torsdag den 29. november 2012

Events for the weekend

Here we go:



Ever seen a bar in a church? Well, there is one this friday. DJ's and cheap beer and charity in a church in Vesterbro, Dannebrogsgade 53 from 15-18 (actually, each friday until Christmas!).


Ever seen a bar in a laundryshop? Well, there's also one of these this friday. The party is hosted by SKUM together with Nørrebro Bryghus. Quality beer for 20 kroner, all profit from the party goes to Movember. If you don't have a moustache yourself, you get a free one when entering. First 50 ladies get a moustache ring! Half price entry at the bar KB18 in Kødbyen afterwards!

At Sønder Boulevard 59, 19:30-23.

Ladies night at Drone

Cheap Gulddamer at Drone, when lady DJs, bloggers and music nerds will play awesome tunes all night. Don't worry, later on, the men are allowed at the party!


At Drone Bar, KBH N, 22:00-late.


More moustacheparty

Movember is coming to an end, marked by the official Movember Gala Parté at Bremen this saturday. Dress up with moustaches, also the ladies. Doors open at 21, and at 23:15 the evenings best and worst moustaches will be awarded! Celebrate all night with great moustaches! 

Entrance is 40 kroner, which supports Movember.

At Bremen Theater, Nyropsgade 39-41, starts at 21.

And see last years' party here

Massive music party in Helsingør

More charity and party! Live performances from Raske Penge & Klumben feat Topgunn (the cream of Danish dancehall), Eaggerstunn (too), Sleep Party People and The White Album. Massive DJ-lineup including Eloq, Pati and Simon Dokkedal. Profit goes to Operation Dagsværk supporting various projects with young people in development countries. It's even situated in the newly built cultural center in Helsingør with a view of the majestic Kronborg castle.

Helsingør, Kulturværftet, Allegade 2. At 19:00-03:00. Buy your ticket here:
85 kroner + wardrobe. 100 at the door incl wardrobe. 

Or go to one of the many Christmas markets around town: (yeah, I know it's in Danish, but run it through Google Translate or use your newly learned Danish skills!)

And try the gløgg while out anyway. :)


Christmas tree at Rådhuspladsen

Starting at 15:00 in Nyhavn (where they have a nice little Christmas market), a Parade will go to the City Hall Square, where a 23 meter tall Christmas tree will be lit. 700 lights! That's at 16:00.

Billede: Guess what's happening on Sunday 2 December? At 15:00 there's a Christmas parade starting at Nyhavn. Say hello to Santa Claus and his helpers and see the horses walk in the parade to City Hall Square, where the big, beautiful 23 meter tall Christmas tree will be lit with no less than 700 lights at 16:00. It'll be magical!

Best weekend wishes,

onsdag den 28. november 2012


This feature looks a bit weird as it was posted from my ipad.

In Christmas time in Denmark, it is tradition to drink the hot, wine based drink gløgg. Gløgg typically consist of red wine, schnapps, raisin, almonds and typical Christmas spices. Here are some places, where you can buy it in Copenhagen! (But it's also very easy to make it yourself, just google for a recipe). It also comes in a white wine version and even an apple version. Always drink it with a bunch of delicious, hot æbleskiver. Nom nom nom.

Gløgg at a wine bar

Made with quality red wine, port wine, schnapps and brandy, this is a potent gløgg. You might want to leave your bike after having this. It's made by a former Michelin star receiving chef.

65 kroner for a glass with a bowl with raisins and almons, so you can decide how much of it you want in your drink! Comes with delicious homemade Christmas cookies.

At R Vinbar, Gammel Mønt 14, Kbh. K, open tue-thu 16-01, fri-sat 16-02

The artsy gløgg

At Bankeråt, which has been around for 18 years, they serve a gløgg with almonds and raisins pickled in two kinds of schnapps, dark rum and port wine. And the fruit too. Made with red wine. Served from December 1st for 59 kroner for a big glass in the artsy surroundings.

Bankeråt, Ahlefeldtsgade 27-29. Open mon-fri 9.30-24. Weekends 10.30-24.

