tirsdag den 30. oktober 2012

Bar Spotlight #2 - Fidel's

This bar is in the spotlight because I've only had fun times every time I went there.

Prices are standard for cocktails! And I promise you, they are delicious. The selection is enormous, seriously! Check it out here: http://www.fidels.dk/fileadmin/filer/drinkskort.pdf *drool* (Psst, try the Georgia Mint Julep - I'm never going back to mojitos again). They also have several good whiskeys if that's what you're into!

There's a dance floor and maybe a bit crowded - but in the good way! As you'd expect at a bar full of people having a good time. 

As for the usual people there, it's the right mixture of businessmen/-ladies and students/people like us, out drinking and dancing. Sort of like Kulørbar, but with better drinks and less hot in there.

And about the atmosphere - they are going for sort of a Cuban vibe (according to their website...). That's not exactly what's going on, but people are very happy and careless in the good way - I suppose that's how close we get to a true Cuban vibe at Fidel's! Either you love it or either you don't (if you don't, Vinbaren is on the corner and is also very nice!).

Opening hours:
Tue-wed: 18-00

Thu: 18-03
Fri: 16-05
Sat: 18-05

Note that you must be at least 20 years to enter tuesday-thursday and at least 23 on friday and saturday (but usually they are large with the age of the girls!).

Find them at Dronningens Tværggade 9, KBH K.

If this guy was making cocktails, the vibe would definetely be more Cuban...

Or maybe her!


torsdag den 25. oktober 2012

Events this weekend

The weekend starts early this week!

Besides from the concert in Templet tonight, there's a party at Jolene in Kødbyen, celebrating Frank Oceans music. Today he declared on Facebook and Twitter that he's quitting music. If you believe it, is up to you. A whole bunch of DJ's will be celebrating his music tonight from 22-03 at Jolene, Flæsketorvet 81-85, KBH V. No entrance fee! YAY, free events!!!

In the free-events category, there's a very interresting one this weekend: 

Ungdomshuset's birthday (only parts of the event is free)

Ungdomshuset (literally "the Youth House") was the popular name of the building formally named Folkets Hus ("House of the People") located on Jagtvej 69 in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, which functioned as an underground scene venue for music and rendezvous point for varying autonomen and leftist groups from 1982 until 2007 when—after prolonged conflict—it was torn down, and later also for its successor, located on Dortheavej 61 in the adjacent Bispebjerg neighbourhood. Due to the ongoing conflict between the municipal government of Copenhagen and the activists occupying the premises, the building on Jagtvej was the subject of intense media attention and public debate from the mid-1990s till 2008.

Police started to clear the building early on Thursday, 1 March 2007. Demolition began on 5 March 2007 and was completed two days later.
Since the eviction in March 2007, former users and supporters held weekly demonstrations for a new Ungdomshuset, the demonstrations initially starting from nearby square 'Blågårds Plads' (and later Gammel Torv) every Thursday at 5 p.m. and going to various places in Copenhagen, the starting point being later changed to Gammel Torv in downtown Copenhagen as demonstrators said they were getting closer to the politicians concerning a solution for a new Ungdomshus at an old school.
The demolition sparked some of the most serious riots in Copenhagen in recent times. However, it ended happily, and those people are really friendly when you're not destroying their place. :)
In the summer of 2007, an initiative known as G13 announced that on the October 6 they'd stage a massive public attempt to squat an old public waterworks located on Grøndalsvænge Allé 13 in northwestern Copenhagen to be used as a new Ungdomshuset. The event, which gathered several thousand, was announced as non-violent, but was met with heavy opposition from the police who arrested 436 people and threw large amounts of tear gas. Recognizing that the event, which had received heavy public attention, had been carried out with peaceful means, on October 11 Ritt Bjerregaard—the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen—invited spokesmen from Ungdomshuset to have negotiations concerning a peaceful solution to the conflict.
The new Ungdomshuset opened successfully on July 1, 2008 in North-West Copenhagen's Bispebjerg area, after more than 16 months of weekly demonstrations.

Now it's been 4 years, which is why they are having a 4-day celebration of the 30 years with youth houses in Copenhagen (they started the party yesterday). If you want a glimpse into this world, go and check it out. People are very nice and will gladly tell you about their story with Ungdomshuset.

The new Ungdomshus

Tonight, there will be vegan gala peoples' kitchen with 3 courses (60 kroner, sign up here: koekkengruppen@hotmail.com). There will be 2 bands and fireworks too! Reservation is a MUST. The event starts at 18:30 at Dortheavej 61, KBH NV. On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/535800769770480/?ref=ts

Tomorrow there will be a giant punk-concert with 8 bands in two rooms! The price is between 61 and 69 kroner (you decide - the reason they chose these numbers is that they are the street numbers of the recent and old Ungdomshus).

Saturday will be easygoing in the afternoon with cake, entertainment, speeches, coffee and such from 16:00. From 21:00 there will be 14 bands covering hiphop, balkan, ska, electronic, dancehall and some surprises (rumour has it that the surprises will include DJ Rosa Lux (good!), Stilen R Profilen (don't know them, so it must be hip!) and Master Fatman (which means lots and lots of loooove).

Their book café will also be open all weekend.

The event poster.

Tomorrow, you can come and celebrate the club night TIPI in Kødbyen. Entrance is 50 kroner before 01:00. There will be music by DJ Alex Celler, which means dance focused house music! Plus, he's quite handsome!

