About the Authors

Author & Administrator
Name: Nanna Egede Andersen
Age: 21
Student at: Design & Innovation (Master, 1st year)
From: Denmark, Copenhagen, Frederiksberg
Email: nannaegede@hotmail.com
Bonus info: Nanna knows karate and goes bananas for cute animals!

   Author & Administrator
   Name: Marie Rasmussen
   Age: 23... :)
   Student at: Materials and Process Technology (Master, 1st year)
   From: Denmark, Jægersborg (she lives in a watertower!)
   Email: ras.marie@gmail.com
   Bonus info: Marie is the president of BEST Denmark! Apply and
   make her very happy (you get to go to awesome places in Europe
   for a small price, get new friends and learn something too!) Read
   more: http://www.best.eu.org/index.jsp

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