fredag den 23. november 2012

Events this weekend

Time for it again; Weekend!


NASA re-opening

This used to be one of the most (in?)famous clubs in Copenhagen with champagne washing extreme. Classic almost-all white interior with an aquarium-wall. The name and the surroundings will be the same, but the concept will be broader, so that the party can be bigger. The DJ will play classic club music, but also RnB and swingbeat. Gone is the champagne washing, but you might still spot a Danish celebrity or three. Cocktails and bottles sold at reasonable prices (not sure if that's to be compared with the level before the reopening? Only one way to find out!). One thing's for sure: Nasa is not just any club!

Tonight they host a re-opening party before the Grand Opening Party next friday. Write them at this email adress to get more information: The party starts at 22:00.

Social Bar opening reception

Another bar is just about to open - but for the first time. The concept is "Cocktails, Service and Art". Go to the opening reception to check it out: Friday and Saturday at 20:00 - true reception style with drinks for you.

At Teglgårdsgade 13, København.


Ice Skating

The ice skating rink outside Frederiksberg Have will open this weekend. It's not particularly big, but it's one of the nicest in Copenhagen, with cute benches and lights in the trees surrounding it. You can rent skates for 45 kroner a pair (only cash, and the closes cash machine is pretty far away, a 10 min walk each way), but you can also bring your own. If you have ice skates already, you can use the rink outside the rental opening hours! 

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 11-19, Sat: 10-20, Sun: 12-20.


Given that a bunch of you will be partying all weekend, I suggest you enjoy your hangover. Because from next weekend, it's all about the exams to come. :))


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