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Events this weekend!

This weekend offers some very classic Danish events friday and sunday.


J-dag (aka Snowfall aka Snowstorm aka Christmas Is Here)!

J-dag marks the day when the Christmas-beers can be bought. It's not only Tuborg (but I do agree, they have the best marketing department), but ALL kinds of Christmas beer. Go to your nearest pub, a beer bar in Copenhagen or one of the Campus-bars, because from 15:01 it's on!

I will make some shameless advertising for Diamanten, where you can get super offers on the Christmas beer "47", which I personally find better tasting than the classic Tuborg Julebryg.

This is what you'll se on TV

This is what you'll see on the bar desk

This is what you'll see in the streets

Doktor Bombay and Hit & Hide in S-huset

Yes, tonight you can go and enjoy the best of your childhood memories in the form of the songs that never really left your brain! And they are definetely going to stay there for a couple of weeks after tonight. Tickets are 80 kroner for members of PF, otherwise 120 kroner. I think there still might be tickets and that the show will start around 22.


Copenhagen Street Festival

From 10-20 in Boblehallen, Carlsbergbyen, Pasteursvej 10, 1778 KBH V, you can go and experience free workshops, shows and live music for free! It's all street related and it's usually a great success!

BMX Jam & Workshop.

PARKOUR Workshop & Play

STREET SOCCER tournaments!

GRAFFITI (Live & Workshop)

CAPOEIRA Workshop & Show

BASKET Workshop & Tournament

DANCE Battles
15.15-15.30 – Hip Hop
15.30-16.00 – Break
16.00-16.20 – Hip Hop
16.20-16.40 – Break 4
16.40-17.00 – Hip Hop finale / Hotstepper - Kinetic soul Kru Performance
17.00 -17.15 – Break finale

10.00-14.00 - DJ
14.00-14.15 - Pia Allerslev (Mayor of Culture in Copenhagen)
14.15-15.15 – Live RAP Act’s

Here's the Facebook event:

Delicious free music at Statens Museum for Kunst

At Statens Museum for Kunst, you can - for free - experience some nice music from 19-midnight. Artists including Christian Hjelm (former lead singer in Figurines and now solo), Ida Gard, Unkwon, IANDAWN and Stella Polaris Soundsystem with all their talented DJ's. Facebook-event:



Hubertusjagten is the other classic Danish event. Every year, the first sunday of November, there will be held a horseback race in the beautiful surroundings in Dyrehaven. The race starts at 10, but be there well in advance - it's an old tradition and therefore the areas where the race is going to take place are going to be stuffed with people! The most popular spot is where the riders may risk to fall off the horse into a small pond!


If you want to see people fall from horses, then it's also possible when it's not at the pond!

Sooo many people!

Demolition in Valby

If fancy horseback hunts without real hounds or foxes is not for you, then you can go to Valby, where they will demolish a huge building (108 m tall) with lots of explosives! It's going to make a great scene for a photo to send back to the family at home! :) The action starts at 12, this is how you find it from Ny Ellebjerg Station:

Best weekend-wishes,


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