In KB18, Kødboderne 18, KBH V from 23:30-07. The Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/362559770496073/

Saturday, there will be bunches of Halloween events all over town, one of them in Culture Box. Dress scary! Entrance is 70 kroner, from 23-06 in Kronprinsessegade 54 A, KBH K. Here's the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/457842090920593/

Also, the  Underground Music Awards will be held on saturday. You can hear Peacefull James, Hero, The Number and Patchanka. The afterparty is free! The event will be held in Bremen Theater at Nyropsgade 39-41, KBH V. Tickets can be bought for 100 kroner here: https://www.billetlugen.dk/musik/26790/underground-music-awards-2012/

The afterparty is the same place. Free entrance. https://www.facebook.com/events/352960068125840/

Whoah, that was a heavy round.

Stemningsfoto Foto: PR, Scanpix
My weekend started already!


Concert in Lyngby tonight (October 25th)

Klumben and Raske Penge will be playing in Templet (close to Lyngby Station tonight).
100 kroner and you'll be able to enter this awesome event with two of the most brightest shining stars of Danish dancehall! Lyrics are in Danish, but go anyway! I promise that it'll be a lot of fun! I'd go myself if I didn't have to work!

Only thing is that you might want to be there well in advance before the show. There guys are seriously popular. The show starts at 20:00.

Check Klumben out on SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/klumben
And Raske Penge: http://soundcloud.com/search?q%5Bfulltext%5D=raske+penge

I really recommend this. Please, please go there and tell me how awesome it was!

Still from the music video to the song "Intelligent".

The guys also go by the names Klumb1 and Ras Money.

Sensation 2012 (November 3rd)

Some of you may know the Sensation-parties from where you live. Others may have heard or read about them. The Danish party will be on November 3rd. For the mere sum of 79 Euros (!!!), you can be the happy party-goer and experience something above and beyond the friday bars at DTU.

This time will be the 5th time that Sensation will take place in Parken. However, this year, the party will be without any Danish DJ's. But there are still many things that will be the same. You must be dressed completely in white to enter the party. There will be a ton of lights and decorations and a fancy lineup including Irani-American Sharam (one half of the duo Deep Dish), Riva Starr, Sander van Doorn, The Man With No Shadow and Mr. White.

Imagine this: There will be about 20.000 people dressed all in white and you'll get your photo taken at the entrance with the possibility of, all of a sudden, seeing it in giant size abouve the dancing, sweating crowd!

Buy your ticket here: http://tickets-denmark.sensation.com/
The party starts at 18, November 3rd in Parken.

Sensation Source of Light

Foto: Sensation Bucarest

Foto: PR

Swedish House Mafia (November 26th)

You probably already know and I'm not the biggest fan of ESN (they are just trying a liiiiiittle bit too much), but I want to let you know that Swedish House Mafia will be performing in Forum on November 26th (monday) at 20:00. Tickets are 550 Danish kroner, so if you really want to go and do the ESN dance to live music - this is the event for you. Maybe take all of ESN with you. Buy your tickets here: http://www.billetlugen.dk/musik/26591/swedish-house-mafia/ 


Foto: PR

Best dancing wishes,

"Play Danish-Day" in the radio (P3 or 93,9 FM)

I've been wanting to do a post about Danish music, but this week, the annual "Play Danish Day" came up. It's name is self-explanatory. Only Danish produced music (sung in Danish, English and some of it even Spanish!). As long as Danish people have been working on it..

So do yourself a favor, turn on the radio (preferably P3, they have a very varied selection and numerous genres). Some of my favorites have already been in the air: Dizzy Mizz Lizzy (Silverflame), Lukas Graham (Drunk in the Morning) and Outlandish (Warrior/Worrier). Beautiful. I know that the spoken parts of the programs on this station is in Danish, but consider it this way: Find P3 on web radio here: http://www.dr.dk/p3/

You get to practice your Danish, get to know tons and tons of Danish music and have something nice in the background when you do your homework. 

The "Play Danish Day" is also concerning the other radio stations of DR. Eventually, check out P6 Beat (web radio here: http://www.dr.dk/P6Beat/ or DAB) if you rather want to know some of the underground Danish music. 


søndag den 21. oktober 2012

Bar Spotlight #1 - Vibes Apotek

New bars are popping up everywhere in Copenhagen these days, one of the less recent being Vibes Apotek (Vibes' Pharmacy).

Situated in the Nørrebro-part of Copenhagen, the usual guests are likely to be awesome and young as yourselves. However, there's a bit of way to walk/bike if you want to continue after midnight in Central Copenhagen.

The "pharmacy" claims to be able to cure following "diseases": 

Tired and common malaise (fancy word!)
Broken hearts
Writers' block
Impatience and old love
There is a back-room with a DJ, and Persian rugs on the walls. The chairs are wooden logs and the rooms are decorated with boar-heads and pharmacy-like bottles, sirups and extracts on the wall and old vacuums for holding flowers in. The drinks are dirt cheap: black absinth, "Headfuck No. 1" (vodka and cucumber-drink), "Black Milk" and the pink "Barbie-Squirt"-shot among others. The prices are seriously student friendly (drinks from 35-40 kroner!!) and the ambience very relaxed and lounge-like. Sometimes they have different music-events. Check them out on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vibes-Apotek/198592913515051

Foto: Sandra Skriver

Find them at Ydunsgade 5 (a side street to Jagtvej), 2200 KBH N
Open thursday, friday and saturday (19:30-midnight).

onsdag den 10. oktober 2012

Café Spotlight #1 - The Log Lady

The Log Lady is one of my favorite cafés in all of Copenhagen.