The classic gløgg

Having been served since 1954, this gløgg is a classic one. Added port wine, cognac and dark rum. Made with red wine and raisins that have been pickled for 8 days with the wine and spices. The only sweetener in this one comes from the pickled raisins. 35 kroner for a huge glass with raisins and an almond in, no cookies,

At Hviids Vinstue, Kongens Nytorv 19 kælderen, 1050 Kbh. K. Open sun-thu 10-01, fri-sat 10-02.

The exclusive gløgg

If you are in Tivoli, pay a visit to the fancy restaurant Nimb in the garden. They have a super fancy gløgg made with 12 ingredients. For 85 kroner, you cget a glass and a huge bunch of cookies.

Do it. Tivoli is decorated for Christmas in December and its very pretty.

At Nimb, Bernstorffsgade 5, Kbh. K.


The relaxed gløgg

Cafe Din Nye Ven is a super nice student cafe that I wanted to do a cafe spotlight with. Table fussball and nice music - and delicious white wine gløgg!!

At Din Nye Ven, Sankt Peders Stræde 34, 1453 København. Open mon-wed: 13-24, thu-sat 13-02.

The Nordic gløgg

The delicious apple gløgg when it's best. Made with Danish apple juice, apple cider vinegar, cane sugar, burnt sugar and a schnapps made with cinnamon, muscat, ginger and other Christmas spices. Nom nom nom. It has fresh apple and dried cranberries in it instead of raisins and almonds. Comes with fresh cookies.

At Meyers Deli, Gl. Kongevej 107, Frederiksberg, open all days 8.30 - 22.
Kongens Nytorv, open mon-thu 10-19, friday 10-20, Saturday kl. 10-18
Godthåbsvej 10, Frederiksberg, open all days 8-22

Enjoy your gløgg!!!!


fredag den 23. november 2012

Events this weekend

Time for it again; Weekend!


NASA re-opening

This used to be one of the most (in?)famous clubs in Copenhagen with champagne washing extreme. Classic almost-all white interior with an aquarium-wall. The name and the surroundings will be the same, but the concept will be broader, so that the party can be bigger. The DJ will play classic club music, but also RnB and swingbeat. Gone is the champagne washing, but you might still spot a Danish celebrity or three. Cocktails and bottles sold at reasonable prices (not sure if that's to be compared with the level before the reopening? Only one way to find out!). One thing's for sure: Nasa is not just any club!

Tonight they host a re-opening party before the Grand Opening Party next friday. Write them at this email adress to get more information: The party starts at 22:00.

Social Bar opening reception

Another bar is just about to open - but for the first time. The concept is "Cocktails, Service and Art". Go to the opening reception to check it out: Friday and Saturday at 20:00 - true reception style with drinks for you.

At Teglgårdsgade 13, København.


Ice Skating

The ice skating rink outside Frederiksberg Have will open this weekend. It's not particularly big, but it's one of the nicest in Copenhagen, with cute benches and lights in the trees surrounding it. You can rent skates for 45 kroner a pair (only cash, and the closes cash machine is pretty far away, a 10 min walk each way), but you can also bring your own. If you have ice skates already, you can use the rink outside the rental opening hours! 

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 11-19, Sat: 10-20, Sun: 12-20.


Given that a bunch of you will be partying all weekend, I suggest you enjoy your hangover. Because from next weekend, it's all about the exams to come. :))


onsdag den 21. november 2012

Beautiful lanterns tomorrow at 18:00

Tomorrow at 18:00 at Blågårds Plads, Global Dignity Denmark is having a happening, where you can decorate your own lantern and get something hot to drink. At 19:30, they will gotogether to Sortedamssøen and let go the lanterns over the lakes of Copenhagen to let them shine over Nørrebro. 

There are plenty of places to grab some fast and relatively cheap food at Blågårds Gade. Go there early and have a coffee or a beer in one of the small, nice places. You should definitely go, because this is not something that's a very typical activity in Copenhagen - or Denmark. It'll be a beautiful sight!

