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Celebrating Thanksgiving in Denmark

There are some of you who would normally be celebrating Thanksgiving with your families in November. Since some of you are now here in Denmark, I thought I'd give some tips on where you can celebrate with other people who enjoy Thanksgiving, even though some of you already did celebrate (even if it's not really before the 22nd) or plan to do a dinner in the dorms.

For those of you who don't know, a typical Thanksgiving dinner is almost always composed of a whole turkey with stuffing (bread based filling you stuff inside the turkey), lots and lots of gravy. The rest of the dishes depends on family tradition and where in the US you're from. Some of them are mashed potatos, cranberry sauce, various vegetables, sweet potatos and PIES!! Pecan pies, apple pies, berry pies or the all time classic: Pumpkin pie! Om nom nom nom!

Actually, I've never taken part in a Thanksgiving dinner myself, this year I might give it a try!

Here are some possibilities to get a prepared Thanksgiving dinner, so you don't have to sweat with the turkey yourself! Unfortunately, Thanksgiving is not as common in Denmark as Halloween, for example, so the events are somewhat expensive - you can always get together and each of you could bring a dish instead.  The most important is that you are together and have a nice evening.

This turkey does not approve of Thanksgiving! But it looks delicious!

The ultra fancy way:

Guerilla dining - Thanksgiving style! The cooking team Silver Spoon make food events! And at their Thanksgiving event, you can experience the extreme-food discipline: "Turducken". A chicken inside a duck inside a turkey! Triple poultry for the hungry, and wealthy, student as the tickets are unfortunately 500 a piece and an extra 300 for drinks (but I guess you don't have to buy the fancy wine too). But then again - it's more of a food-art event than just a meal.

Time: Nov., 25th (18:00), the adress is given when tickets are purchased here:

The less fancy - but still fancy - way
American Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Thanksgiving dinner at the Marriott on Kalvebod Brygge. The American ambassador will give a speach, there will be music and competitions too. The menu will be classic but with a fancy twist. And with Californian wines and American beer too!
Time: Nov., 25th, (16-20) at Hotel Marriott, Kalvebod Brygge 5. Price: 425 kroner. Sign up here:
NFL and food
Another traditional part of Thanksgiving is football! Watching it, of course, because you are going to be just as stuffed as the turkey after eating. Thanksgiving Day Classic marks the season start and is the second largest football event after Super Bowl! 
Go to one of the following sports bars and enjoy! At O'Learys they even have a Thanksgiving menu with banana cream pie as dessert: 199 kroner.
Time: Nov., 22, (19:00) at Bernstorffsgade 14, Copenhagen. Sign up here: 33338220 or here
Hard Rock Thanksgiving
Another dinner-option: At Hard Rock Café, you can get a huuuuge menu for 199 kroner including pumpkin pecan pie and coffee.
Time: Nov., 22nd, (19:00), at Hard Rock Café Copenhagen (next to Tivoli at the Central Station side). Book a
I know being an international student is about learning from different cultures, but not only the ones in the country you study in - learn from each other. I think there are people from over 20 different countries among the international students at DTU - go and learn from each other. It could end up being a tradition you are going to keep alive yourself!
Holiday wishes,

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