torsdag den 28. februar 2013

Events this weekend!

Here we go again!


Fix gallery opening
Tonight a new gallery will be opening in Kronprinsensgade. The team behind it are known for throwing some pretty awesome parties. There will be jazzguitar and street loops from Tao (the music), beer and colored cupcakes! Exhibiting: Jody Barton, Le Fix and We Are Related.
At: Le Fix, Kronprinsensgade 9B, 2. sal
Tonight at 18 til 20
Watch an Oscar-finalist movie
Imperial cinema will from tonight and until wednesday show the Oscar-finalist movies, one by one. Tonight (and until Wednesday), you can enjoy Operation Argo or Silver Linings Playbook (also monday)!
In Imperial Cinema
Book tickets here: 
Concert in S-huset
Free concert with crazy-ass Red Warszawa. They play drunk Danish heavy with stupid lyrics. Go there and get drunk! Tickets can be picked up outside the sports hall at 19:00.
In S-huset.
The concert starts at 22:00.
10 hours spring party!
German DJ Sascha Braemer will be spinning records together with Ecco, Disfuntional Disco and Rasmus Lützen until 10 in the morning. 120 kroner entrance.
At KB18, Kødboderne 18
From 23:55-10
Tickets: 100 kr. on billetto, 120 kr. in-door.
10 hours spring party!
Watch another Oscar movie! 

Friday (and Saturday) it's Django Unchained!

See above post about Oscar films.

The other films and days are:
Amour: Saturday and Sunday (This weekend)
Life of Pi: Sunday (This Sunday)
Zero Dark Thirty: Monday (March 4th)
Lincoln: Tuesday (March 5th)
Hushpuppy: Wednesday (March 6th) and
Les Miserables, Saturday, March 9th.

Saturday AND Sunday:

Chocolate festival in TAP1!

Saturday from 10-17 and Sunday same time. More than 45 shops/artists/chefs exhibiting, a demo-kitchen and TASTING! The ticket includes a bunch of tasting tickets, so you can go and try some of the delicious chocolate!

All Saturday you can also go and se the finals in the Danish Chocolate Championship for chef-students and see the finalists work in the kitchen!

Get your tickets here: (130 kroner)

At TAP1, Ny Carlsberg Vej 91, 1760 København V

Best weekend wishes,

Klubakrobatik. Hive er et af de steder, hvor du kan gøre dine krumspring i weekenden, når klubben får besøg af blandt andre Mike Sheridan og Lulu Rouge. - Foto: Bob Hongsa

Café Spotlight #6 - A.C. Perch's Tea Room

Even though I've lived my entire life close to or in Copenhagen, I still learn new things about the city. For example, I just learned yesterday, that there are tea rooms in Copenhagen and that it is really something to try!

A.C. Perch's Tea Room has been around since 2006, placed in central Copenhagen above the tea shop of the same name. The salon is in English colonial style, but in a more modern way than seen in the store below.

Sit down, order a pot of tea and enjoy it with a view over Kronprinsensgade or go for the high tea menu with a selection of small sandwiches, scones with clotted cream, lemon curd and marmelade plus cakes!!! With or without an additional glass of bubbles (210 kroner with, 190 kroner without). There are also some smaller menus (a pot of tea with sandwiches or a piece of cake, 135 kroner, or just a pot of tea (85 kroner, can be shared).

I know it's not particularly Danish, but it's still something!

It's a good idea to book a table in advance (and if you want to stay there longer than 1 1/2 hours, specify for how long in the text field on the reservation page):

Forget about coffee, you're in a tea salon! :)

Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 11:30-17:30, Saturday, 11-17, closed on Sundays.
At Kronprinsensgade 5, KBH K.


mandag den 25. februar 2013

DSE Free stuff calendar

The yearly DSE Fair (where students at DTU get to meet companies, talk to them, maybe find jobs or internships and projects - and get tons and tons of free merchandise!) is approaching quickly!

As every year, the weeks before the fair is dominated by free stuff given away on Campus. Hereby follows the DSE Free Stuff Calendar, so you can always be updated on where to get something free and delicious on Campus!

February 26th (TOMORROW)!
Outside buildings 101, 116, 302 and 421!
From 7:30-8.

March 5th
In S-huset, Building 101
From 12-13.

March 7th
Basketball Challenge 
Win Roskilde Festival tickets and festival "survival" kits for your team or cinema tickets!
At DTU Ballerup Campus
From 11:45-12:30

March 8th
FREE BEER!!!!!!!!!
In Etherrummet from 13-15 and in Diagonalen from 15-17!

