concert venue Vega will be celebrating the 6 bands that they believe will make it big in 2013. This is followed by a party where Eclectic Moniker and Sleep Party People will be DJing

Read about the bands here: http://vega.dk/arrangementer/vegas-udvalgte-2013-9924.html

Tickets can only be bought in line - about 100 kroner!

Laundry party number 4!

Go party between the laundry machines! There will be welcome drinks between 20-20:30, Irish coffee, beer from Nørrebro Bryghus for 20 kroner and gin&lemon for 15. The music is disco, funk and tech house! Address is Sønder Boulevard 97 from 20-24!


Yet another birthday party!

Lots of bars celebrate their birthdays these days, I think that the reason is that many Danes open a bar in the winter to have a place to hide from the snow and darkness.

This time it's the club "Keep it Simple" where only vinyls will be played. Martinez will be the one making the music happen. Entrance is 30 kroner, remember cash! Oh, and it's held in the Christiania Children's Theatre in Bådsmandsgade 43. From 23:45 to 05.

A music award show for free!

Saturday from 23-05 you can party with the Danish celebrities at Natbar Bremen (Nyropsgade, close to Vesterport station). DJs will provide the music while you rub shoulders with Danish musicians such as Raske Penge, WhoMadeWho (genuinely nice guys, I met them in Holland), Efterklang and Christian Hjelm. Party guarantee! No entrance fee!

Wishing you the best weekend,

Copenhagen Fashion Festival (next week)

Copenhagen loves fashion. Therefore, fancy events and fancy clothes will be all over town next week. There is a ton of events going on, and I'll list a few of the most noteworthy below (but I highly recommend that you check out the official event-page so you don't miss anything! In general I recommend the "Fashion Night Out" tagged events, as they have some action elements. Or maybe goodie bags!


I just looked into it and it's hard to just choose a bunch of examples, but here you go!

January 30th:

Guided fashion tour with podcasts recorded by Danish designers. The podcasts will guide you through streets and places that are important to the various designers.
All the podcasts are in English! You can download them from 10:00 in the morning on the fashion festival web page. And they are free!

February 1st:

Fashion film festival at Cinemateket! Lasts until February 3rd! Friday it starts at 21:30, Saturday at 19, Sunday at 15.
The address is Gothersgade 55: Nikolai Contemporary Art Center.

There will be a focus on Danish designers and their creations.

I haven't been able to figure out if its for free, but check out the rest of the program at fashioninfilmcph.dk and dfi.dk.

You can also go to the Cheap Monday store and make your own signature statement tote bag or t-shirt! From 18-20. Win items from the spring/summer collection! Address: Kronprinsensgade 7, KBH K.

February 2nd:

Mega fashion flea market! From 10 to February 11th at 16. More than 2000 square meters transformed into a second hand paradise! Entrance fee is 35 kroner and the address is Korsgade 29, KBH N.

Hope you think it's easier to choose from the many events than I thought!


tirsdag den 22. januar 2013

3000+ reads!!!

A quick, but still very large, thank you to all the readers of this blog for visiting and reading the posts! The fact that almost a thousand of all reads in total was from this month is really something that inspires and encourages me to keep the blog running!

High five,

mandag den 21. januar 2013

Distortion Dark

This friday you can go to the first of three planned Distortion winter parties. Distortion is the largest street festival in Denmark (and the most awesome in Scandinavia).

For 60 kroner (in-door) you get a super lineup and low prices on beer and booze! But be there early. There is only room for 500 people and more than 1000 have said yes on the Facebook invite. I'm sure even standing in line is going to be a party in itself!

Ukendt Kunster (live)
Bwoy De Bhajan
DJ Er Du Dum Eller Hvad
Fou Fou
Oh Boy!

Facebook-page: http://www.facebook.com/events/462378063823884

Friday 25th. Kayak Kajen under Knippelsbro from 22-04. 60 kr.

I promise to keep you updated on the next two parties!


Cafe Spotlight #4 - Din Nye Ven

Cafe Din Nye Ven (your new friend) will be your new friend in 2013.

It's not new or fancy, but it will be there for you when you need a milkshake or a beer. Or coffee. As far as I recall you can also borrow games to play while there.

Price level is standard cafe prices. They also double as a party place!