It's very unusual to find such an unspoiled and unique café so close to Rådhuspladsen. However, that's the case with this café, which is by the way named after Twin Peaks' Log Lady. They serve amazing coffee and sometimes even cherry pie (only when cherries are in-season, but don't worry - the otther cakes are nice too). The prices are cheap and they also have an awesome organic breakfast buffet! You can also get drinks, wine etc. And the music is always nice.

The rooms are suuuuper nice. I won't ruin it for you by writing everything here - just go there and get the feeling back in your fingers after staying outside in rainy, cold autumn-Copenhagen.

Tilbage til naturen. The Log Lady er opkaldt efter den kvinde, der rendte rundt med en trækævle under armen i tv-serien 'Twin Peaks', og indretningen af cafeen er da også fuld af naturindslag, som træstubbe til at sidde på, udstoppede dyr, potteplanter og store skovtapeter. - Foto: Lærke Posselt

Where: Studiestræde 27, København K
When: Monday-friday at 13-23, saturday at 14-23. Closed on sundays.

Events this weekend

Last weekend before the autumn break can mean two things: You're going to be really busy because you have assignments/tests/exams after the break (or you're going out travelling and have to catch up with uni stuff) or lots and lots of parties!

I vote for the latter.

The events this weekend are as follows:


PF Costumed bar crawl on DTU Campus

Starts at 17:30 behind building 101 (where there will be FREE BEER!). Dress in a theme with your friends or just come in a costume. It's always a lot of fun. This year the first bar on the tour is going to be Diamanten (where there is also a trucker-theme party going on - maybe that's your costume?)!

The program can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/events/139537972858064/?fref=ts

Hope to see you all!

My team and me will be going as awesome old people!

Halloween party at Egmont Kollegiet

The PF bar crawl will gather around 23:00 in S-huset/Kælderbaren. If you rather want to go to an awesome afterparty - go to Egmont Kollegiet. They have a halloween-themed party and entrance is free. The party starts at 23:00. Read more here: http://www.facebook.com/events/491924414169706/

How to get there: Super easy. Go with bus 150S from the motorway next to Campus. Get out of the bus at the stop called "Vibenshus Runddel". You should see a gas station and a tall brownish building. Go to the entrance of the tall brown building.

Seriously, these guys living here have some craaaaazy parties.

Culture Night 2012

If you don't want to drink your brain out, just want something nice and cultural or just another afterparty, the culture night is on this friday.

All over Copenhagen there will be cultural happenings. Your ticket will be the KulturKit (90 kroner) and you can find the closest place to buy it here: http://www.kulturnatten.dk/da/kulturnatten/kulturkit/salgssteder (just enter your 4 digit citycode).

The program can be downloaded here (PDF): http://www.kulturnatten.dk/da/kulturnatten/program/Download-PDF-program

There are hundreds and hundreds of happenings! And an afterparty at VEGA, where you can only enter with KulturKit (23-03).



Tivoli will have open during Halloween - from this friday and two weeks on.

Go there and see the decorations, try the rides... etc... prices are as usual. 

All the best,

New feature on the blog: Spotlights

I am about to start a series of posts about nice cafés/bars, and I could either do the posts with the city areas as focus, the price range as focus or types of bars/cafés. I think it will be better (also for keeping the posts for reference) if I do them as spotlights on certain bars/cafés. Maybe even streets (if there are many bars/cafés that you should totally check out).

The first one will be here today. I'll try to do that at least twice a week while updating anyway! Hope you will like it!

If you know an awesome place that you think all the other readers should get to know, send me an email or a comment with suggestions for next spotlight feature.


Free scary movie tomorrow (thursday) + Felix Baumgartners Big Jump

Tomorrow you have the chance to go to a very small and kinda secret film club at Nørrebro Station (the old station building called Lygten). They are showing a scary movie from Italy - The Arcane Sorcerer. And don't worry if Italian is not your best language skill - subtitles are in English! I went to one of these evenings and it's great fun. Mostly only Danish people come there and I'm certain they will be happy to have a fresh audience in the building!

Looks pretty scary?

Check the event on Facebook:

And read about the film at IMDB:

It's free and it's at 20:00! They sell cheap beer and sometimes popcorn (otherwise, go to 7/11 and bring candy from there). Last time I went there were some free snacks and some tables set up with pens and paper so you could make drawings while waiting for the film to start!

If you'd rather stay inside, make sure to check out Felix Baumgartner's incredible jump from 36 kilometers height (the edge of the atmosphere!) in the attempt of becoming the first man in the world to break the sound barrier in free fall (and also beating a couple of world records while doing it). Watch it at: http://www.redbullstratos.com/live/

The jump were supposed to happen yesterday, but the mission were aborted last minute due to bad weather. We hope thet have better luck tomorrow!

All the best,

onsdag den 3. oktober 2012

Something less girly this weekend

Since I just posted a reeeeeeeeeally long post about girly shops, girly drinks and girly treats, here's something less girly to do. This saturday! Attend the Danish Strip Championships! (Don't worry, ladies, there are also 4 male strippers!)

More information and tickets (187 kroner, presale, 240 on the location) can be found at www.amagerbio.dk
Starts at 20, doors open 18.30.

7 female and 4 male strippers will be competing to win the (proud and honorable?) title of the Danish Strip Champion. Pretty shows, a DJ (Cris-R) and stylish surroundings. 2 poles, one podium. As far as I'm concerned, they're not going to be naked. 

