onsdag den 10. oktober 2012

Events this weekend

Last weekend before the autumn break can mean two things: You're going to be really busy because you have assignments/tests/exams after the break (or you're going out travelling and have to catch up with uni stuff) or lots and lots of parties!

I vote for the latter.

The events this weekend are as follows:


PF Costumed bar crawl on DTU Campus

Starts at 17:30 behind building 101 (where there will be FREE BEER!). Dress in a theme with your friends or just come in a costume. It's always a lot of fun. This year the first bar on the tour is going to be Diamanten (where there is also a trucker-theme party going on - maybe that's your costume?)!

The program can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/events/139537972858064/?fref=ts

Hope to see you all!

My team and me will be going as awesome old people!

Halloween party at Egmont Kollegiet

The PF bar crawl will gather around 23:00 in S-huset/Kælderbaren. If you rather want to go to an awesome afterparty - go to Egmont Kollegiet. They have a halloween-themed party and entrance is free. The party starts at 23:00. Read more here: http://www.facebook.com/events/491924414169706/

How to get there: Super easy. Go with bus 150S from the motorway next to Campus. Get out of the bus at the stop called "Vibenshus Runddel". You should see a gas station and a tall brownish building. Go to the entrance of the tall brown building.

Seriously, these guys living here have some craaaaazy parties.

Culture Night 2012

If you don't want to drink your brain out, just want something nice and cultural or just another afterparty, the culture night is on this friday.

All over Copenhagen there will be cultural happenings. Your ticket will be the KulturKit (90 kroner) and you can find the closest place to buy it here: http://www.kulturnatten.dk/da/kulturnatten/kulturkit/salgssteder (just enter your 4 digit citycode).

The program can be downloaded here (PDF): http://www.kulturnatten.dk/da/kulturnatten/program/Download-PDF-program

There are hundreds and hundreds of happenings! And an afterparty at VEGA, where you can only enter with KulturKit (23-03).



Tivoli will have open during Halloween - from this friday and two weeks on.

Go there and see the decorations, try the rides... etc... prices are as usual. 

All the best,

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