March 13th
At DTU Ballerup Campus, outside the Café
From 11:45-12:30

March 14th
And side dishes with it!
Outside building 302

March 15th
In Diamanten (<3) ffrom 13-15 and Hegnet from 15-17!

Also, like the DSE facebook-page and answer weekly questions in their competition for a full dinner for 2 at Nørrebro Bryghus including beer tasting! Or external hard disk drives, gift cards for the book shop or Comedy Zoo or 2 x LEGO Createch board games!

I'll try and give heads-up on the specified dates so you won't forget!

Best free-stuff-love,


torsdag den 21. februar 2013

Events this weekend!! :)

Straight to business, can't wait for the weekend to begin!


Guilty Pleasures with The Golden Ladies

Ladies night on Ideal Bar! Copenhagens' finest lady-DJs (the list is loooong) will be playing tons and tons of "guilty pleasure songs". Come on, you've also rocked the dance floor to "Vamos a la playa" or Las Ketchup! I know it! 

For the first hour (22-23) it's ladies only - and free Guld Tuborg beer! After that the dudes are welcome. :)

Free entrance!
Ideal Bar, Enghavevej 40, København V

More on Facebook: 

Opening party in a record store

A new record store/café, DORMA 21, is opening on Nørrebro! Come and celebrate this friday!

(but please, sign up on facebook by accepting the invite on the event)!

There will be some beer and some wine for the guests and some DJ's will provide the music!


Birkegade 21, 2200 KBH N



Copenhagen Roller Derby

Ever seen a roller derby before? It's basically women in tiny shorts and rollerblades tackling each other. It's going to be brutal and really entertaining!

The two Copenhagen teams will be taking on the challengers from Norway and Finland!

13:00: Doors open
14:00: Rollin Heartbreakers vs. Helsinki Roller Derby
16:15: Kick Ass Cuties vs. Nidaros Roller Derby
19:00-02:00: Afterparty at Ideal Bar, Enghavevej 40, 1674 Kbh V

At DGI-Byen (Big hall), Tietgensgade 65, 1704 Kbh V

Buy tickets here:

(90 kroner on the webpage, 100 kroner in-door)

Distortion Dark #2

The second Dark Distortion party will be this saturday from 21-04. Entrance = 60 kroner, be there well in time, because the line is going to be loooong. That's because they are going to have a real foam party! :D

YAYYY! The music will be mainly 90's techno - this is the lineup:

Adam August

Boycrush & Soho


Ecstasy Castle


Nina Castenskiold & Allan Mallan

Mischa Pavlovski


Why Be

It's probably going to be the most crazy party anywhere in Copenhagen this weekend.

At Kayak Klubben, Knippelsbro, KBH



RubADub Sunday

What you need to soothe your aching hangover head is a nice Super Power Digi Rave Session at RubADub, the reggae-dancehall sunday club. A Super Power Digi Rave is a session with one mic, two record players and some of the best dancehall MC's in Denmark - nothing else is planned. The lineup includes some of my personal favorites of all time (I've been hyping them a lot on the blog, but hey, they are awesome... at least in my opinion): 

On mic:


Raske Penge, 


Ham der Hasse,



Mighty Mala,

Mikael Melody

Spinning records:

Firehouse Sound

og Fuma Hi Fi.

Original roots and culture, as they say! It's going to be a very unique experience.

From 22-03, entrance: 50 kroner
At Stengade 18, 2200 KBH N.

Best weekend wishes,

EBEC Competition at DTU

Many of you have probably already gotten a flyer from BEST at DTU. If not, read here, if you want to compete in engineering skills and get the chance to win an iPad 4, Xbox 360 + Kinect and other prizes. Application closes the 24th (this sunday)!

The competitions are arranged by BEST Copenhagen, Maersk Oil & Gas and Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen (MDCC). No prior experience is required to participate! 

Come and participate in a wonderfull afternoon with other students at DTU!

Sign up here:


tirsdag den 19. februar 2013

Wanted: Audience to live TV-show

I know the show is in Danish, but I've tried it and it's definitely interresting to see how the production of a live TV-show goes os. The show is "Dårligt Nyt" (Bad News) with Danish writer/thinker/comedian/multi-talent Anders Lund Madsen. The show is like the news in the evening, just with a crazy twist on all the news (funny graphs, fanmail, real interviews).

It's live from DR-byen every thursday from March 7th at 22:00.

As far as I remember, there are free drinks (beer, wine, soda) before the show!

Sign up here with how many tickets you want:

Read more about the available dates:

Get famous in Denmark!

torsdag den 14. februar 2013

Events this weekend

Getting used to posting the good old events-this-weekend list soon!