And potentially dangerous, but comical, stunts like the ones you saw on youtube. Maybe the male stripper I saw in a creepy bar in Hong Kong. Maybe the famous "Stripper Daniel" (who once won Strip DM). Or maybe this guy, he cuts it (mainly by being original about the pole-dance concept):

Best facebookhearts,

Tomorrow: Fashion After Dark in Copenhagen

As hard-working students who stay at DTU untill late in the afternoon, it can be soooo much effort going to Copenhagen after classes to check out the stores. Therefore, if you're into all that fashion and stores staying open late, check this out tomorrow night from 18-21.

Here's the list from the magazine Costume with all the events and shops that will be open!
A Pair in Ny østergade 3 - Get drinks and snacks!
Acne in Gammel mønt 10 and Pilestræde 40.
Baum und Pferdgarten in Vognmagergade 2 - Get refreshments and 10 % off the collections.
By Malene Birger in Antoniegade 6. - Get cupcakes from Serenity, champagne and Vitamin Water + a goodiebag for the first 100 costumers to buy anything. In that there will be goodies from By Malene Birger, Clinique, Summerbird, more Vitamin Water and a Costume magazine plus more.
Cos in Østergade 35 - get 20 % off this seasons' items.
Day Birger et Mikkelsen in Pilestræde 16.
Filippa K in Ny Østergade 13.
Friis & Company in Købmagergade 41 - Get a DJ-performance, lounge, goodiebags (if you buy The Wardrobe, whatever that is) plus the opportunity to get an "After Hour" makeover. Whatever that is. But sounds nice.
Georg Jensen at Amagertorv 4 - Get a DJ-performance, intimate live-act by THE ASTEROIDS GALAXY TOUR (AWESOME!!!!!!), styling-sessions and beautiful but expensive news in jewellery (only looks.. or buy it!). Best styling will win a piece of jewellery. If you are among the first 200 to check in via facebook, you even get a goodie bag.
Glitter at Amagertorv 18-20.
H&M at Amagertorv 23 and Galleri K - Get a performance by DJ Maria Barfod (aka Fedty), at Amagertorv 23 from 17-21, DJ Fiona Jane at Galleri K from 17-21.
Illum in Østergade 52 - Get events, goodiebags and offers. Goodiebags at Won Hundred, wine and chocolate at Filippa K, Bitte Kai Rand and others. There are competitions and lots and lots of other stuff.
Inwear/Matinique in Østergade 27 - They also have a DJ, "treats" (why is that cited???) and goodie bags for the first.
Jane Kønig in Gothersgade 54.
Just Female in Sværtegade - Goodie bags for the first 50, 20 % off and music and snacks.
Levi's at Amagertorv 7 - Get 30% off all purchases this evening!
Line & Jo in Gothersgade 27 - Another DJ, Guinness beer and 15% off all silver-styles.
LOT#29 in Gothersgade 29 - Get popcorn, champagne, DJ and 15 % off all items.
Lubarol in Gothersgade 34 - Get 10% off all items. Plus refreshments from Summerbird.
Magasin Kongens at Nytorv 13 - Get a ton of events here..
Me & Audrey in Christian d. IX’s gade 7.
Mulberry in Østergade 13 - Get a chance to see the new A/W 2012 collection, with drinks and DJ.
No 10 Edith Hegedüs Selected Fine Jewellery in Christian d. IX’s gade 10 - Get 10 % off selected jewellery. And marshmallows and cider.
Othmar in Store Kongensgade 5  - Get 50 % off selected items. Participate in the draw where the price is a cool art deco diamond ring (at 21).
Rützou in Store Regenegade 3 - Get 20 % off outerwear, champagne, Summerbird-deliciousness and if you buy something, you get a gift.
Sand in Østergade 40.
Samsøe & Samsøe in Pilestræde 8c - Bubbles and tapas + 50 % off selected items.
Soho Shoes in Sværtegade 5-7.
Storm in Store Regnegade 1 - Refreshments..
Stig P in Kronprinsensgade - Get 20% off Stig P's own brand plus refreshments.
Taschen at store Østergade 2A - BOOKS HERE, BOOKS HERE
Wolford in Østergade 61 - When you buy something, you get a free product in a trend color plus a nailpolish.
Norr Store in Pilestræde 36 - Get DJ, refreshments and giveaways.
Karrusel Boutique i nKnabrostræde 1A. 
Bindesbøl at Kongens Nytorv 20 - Get 10% off all items and win a scarf.
TTLL in Rosengården 3 - Get10% off suits from Rodebjer and refreshments.
Boss at Østergade 15 - Get a goodiebag if you're among the first 50 buying something. Refreshments and chocolate.
Gina Tricot in Købmagergade 19 - 20 % off all items + giveaways.
Superlove in Gothersgade 9.
Copenhagen Kasbah in Nansensgade 53 - Champagne, snacks and 20 % off all items.
Topshop in Østergade 34, and Magasin at Kongens Nytorv - 20 % off all items and bubbles.
Elise Gug in Store Kongensgade 108, 1.th,
Agent Provocateur in Pilestræde 6 - Get champagne, macarons and a view of the new collection on a live model (it's lingerie!!).
Superlove in Gothersgade 9 - Get bubbles, snavks and 10 % off Nümph outerwear.

Start like this + hungry + sober

End like this + poor +.... that...

But still fashionable!
PHEW. So, it looks like (most of you girls) have a solid chance of getting very full of chocolate and treats, get lots of free stuff and get super wasted on free champagne tomorrow evening. GO FOR IT. NEXT POST IS SOMETHING FOR THE GUYS!!!

Reblog: The ABC of CPH

Found this fun post at disabroad's webpage, hope it entertains you. I'm sooo sorry there are not many posts these days, but the thing is, someone close to me is very ill and I don't have my usual energy. I post as much as possible to keep my mind off all the depressing stuff, and this made me laugh!