Brænder du efter at sende en lanterne til himmels? Så har du chancen i morgen. Global Dignity Danmark – som arbejder for at fremme værdighed, skabe mere respekt, forståelse og nærhed - har udråbt d. 22. november til Værdighedens Dag. Det markerer de på Blågårds Plads kl 18. Der vil være noget varmt at drikke og man vil kunne dekorere sin egen lanterne med budskaber, løfter, ønsker - og en tegning af Superman, hvis det er det, man er til. Kl 19.30 går vejen så til Sortedamssøen. Her slipper man sin lanterne fri og sætter lys over Nørrebro. La'ternerne flyve!

mandag den 19. november 2012

Café Spotlight #3 - 5 for 1

Found this in the newspaper today: 5 new cafés in Copenhagen! Freshly and freely translated from! Thanks, journalists!


Vogelkop is a café with a rarity of an oldschool Danish dish in their breakfast menu - Øllebrød (an oatmeal-ish dish with beer and rugbrød) with whipped cream! Bonus info: "Øllebrød" means "beerbread"! But they also have the classic café dishes and drinks. Often with music and poems in the rooms. Check their Facebook page. Go there to try the øllebrød breakfast specialty

At Flensborggade 30, Kbh. V - Open mon-fri: 8-20, sat-sun: 10-20.

A true princess café with flowers, candles and small figures! Various sandwiches and mix your own salad from 30-50 kroner. And they have cake and the most delicious different variants of hot chocolate (that sounds like something for a princess)!
At Prinsesse Charlottesgade 16, 2200 Kbh. N, Open mon-sat. 10-18, sun. 12-19
Cafe Nutid
A new student café! Super student friendly with plugs in the wall and free wifi. Tons of events and a Christmas present workshop! :D
Organic fairtrade coffee for 10 kroner and delicious juice, special brews from Nørrebros Bryghus, bread, snacks and cake.
At Sankt Peders Stræde 1, 1453 Kbh K, Open: wed. 9-22, thu. 9-24, fri. 9-02, sat. 13-02 STheir facebook pace!
Retromania is, not as the name suggests, a new café in Nørrebro. They have a second hand shop with stuff and clothes fron the 50s, 60s and 70s, brunch, sandwich, coffee and smoothies.
They also sell old LPs from the 60's mainly.
At Nørrebrogade 150, 2200 Kbh N, Open mon.-fri. 10-18, sat. 10-16
Ipsen & Co.
Classic menu with eggs and rugbrød for breakfast, soup for lunch, sandwich, tapas and homemade cakes! NOM NOM NOM!
At Gammel Kongevej 108, 1850 Frederiksberg, open mon.-thu. 8-18, fri.-sat. 9-18.

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Denmark

There are some of you who would normally be celebrating Thanksgiving with your families in November. Since some of you are now here in Denmark, I thought I'd give some tips on where you can celebrate with other people who enjoy Thanksgiving, even though some of you already did celebrate (even if it's not really before the 22nd) or plan to do a dinner in the dorms.

For those of you who don't know, a typical Thanksgiving dinner is almost always composed of a whole turkey with stuffing (bread based filling you stuff inside the turkey), lots and lots of gravy. The rest of the dishes depends on family tradition and where in the US you're from. Some of them are mashed potatos, cranberry sauce, various vegetables, sweet potatos and PIES!! Pecan pies, apple pies, berry pies or the all time classic: Pumpkin pie! Om nom nom nom!

Actually, I've never taken part in a Thanksgiving dinner myself, this year I might give it a try!

Here are some possibilities to get a prepared Thanksgiving dinner, so you don't have to sweat with the turkey yourself! Unfortunately, Thanksgiving is not as common in Denmark as Halloween, for example, so the events are somewhat expensive - you can always get together and each of you could bring a dish instead.  The most important is that you are together and have a nice evening.

This turkey does not approve of Thanksgiving! But it looks delicious!

The ultra fancy way:

Guerilla dining - Thanksgiving style! The cooking team Silver Spoon make food events! And at their Thanksgiving event, you can experience the extreme-food discipline: "Turducken". A chicken inside a duck inside a turkey! Triple poultry for the hungry, and wealthy, student as the tickets are unfortunately 500 a piece and an extra 300 for drinks (but I guess you don't have to buy the fancy wine too). But then again - it's more of a food-art event than just a meal.

