torsdag den 25. oktober 2012

Concert in Lyngby tonight (October 25th)

Klumben and Raske Penge will be playing in Templet (close to Lyngby Station tonight).
100 kroner and you'll be able to enter this awesome event with two of the most brightest shining stars of Danish dancehall! Lyrics are in Danish, but go anyway! I promise that it'll be a lot of fun! I'd go myself if I didn't have to work!

Only thing is that you might want to be there well in advance before the show. There guys are seriously popular. The show starts at 20:00.

Check Klumben out on SoundCloud:
And Raske Penge:

I really recommend this. Please, please go there and tell me how awesome it was!

Still from the music video to the song "Intelligent".

The guys also go by the names Klumb1 and Ras Money.

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