The ABCs of CPH


African Culture in Denmark
There is a thriving African community in Denmark. Find out about cultural eventshappening in and around the city. And, read more information on our website about being an African American student in Denmark.
The Danish opinion towards alcohol tends to be relaxed. The legal drinking age is 16 and most young Danes have their first experience with alcohol before they start high school.

At the same time it should be noted that young Danes are very responsible drinkers. They accept that some people don’t drink and forcing someone to drink is frowned upon.

DIS aims to provide an environment that facilitates the achievement of educational goals and supports student development and autonomy. However, autonomy and freedom of choice exist with the expectation that students will respect the intellectual, physical and emotional health of self and others. While DIS prohibits alcohol at the DIS offices and classrooms, students may consume alcoholic beverages in a responsible manner in their housing.

Students who choose to consume alcohol do so with the knowledge that they remain responsible for their actions at all times. Alcohol misuse is prohibited and does not constitute an excuse for irresponsible behavior or misconduct. Disorderly conduct, intimidation or other infringements on the rights of others is prohibited.

Repeated intoxication, antisocial behavior or an inability to pursue one’s own education may result from excessive drinking and may indicate chemical dependency. DIS administrators may notify the home university of a student’s abuse of alcohol or drugs. In some instances, a student may be dismissed from DIS.
Students with food allergies should consider ordering food allergy cards which are translated into a number of languages. When ordering food, simply present the card to the waiter/waitress to inform them of your allergies. These cards can be ordered through: www.selectwisely.com.
Danish architecture is world famous – especially in Denmark. The Danes are very proud of their architectural heritage and design is a big factor when decorating homes in Denmark.


BaconPork, pork. Pork! Many Danes consider bacon the ‘herb of the pig’ – hotdogs are wrapped in bacon (you can never have enough pork), pâté is topped off with bacon, and soup is served with dried rashes of bacon.
Beauty Products
There is a wide variety of makeup and beauty products available in department stores and health and beauty supplies stores in Denmark. To get an idea of what products are available visit the Matas website. If you don’t see your favorite brands or even products similar to what you use, be sure to pack them and bring them along with you to Copenhagen.
African skin and hair products are generally available in specialty stores in Vesterbro and Nørrebro (the western and northern sections of Copenhagen). As these productsare imported, they tend to be more expensive – but they are available for purchase in Copenhagen.
Denmark has a long beer tradition. The oldest archeological evidence is from a grave dated to around 1370 BC. The most common beer type in Denmark today is pilsner produced by breweries such as Carlsberg and Tuborg. These generic beer brands have however been challenged by microbreweries in recent years, and the Danish beer scene is thus one of the most interesting ones in Europe.
BikesDanes are obsessed with bikes and no distance seems too far to bike. Danes have a tendency to describe distances in bike minutes instead of miles or kilometers. Furthermore, Danes are most likely the only people in the world who would ever notice what kind of bike you are riding, the width of the tires, the design of the saddle etc. Copenhagen is the world’s most bike friendly city. There are bike paths along all major roads and it is often quicker to get around by bike than it is on public transport or by car.
BlondesYes, Copenhagen is full of ridiculously attractive blondes.
See women and boys
BLUSSee LGBTQ and www.blus.dk
BoysDanish guys are used to very independent women. The concept of chivalry is more or less non-existant in Denmark. Forget everything about macho men, the concept is considered to be ridiculous. Danish guys will expect girls to be a bit cold at first.
See dating
BuddyA buddy is a young person from greater Copenhagen who volunteers to introduce an American college student studying abroad at DIS to life in Copenhagen. Buddies are to invite you to parties, go shopping, have dinner and tell you about what it is like to be a young person living in Denmark.  At the same time the American buddy can share thoughts on American culture and explain about the US college system.


Danes love lighting candles. Very often you will see Danes lighting candles in their homes and at work, even during the day.
See hygge
Cell Phone
If you are interested in getting a cell phone while you are in Denmark, check out the deal you can get with Piccell, which has a created a special offer for DIS Students. Visit thecell phone page for details.
ChristianityThe Danish state religion is Christianity but only a tiny fraction of the Danish youth considers itself Christian.
See religion
Freetown founded by the hippie movement in 1971. Christiania was for many years known for Pusher Street where Copenhageners openly could buy cannabis. Pusher Street was however closed by the police in 2004. Christiania is mainly known for the internationally acknowledged music venues, great restaurants and cozy cafes.
See drugs
Danes dress in a stylish yet casual manner when going out. Very often they will have dinner before going clubbing so expect the clubs to be more or less dead until midnight. Don’t travel in big groups. You will confirm all stereotypes about Americans.
ConversationAmericans often don’t have the same views on topics such as religion, morals and politics as Danes do, and they don’t have the same tradition of discussion. Danes are often seen as being very direct and at times even rude, because they say what they think instead of disguising their views in polite euphemisms. Also, it should be noted that Danes do not small talk – the concept simply doesn’t exist. Danes would rather keep quiet that take part in polite but meaningless conversation.
Culture ShockCulture shock is a normal reaction when your life is moved to a foreign culture. You are very likely to feel confused and maybe excluded at times, but you have to remember that it is a normal reaction. The best treatment is to talk to people who are in your situation. Share your thoughts with people from your program. You will soon discover that many of them feel just like you; also, remember to stay in touch with your loved ones at home. You are always welcome to see Housing & Student Services, where all staff members are very experienced when it comes to dealing with students who find it hard to adapt.