Time: Nov., 25th (18:00), the adress is given when tickets are purchased here:

The less fancy - but still fancy - way
American Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Thanksgiving dinner at the Marriott on Kalvebod Brygge. The American ambassador will give a speach, there will be music and competitions too. The menu will be classic but with a fancy twist. And with Californian wines and American beer too!
Time: Nov., 25th, (16-20) at Hotel Marriott, Kalvebod Brygge 5. Price: 425 kroner. Sign up here:
NFL and food
Another traditional part of Thanksgiving is football! Watching it, of course, because you are going to be just as stuffed as the turkey after eating. Thanksgiving Day Classic marks the season start and is the second largest football event after Super Bowl! 
Go to one of the following sports bars and enjoy! At O'Learys they even have a Thanksgiving menu with banana cream pie as dessert: 199 kroner.
Time: Nov., 22, (19:00) at Bernstorffsgade 14, Copenhagen. Sign up here: 33338220 or here
Hard Rock Thanksgiving
Another dinner-option: At Hard Rock Café, you can get a huuuuge menu for 199 kroner including pumpkin pecan pie and coffee.
Time: Nov., 22nd, (19:00), at Hard Rock Café Copenhagen (next to Tivoli at the Central Station side). Book a
I know being an international student is about learning from different cultures, but not only the ones in the country you study in - learn from each other. I think there are people from over 20 different countries among the international students at DTU - go and learn from each other. It could end up being a tradition you are going to keep alive yourself!
Holiday wishes,

fredag den 16. november 2012

Events this weekend

Here we go;


Unfortunately, I couldn't find any super-events this evening. So get out and check out some of the bars in Copenhagen! Tivoli is now open again, with its Christmas theme, for example.


International Restaurant Day

On this day, you can open a restaurant for the day, and sell and serve the food you want to. Register here to make your own restaurant:

Or check out all the other ones. A perfect and funny way of getting to know people in Copenhagen and have cheap, homemade food!

There are fourteen pop up places to choose from in Copenhagen on the map, but I bet you can find many more!

Legendary Coma Club Party

The last Coma party will take place at a secret location (but check out the Facebook page for more information). The Coma Club parties are legendary because they are totally insane. You have to dress to the occasion - otherwise you will not be allowed to enter! The theme for this party is "China". There will be awesome music by Sukkerlyn (dancehall), Alfredo and Emil Lange (DJ's) among many others. And about 1000 partylicious people from Copenhagen dressed in crazy outfits.

Tickets are about 300 kroner. It starts at 22 and goes on until early morning.  Buy your ticket here:

The location will be revealed tomorrow, but it's at "a central place in Copenhagen".

Dress this crazy! Not sure if it's actually possible to dress more crazy....


Christmas Markets

Yes, it's that time of the year. Visit one of the Christmas markets this weekend and find something nice for the family or friends. Ravnsborggade has a very nice one. All the antique shops, designers, cafés and galleries will have stands on the sidewalk with Christmas candy, glögg (hot wine with almonds, spices and raisins).

From 10-16 at Ravnsborggade, Sankt Hans Gade, Nyesgade og Ravnsborg Tværggade at Nørrebro.

Best wishes for a nice and calm weekend,

tirsdag den 13. november 2012

Café Spotlight #2 - Café Retro

After a tip from Marjorie from Holland, here's a post on Café Retro.
Go there and have a beer or a coffee with purpose! The café does not make any profit from selling what they do, because all the profit goes to India and Africa (true Danish style - we like to give, we like our coffee break and we like to feel good about doing something for the world in the sense that we contribute by doing what we would have done anyway - enjoy a coffee break at a nice café). You can read on the webpage, which projects the café - and you, if you go there - are supporting:
They have live music on thursday-saturday at 21. Make sure to check the event page:
There are two of the Retro Cafés (one in inner city in Knabrostræde and one in Jægersborggade (which is a phenomenon in itself - word has it that this is the hippest street in Copenhagen with eco candy and clothing shops, recycled clothing, music and art shops)).
The atmosphere in both of the cafes is really relaxed; lean chairs, hammock chairs, old-style wooden furniture and cushions (you get a feeling of a hippie-grandma’s living room), in Nørrebro part of the walls are covered with old Donald Duck-comics and one has a photo exhibition on it.
As for food, they have soups, nachos, cake and various snacks. If you show a valid student ID, there is a student discount on some of the things in the menu.
The city-Retro also has live music Fri – Sun at 21.00. One more great thing about Retro: the prices. Not even the backpacking students can say its too expensive! Plus, there is free wifi.
Find them here:
Knabrostræde 26, 1210 KBH
the far end of Jægersborggade, 2200 KBH N
Opening hours:
Mon: Closed
Thu: 12-00
Fri-Sat: 12-01
Sun: 12-23

Bar Spotlight #3 - Tjili Pop

Tjili Pop on Rantzausgade is actually also a café, but I tend to hear more about it in bar-context - and not for nothing.