First: Maybe you can still get available tickets for Copenhagen Dining Week - the concept where you choose a restaurant and get 3 delicious dishes for 200 kroner! Check out the webpage:

Now, back to business:


Free cake samples and coffee

Another Meyers' bakery is opening, this time on Østerbro! 100 % organic, whole grain flour, freshly ground in-store.

This is when you can try some of the cakes (and there will be a special offer on each kind).

7-9: Samples of cinnamon-rolls.
9-11: Samples of one of the most popular bread types sold in the stores.
11-13: Cake-man samples!!!
13-15: Raspberry sandwich cake samples!!!!!!!!   !!!
15-17: A professional comes to the store to show how the flour is ground. Get half a kilo for free including a recipe on the popular bread!

At Classensgade 33, Østerbro

Big birthday party

For Rust, one of the most popular venues in town! Live music, tons of DJ's, 2 stages!

Linkoban (natkoncert)
Ukendt Kunstner (natkoncert)
Lulu Rouge
Phase 5
DJ Typhoon
+ Visuals af Ida Björk

J.J Wild
+ Friends

At Rust, from 23.00
Entré: 60,-

More on facebook:



While staying here, I bet you'd rather spend money on experiences than stuff - but if you still want to change up the stuff you have, take a trip to the swap-market! Bring clothes, shoes, stuff, whatever you don't want anymore (and that can be used by someone else), put it in the bunch of stuff and take some other stuff with you home for free!

There will also be workshops, where you can go and adjust the clothes you just swapped! All leftovers will be donated to charity!

At Rentemestervej 76, KBH NV, 10-15.

SKUM-laundromat party

The 6th SKUM-laundromat party will be held this saturday, this time on Vesterbro! If you haven't been to one yet - try it! DJ's, cheap beer from Nørrebro Bryghus (20 kroner for one) and cheap drinks (15 kroner)! Bring cash!

At Flensborggade 61, From 20-24. Free to enter!

Sunday (there is actually a sunday-event this weekend!):

Wondercool morning walk

Most of you have probably already seen the Royal part of Central Copenhagen - if the building style intrigued you, or maybe you're just into architecture, then forget about hangovers and join the Danish Architecture Center for an interresting walk alongside the harbor. The guiding will be in English! You just have to sign up beforehand here: (it's 75 kroner). Meet up at Kgs. Nytorv 1, KBH K at 11:00. The tour lasts to 12:30 so remember enough clothes to stay warm!


Awesome music tonight

One of my favorite acts in Danish music, Den Sorte Skole, will be playing tonight at Byens Lys at Christiania! Den Sorte Skole is a turntable collective with crazy many fans here. I went to one of their performances at Roskilde Festival, and it was awesome! So I thought that maybe, if you weren't into all that romantic stuff, that you'd go out and listen to some awesome records spun by people who know what they are doing, instead! 
From 19-00, price: 50 kroner! More on Facebook.
Best weekend wishes,Nanna

onsdag den 13. februar 2013

Valentines' Day in Copenhagen

Valentines' Day is just around the corner, and though it is no a major celebratory day in Denmark, there will be some romantic events on the day. Here's a couple of them:

Kærlighed. Der er noget for enhver smag, hvis man vil dyrke romantikken 14. februar. - Foto: JOACHIM ADRIAN (arkiv)


The National Museum will be running a museum-walk with romance theme this week. Take your date on a guided (by a piece of paper) tour to see various objects that relates to romance from the exhibitions. The guide will also include some questions, you can ask each other to get to know each other! It's free! Tuesday-sunday (only in February).

Saturday and sunday there will be a romantic brunch in the café! (The brunch is 225 kroner, book a table on the webpage: 

Romantic tour on Christiansborg Castle

Throughout its history, Christiansborg Castle has seen its fair share of royal romances! Bring your date to a special tour on and around the castle to hear about some of the Danish' historys most famous royal mistresses!

Meet by the Royal gate (Kongeporten). Thursday, Feb. 14th at 11, 14 and 17. Price: 55-110 kroner.

Romantic tapas in a bag

Cofoco is one of the fastest growing restaurant concepts in Copenhagen! On Valentines day, you can buy a bag with romantic tapas and champagne - enough for two. The menu consists of smoked salmon, Moroccan chicken salat, vegetable crudité with Karl Johan mayo plus New Yorker cheesecake with blueberry puré!

Order until Feb. 13th 23:45 on, pick up on thursday between 17 and 21!

Under the starry skies!
Better hope for no clouds on the night of Valentines' Day when Rundetårn will be inviting romantic people in for the 10th year in a row to see the swirly path to the top, lit up by candles. The observatory will be open, so you can look at the stars over Copenhagen! There will also be romantic live-music á la Frank Sinatra and Billie Holiday.
Feb. 14th, 19.30-22.30 at Rundetårn, price: 75 kroner (275 including a basket with chocolate and champagne). More on

torsdag den 7. februar 2013

Events this weekend! And fastelavn!