DatingDanes are very informal and liberal in their ways of life. Marriage is not a prerequisite to starting a family. Many couples live together without legalizing the arrangement with marriage. It should also be noted that the genders are very equal in Denmark. Women should not expect chivalry. Guys do not hold doors and it is expected that a girls buy the occasional round of drinks. At the same time guys should expect Danish women to be very elusive and ‘hard to get’. Danish women expect you to be able to lead a fairly intelligent conversation. Corny pick-up lines and small talk are not accepted.
See sex and women
DannebroThe red flag with the white cross is considered to be the oldest national flag in the world and the Danes love it. Legend has it that the flag fell from the sky during a battle in Estonia in 1219 and later on led the Danes to victory.
When living in Denmark you will see the flag everywhere, because the Dannebro is the flag of the people. In Denmark many house owners with a garden have a flag pole and they hoist the dannebro on holidays, birthdays and whenever the opportunity arises. Danes are also known for putting their flag on the birthday cake, for dressing up in the flag before soccer matches and for hanging small flags on Christmas trees.
See National identity
DepressionA normal reaction to studying abroad is cultural shock. For some students it turns into depression. In order for you to get the best possible experience, DIS works with a team of professional therapists to ensure your mental health. Another common problem is light deprivation.  Students suffering from winter depression can borrow light therapy lamps free of charge from housing and student services.
DinnerIf you are lucky enough to be invited for dinner there are a few unspoken rules that are important to remember. First of all the time you are invited for indicates what to expect of the meal. Six to seven usually means a bigger meal. The later the more unclear it is what to expect and often it is a good idea to ask the host. Everything after 8pm usually means snacks. Remember that it is a good idea to bring a present; flowers or wine is always appreciated. be on time - and not fashionably late!
See table manners and timeliness
DistanceDanes are willing to bike for hours, but anything more than 30 minutes away on public transport is considered to be a waste of time.
Diversity See Diversity at DIS Pages
Young Danes are very skilled drinkers. You should however never feel forced to drink.
DrugsAll drugs are illegal in Denmark! The use of illegal drugs is no more acceptable in foreign cultures than it is in the US and it is treated as a serious criminal offense. All students are cautioned to obey the laws of Denmark. Anyone in possession of drugs or using any type of illegal drugs risks being arrested and will be expelled from Denmark and as a consequence dismissed from DIS. Expulsion from the program will result in total forfeiture of all fees paid to the program and loss of all course credit. Neither DIS nor the US Embassy can assist students arrested for illegal drug possession. It should finally also be noted that charges of possession of drugs will make it hard, not to say almost impossible ever to enter the EU in the future.


EnvironmentalismDanes make an effort to conserve resources. It is considered offensive to keep the water running, to take too long showers and to keep the heat on when the windows are open.
EducationThe Danish educational system is very different from the American one. There are almost no homemakers in Denmark and children therefore go into kindergarten very early so their mothers can go back to work. Formal education starts when you are about five in what Danes term the folkeskole. For the next ten years a Dane then takes all classes with more or less the same twenty something children. After the folkeskole you can leave school or continue for three in the equivalent to high school, gymnasieskolen.
Danes very often take a gap year before starting college. Compared to the American college system, the Danish system is very specialized. Danes only takes courses within the field of their major and a bachelors degree is only three years. It should also be noted that only a fraction of Danish students decide to leave university after completing college. The majority continues with grad school.
Finally it should be noted that all education in Denmark is free for Danish citizens and that Danes over the age of 18 are paid to go to school.
See universitet


FashionThere is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes. So regardless of heavy showers or blizzards everything goes on as normal, including biking around the city. In spite of the need of practical outfits it is still important for Danes to look fashionable and many Danish designers make limited editions of rain coats and rubber boots every fall.
Danes tend to be well dressed. They wear their clothes tighter than Americans and rarely wear bright colors.
FoodTraditional Danish food consists of a lot of pork and even more potatoes topped off with gallons of gravy. It sounds bland, but it is really delicious.
See bacon, pork, pølsevogn, shawarma, salt and wienerbrød
FriendsDanes tend to have a close circle of friends that they have known for ages. Danes don’t believe in superficial friendships and it can thus be hard to make friends with Danes. It is, however, not impossible and as soon as you have made a Danish friend you are guaranteed a friend for life.
See small talk


Gammel DanskNasty brown alcohol that Danes drink in the morning or when ill.
Gay communitySee LGBTQ
Grocery ShoppingFor every day shopping the cheapest places to go are Netto, Fakta, and Aldi. These supermarkets can be found everywhere in Copenhagen. They are not known for high quality, but they always have fresh products. Please note that shopping bags cost 3 kroner due to an environmental tax.
GymnasiumDanish High School. Americans at DIS in late spring will experience the very peculiar Danish high school graduation ritual that consists of driving around Copenhagen in the back of an open truck flashing cyclists, drinking beer and biting hats (Danish high school graduates wear sailor hats).
Gym membershipJoining a gym is a great way of meeting Danes in their natural habitat while breaking a sweat. You can learn more about joining a gym at the Immerse Yourself Fair.