It looks sooooo cute from the outside. The beer is cheap, the room is charming, the people are very nice and the food is good. They event have live music (mostly singer/songwriters, folk, pop, acoustic) on some nights too! Go go go!

Like them on Facebook to stay tuned on events:

Find it at Rantzausgade 28, 2200 København N 

Opening hours:
Mon-tue 10.00-00.00
Wed 10.00-01.00
Thu 10.00-02.00
Fri-Sat 10.00-03.00
Sun 10.00-00.00

Apologies for missing updates

Hi all!

Sorry for the missing updates. Had to deal with some personal stuff, but we're back on track now!


fredag den 2. november 2012

Events this weekend!

This weekend offers some very classic Danish events friday and sunday.


J-dag (aka Snowfall aka Snowstorm aka Christmas Is Here)!

J-dag marks the day when the Christmas-beers can be bought. It's not only Tuborg (but I do agree, they have the best marketing department), but ALL kinds of Christmas beer. Go to your nearest pub, a beer bar in Copenhagen or one of the Campus-bars, because from 15:01 it's on!

I will make some shameless advertising for Diamanten, where you can get super offers on the Christmas beer "47", which I personally find better tasting than the classic Tuborg Julebryg.

This is what you'll se on TV

This is what you'll see on the bar desk

This is what you'll see in the streets

Doktor Bombay and Hit & Hide in S-huset

Yes, tonight you can go and enjoy the best of your childhood memories in the form of the songs that never really left your brain! And they are definetely going to stay there for a couple of weeks after tonight. Tickets are 80 kroner for members of PF, otherwise 120 kroner. I think there still might be tickets and that the show will start around 22.


Copenhagen Street Festival

From 10-20 in Boblehallen, Carlsbergbyen, Pasteursvej 10, 1778 KBH V, you can go and experience free workshops, shows and live music for free! It's all street related and it's usually a great success!

BMX Jam & Workshop.

PARKOUR Workshop & Play

STREET SOCCER tournaments!

GRAFFITI (Live & Workshop)

CAPOEIRA Workshop & Show

BASKET Workshop & Tournament

DANCE Battles
15.15-15.30 – Hip Hop
15.30-16.00 – Break
16.00-16.20 – Hip Hop
16.20-16.40 – Break 4
16.40-17.00 – Hip Hop finale / Hotstepper - Kinetic soul Kru Performance
17.00 -17.15 – Break finale

10.00-14.00 - DJ
14.00-14.15 - Pia Allerslev (Mayor of Culture in Copenhagen)
14.15-15.15 – Live RAP Act’s

Here's the Facebook event:

Delicious free music at Statens Museum for Kunst

At Statens Museum for Kunst, you can - for free - experience some nice music from 19-midnight. Artists including Christian Hjelm (former lead singer in Figurines and now solo), Ida Gard, Unkwon, IANDAWN and Stella Polaris Soundsystem with all their talented DJ's. Facebook-event:



Hubertusjagten is the other classic Danish event. Every year, the first sunday of November, there will be held a horseback race in the beautiful surroundings in Dyrehaven. The race starts at 10, but be there well in advance - it's an old tradition and therefore the areas where the race is going to take place are going to be stuffed with people! The most popular spot is where the riders may risk to fall off the horse into a small pond!


If you want to see people fall from horses, then it's also possible when it's not at the pond!

Sooo many people!

Demolition in Valby

If fancy horseback hunts without real hounds or foxes is not for you, then you can go to Valby, where they will demolish a huge building (108 m tall) with lots of explosives! It's going to make a great scene for a photo to send back to the family at home! :) The action starts at 12, this is how you find it from Ny Ellebjerg Station:

Best weekend-wishes,