The main reason it's featured here is that it's a highly underestimated place that I personally don't go to often enough. Plus the art in the cafe is usually above the standard cafe-art level. They have a pin board where you can put some of your own stuff, which ensures variety in the stuff that is showcased.

Klub Sshhh is the most silent clubnight in town, where some band will play an acoustic set on the small stage at Din Nye Ven. Monthly.

Every second Wednesday in the month there is an alternative music quiz, where there will be battled in knowledge about indie, psych, punk, ambient, post-punk, lo-fi, alt.country, twee, experimental, hiphop etc. (what is twee exactly?)


Din Nye Ven
Skt. Peders Stræde 34
1453 Kbh. K

Hope you have fun there,
Nanna (the last photo is just because he looks awesome)

fredag den 18. januar 2013

Events this weekend

Now it's finally time again!


PolyJoint Festival at DTU

I so should have seen this yesterday, but here goes:

Upcoming bands perform for free on two stages at DTU today from 16-23. Stages are in Kælderbaren and S-huset.

Sanches (SE) kl. 16:00 - https://fb.com/sanchezsweden
Seven Thorns kl. 17:00 - https://fb.com/groups/seventhorns
Pylon kl. 18:00 - https://fb.com/pylonmusic
Substereo kl. 19:00 - https://fb.com/Substereo
We Send Smoke Signals kl. 20:00 - https://fb.com/wesendsmokesignals

Prices on Draft Beer and Classical Drinks 
19-20 : 15 kr.
20-21 : 20 kr.
21-xx : 25 kr

It is not allowed to bring your own alcohol


Exhibition with HuskMitNavn
One of the most ever hyped Danish artists, HuskMitNavn (RememberMyName) exhibits various works of art (19 paintings and 13 drawings) at Gallery V1 in Kødbyen until 16:00 (after that, Wednesday-Friday until 18). The exhibition runs until February 16th.

Check out his old pieces here:

Club-legend visit Denmark

Last summer at Distortion festival on Vor Frues Plads in central Copenhagen, the festival guests go to enjoy this guys' awesome show. He's got routine, because rumour has it that he played his first job in the 70s. Fact is that he's been running the electronic music profile on BBC1 for more than two decades now. Pete Tong will give a DJ set on Simons with Rune RK, Danish DJ. IT'S GUARANTEED TO BE AWESOME.

Arti Farti at Simons, sat. 19. jan. kl. 23.30-06.00. Simons, Store Strandstræde 14, Kbh. K. Entré 100 kr. More info on Facebook.

Best weekend wishes,

Copenhagen Opera? The Royal Theatre? Tip for cheap tickets

I just realized I completely forgot to tell you this:

Tickets to shows in the Copenhagen Opera and the Royal Theatre are super cheap (50 % off regular prices except the two most expensive ticket types) if you sign up in their student offers program.

Here's a link: 
http://kglteater.dk/sarligt-for/studerende (press TILMELD DIG HER (sign up here))

Sorry it's not in Danish, but it shouldn't be a problem for most of you by now. ;)

Best weekend wishes,

torsdag den 17. januar 2013

Copenhagen Dining Week, week 7

First event this year will be Copenhagen Dining Week.

The concept is simple - go the web page www.diningweek.dk, find a restaurant with a menu you like, order tickets for a time that suits you in week 7 and voila - a night with 3 courses at a nice restaurant in Copenhagen for 200 kroner. Cheap! I went to Gefährlich with my boyfriend last year, beautiful food and very romantic evening. Definitely going again this year. I already signed up for the online ticket queue - you should do the same, as the regular ticket sale have not started yet.

Hope you find something delicious,

Welcome and welcome back

Hi all, and welcome (back).

Soon another bunch of international students will begin their exciting DTU adventures, and if course this blog will provide them with awesome tips for practical stuff, and more importantly, tips on how to have an awesome time while studying at DTU.

Use the blog as an archive, search through some of the old posts as the non-even related posts might still be very useful.

If you come across events or tips you think I should highlight, don't hesitate to email me or post a comment. The blog achieved more than 500 reads each month, so it's going to be seen as I opt for even more readers the following semester (primarily helped by more posts, as I have just ordered a new and much faster computer than the old one I was working from, and which took more than 15 minutes to fire up)!

Can't wait to get started, so the first event will be posted right away.

All the best,