See Beauty Products
HomesickIt is very common to experience homesickness while studying abroad; especially around national holidays and other occasions where you would usually spend time with your close family and friends. Always remember to stay in touch with your loved ones at home. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter, skype them when you have time and remember to keep them updated about your life in Denmark. They most likely miss you as much as you miss them.
See Culture shock
Housing & Student ServicesThe office at DIS that is dedicated to making your transition into living abroad as smooth as possible. You are always welcome to see housing and student services if you have any questions about life in Denmark. Alternatively you can contact housing at housing@dis.dk
HyggeDanes love spending time outside during spring and summer. They meet up at squares around Copenhagen and hang out in parks.  Danes are however hard to get in contact with over winter and tend to nest at home munching on various goodies. The concept of hygge is central to the life of Danes, and they usually put a lot of effort into making their homes comfortable and inviting.
A student studying abroad once noted that the shift from summer to winter puts the whole country on PMS over winter, therefore previously cheery people on the streets become angry morons, and the cursing on the bike lane doubles. It is however not impossible to meet Danes. You have to find them in their natural habitat – see it as a bit of a safari. Young Danes usually spend a lot of time at the café’s around the city centre or at the Studenterhuset.
See Studenterhuset
HumorDanish humor is often seen as extremely rude and very often also offensive. Danes love jokes about everything that include bodily fluids. Include both and you will make the Danes laugh.
See Political correctness
Husk Mit NavnCopenhagen street artist who started working in the late 90s. his name means ‘remember my name’ and he has become widely known in the past ten years due to his sarcastic ‘wall cartoons’ that often have a political message. Husk Mit Navn also does cartoons for the Danish paper Politiken and he has designed chairs and t-shirts.
See http://www.huskmitnavn.dk/ and street art


InteractionWhen interacting with Danes it is important to remember that Americans travelling in larger groups often come across as very intimidating. If you want to strike up a conversation with a Dane you have to break out of your comfort zone. A group of three is a good size when going out. You have people around you that you know and still your group is small enough to blend into the crowd.
Immerse Yourself FairFair during the first week of the semester where a number of sports clubs, community groups etc. are invited and where newly arrived students get a chance of learning how they can build their own international experiences.


J-dagA holiday in late November dedicated to the launch of the Christmas Beer.
JaywalkingIllegal and frowned upon. Danes will wait at a pedestrian crossing at four in the morning, even though there is no traffic.
Jews and Denmark
The Jewish community in Denmark is the oldest in Scandinavia.   In 1684, Copenhagen’s Jewish community received royal permission to hold services in their homes.  By 1726 there were 65 Jewish families living in Copenhagen, growing exponentially to about 250 families in 1787.  Copenhagen’s Main Synagogue on Krystalgade was opened in 1833.
Today, there are about 7000 Jews living in Greater Copenhagen. Below you find the contact info to various Jewish community groups, kosher stores, temples, museums etc.
Read more about where you can reach out to the Jewish community in Denmark.


KollegiumA brilliant housing option if you want to live like a college aged Dane. The kollegium also gives you the option of meeting other young people.
KronerThe currency of Denmark. As a student you will most likely always lack kroner.


LanguageDanish is far from a beautiful language and is hard to pronounce. It is however very practical in the sense that the sentence structure is more or less the same as in English and that many words are very similar to English.
Trying to speak Danish is also a good icebreaker when meeting the Danes!
See Æ,Ø,Å
LGBTQDenmark was the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage. Copenhagen is very liberal and has a large LGBTQ community. It is recommended that LGBTQ students get involved with BLUS. BLUS is an organization run for and by LGBTQ students in and around Copenhagen. BLUS organizes parties, debates, movie nights and other events in addition to running the café every Tuesday from 19.00 at Studenterhuset in central Copenhagen. Membership is free! Read more about theLGBTQ community in Denmark.
See Studenterhuset


MadklubLiterally food club. A club you join at the kollegium where you will cook together with people from your hall and share the expenses. It is a great way to make friends and additionally get delicious meals while saving money.
MadpakkeThe Danish word for a packed lunch. Danish schools don’t have meal plans so Danes are used to bringing a packed lunch to school and even to work. A madpakke usually consists of Danish smørrebrød (open-faced sandwich), fruit and vegetables. It is a cheap and healthy way to get a meal during the day.
MannersDanes are generally well mannered, but in a very different way from what you are used to. Danes are very relaxed when it comes to social interaction. They will almost always say what is on their mind, and they can therefore sometimes come across as rude. You will never hear a Dane use euphemism – they don’t see the need. Danes do however find table manners extremely important. The same goes for how you behave in public. Even when you go to bars where you can expect people to be under the influence of alcohol, you will experience that Danes are fairly civilized and that rowdiness is frowned upon. 
See table manners and shoes
MetroThe Copenhagen subway. There are only two lines and it is an easy, reliable and sustainable way to get around Copenhagen.
Mmm….One of the most common Danish conversation fillers. The use of mmm… does not nescessarily mean that the Danish person is uninterested.
Music SceneCopenhagen has a rich and varied music scene, by many characterized as one of the best in Northern Europe. The indie scene and the electro scene excel and give you the opportunity for some very unique cultural experiences.
Approximately 4% of the Danish population is Muslim. Read a Muslim Visitor Guide and see the link to Visiting Denmark in the left-column menu.


National IdentityMost Danes will claim that they are not particularly proud of their country and that patriotism is backward and stupid, but they are in fact extremely proud of their country. The national pride is however not manifested in narratives about victory at war or great achievements. The Danish national identity is much more subtle and can often be perceived as smug contentment with the mediocre. Danes also take pride in the the Danish welfare model and will most likely be offended if foreigners criticize core institutions such as the Danish health care or educational systems.
NettoDanish super market chain. The service is close to non-existant, but the goods are fresh and prices relatively low. It should be noted that you pay for shopping bags in Danish supermarkets.


PartyMany young people throw house parties. The parties usually start around 9pm and it is customary that you bring your own drinks. You don’t have to bring a present for the host, but a bottle of wine is always highly appreciated.
PleaseDanish does not have a word for please.
See political correctness
Political CorrectnessUnknown phenomenon to Danes.
PorkThe main element in any Danish meal. There are five times as many pigs in Denmark as there are people.
See food and bacon
PølsevognSausage stand. Found on most major squares. A must if you want to experience Danish cuisine.
See pork


QuestionsYou will most likely have a lot of questions about Danish culture, customs and traditions. Never feel afraid to ask if something puzzles you. Danes are very helpful – you just have to ask.
QueuingThe first thing Danes do upon entering a bank/pharmacy/post office is to look for a line to queue in. Danes just love to queue.  
Queer sceneSee LGBTQ


ReligionThe state religion of Denmark is Lutheran Protestantism and the majority of the population is member of the Folkekirke (the state church). If you practice a religion and what to learn more about places of worship in Copenhagen, visit our religious groups in Denmark page.
Danes are however not religious at all, on the contrary. Religious holidays are seen as an excuse to eat and to drink to excess.


SafetyDenmark is a small, quiet country, located far away from the international centers of tension. Danes are proud of their democracy and commitment to peace and security for everyone. Nonetheless, the potential risk of international terrorist actions, not least against Americans and US property, is present everywhere in the world, including Copenhagen.
For this reason, student safety is and has always been of the utmost concern to DIS. Contingency plans for the event of a general international crisis or specific threats of local terrorism have been worked out in cooperation with the Danish Police Intelligence Service and the American Embassy in Copenhagen.
When traveling around the city, avoid travelling in bigger groups, exchange phone numbers with friends from your program and always notify DIS if you leave the country.
Danes love their salt and use it at all occasions; in the bacon, on the roads in wintertime, even in the candy. Danes just can’t get enough salt.
See food and bacon
SexDanes tend to be very liberal and open minded when it comes to sex.
Sexual HealthSexually transmitted diseases are not uncommon among Danish youth. If you intend to have sex, stay safe. See housing and student services if you have questions about safe sex. Condoms can be obtained for free at the DIS front desk.
SharwarmaDelicious Middle Eastern sandwich with either meat or falafel; popular among Danish students heading home from a night on the town.
ShoesIt is customary that you remove your shoes before entering most Danish homes. Ask the host if you are in doubt.
Small TalkDoesn’t really exist in Denmark. Danes do, however, love to talk about the weather.
SnapsAlso known as akvavit. It may be a traditional drink, but it is still foul to most newcomers.
See gammel dansk
StereotypesStereotypes are common and a natural way of navigating in a social space. They are often based on misconceptions such as: Americans are perceived as loud, uncultured, and superficial. Danes are cold, aloof, smug and impossible to befriend. If you want to break down misconceptions about your own culture and Danish culture it is essential that you immerse yourself.
Studenterhuset is the student union of the educational institutions in Copenhagen. You can easily gain membership and you are always welcome to volunteer as a bartender. Studenterhuset is open every night. Tuesday is LGBTQ night and Wednesday is International night.  
See www.studenterhuset.com
Street ArtCopenhagen has a big street art scene and especially the area around Blaagaards Plads and the area around Christiania have some amazing pieces of work. You should however note that tagging is illegal and that there is a considerable fine for vandalizing private property.
See Husk Mit Navn
Surviving on a budgetSome would argue that it is impossible in Copenhagen and that it would be stupid even to try, but it is possible to lead a comfortable lifestyle while saving some of those hard earned kroner.


Table mannersDanes believe there is one proper way in which to act in any given circumstance. This also applies for table manners. The fork is to be held in the left hand and the knife in the right hand. The silverware should never be placed on the table, but on the plate when you are giving a toast and when you have finished your meal. When toasting, raise your glass about eye level and make eye contact with the people seated closest to you.
See dinner
TraditionsThe life of young Danes doesn’t really differ as much from the life of college-aged Americans as you would think. Young Danes listen to more or less the same music, wear the same brands and watch the same movies. Young Danes do however like traditional parties and holidays.
See gymnasium, pork, and j day
Tribe mentalityDanes are often described as more of a tribe then a nation.
See friends
TimelinessDanes are very punctual and being late is considered to be rude. If you are running late, it is polite to call and inform your host that you are on your way.


UniversitetUniversity is very different from the American college structure. It is normal that students have taken at least one gap year and that they only take classes focusing on their major. Danes are paid by the government to go to university.


VegetarianismVegetarianism is common among young Danes, it does however require knowledge of Danish products if you want to keep a varied diet. You will have a chance of learning about how to stick to a varied and sustainable vegetarian diet while in Copenhagen at the Immerse Yourself Fair
VikingsEvery Dane learns about the Vikings at school. The Vikings were great ship builders, sailors, warriors, traders and adventurers. Danes regard them as their ancestors and take pride in the thought of Denmark’s former glory. The truth is however that the Vikings were not only Danish, but also lived in present day Norway, Sweden, Germany, England, Scotland, Ireland and France, but don’t tell the Danes!


WeatherA Danish summer day at the seaside or by the Copenhagen harbor is about the most beautiful thing you can experience. The winters, however, can be a little depressing. The weather is often cold and rainy and the days are quite short.
See fashion
WienerbrødDanish pastry – highly addictive!
WomenSorry guys; but to be quite frank Danish women wear the pants in this country. Many American guys get the impression that Danish girls are made of Teflon – it seems like all attemps to strike up a conversation slide right off.


Æ, Ø & Å

Unpronounceable vowels found in the Danish alphabet. They appear at the end of the dictionary!

Heart, heart