Cheap beer 1

Our very own S-Huset will be running a 5-kroner bar from 11:45-19!
Nothing more to say!

More on facebook:

Cheap beer 2

ESN probably already informed you about this, but Studenterhuset right next to Rundetårn will be having a semester-start party!

10 hours of happy hour (2 glasses of beer for 35 kroner), 3 stages, 2 floors, 200 free hot dogs and it's all for free (well, except the beer).  Lots and lots of music too. And probably people also. Times: 12-4 in the morning!

More on facebook:

Music at the Zoological Museum

I wanted to write a feature on the Frost festival, but it seemed from their webpage that most of the cool events were sold out. Well, not this one! Do you want to party in the Darwin-exhibition and dance with animal skeletons (including dinosaur skeletons)? And some stuffed animals too? This is the event for you! It starts at 20:00 and you must buy a ticket in advance (120+a bit for processing). Buy here:

Austrian Elektro Guzzi will be playing a live-set with hand-played minimal techno (acoustic techno with guitar, bas and drums?). There will also be some musical surprises around the museum during the evening!

More on facebook:


Zombies and vampires in Kødbyen! Sin City will be having a theme party - Zombies and vampires. Dress up and expect scary surprises! (With fastelavnstønde (see bottom of post) in the line, prizes for best costumes in the categories: Zombie, vampire and "regular fastelavn". There will be a band: Hola Ghost (surf and psychobilly) and a bunch of DJ's.

It is 60 kroner in door (cash) including 1 beer and wardrobe. From 22-04.


Fastelavn is a Danish carnival, celebrated the Sunday before Ash Wednesday. The day in Denmark is mostly celebrated with dress-up, fun games and "fastelavnsboller" (fastelavn sweet rolls!). 

Another thing is that you outside most churches can "slå katten af tønden" (beat a barrell with a "cat" inside). Back in the days it was an actual cat, and I think the story goes that it was to prevent bad luck (except for the poor cat). Now, it is mostly candy (as in a piñata!) inside the barrels, and when it's not, it's fruit and raisins. The barrel is tied to something so it hangs in the air. Then a lot of people dressed as for Halloween (but not just scary costumes) will take turns to beat the barrel with a wooden baseball bat. Only one hit per person until the line is over and everybody can try again. When the bottom falls out of the barrel (with all the candy!) everybody runs to get the candy. The person to make the bottom fall out will become the "cat queen". Next challenge is to be the one that gets rid of the last tied-up piece of the barrel - this person will become the "cat king"! Both will be crowned with paper crowns! 

In the morning, kids will make "fastelavnsris", a bundle of thin birch brances, decorate them with paper-cats, masks and the like. They will wake up their parents by "hitting" them or their bed with the fastelavnsris, chanting this song (try and see if you can translate it) to make them get up and get fastelavnsboller for them:

"Fastelavn er mit navn
Boller vil jeg have
Hvis jeg ingen boller får
Så laver jeg ballade!"

Kind of like the tradition of "trick or treat" on Halloween, some kids will walk on the streets, knock on doors  for coins, candy or fastelavnsboller - or else there will be trouble! :)

I only have good memories of this holiday, both as a child (one of the best days of the winter!) and as an adult (in my old karate-club, we used to kick the barrel instead of using a bat!). You should try and go to one of the events - it is really a nice way to spend a sunday! Aww, I want to make a fastelavnsris now!

Here are some suggestions for the celebrations of the day:

The different one:

Complete with costumes, barrels and ... winter bathing in the harbor-bath? Sounds different and like a lot of fun! But don't worry if you don't want to freeze - you can still go and see people dressed up jumping in the ice-cold water! And if you want to take a dip - don't worry, there is a sauna! There are prizes for the cat-king and the cat-queen! And it's free!

Havnebadet Islands Brygge tilbyder københavnerne en mulighed for at få en dukkert i sommerhalvråret. Foto: Bjarke Bo Olsen

The harbor bath as it looks in the summer!

Address: Havnebadet, Islands Brygge. From 10-14.

The one in the Zoo:

The money from the tickets, you have to buy to go to this one, will be donated to WWF for protection of endangered species! 

The barrel will be inside the lions' area - but the lions will be indoors. And the prizes for the cat-king and cat-queen will be another trip to the lions' area, to help the zookeeper take care of the lions. :)

Address: Zoo, Roskildevej 32, 2000 Frederiksberg
From 10-13.

The one without kids:

The William Blakes will be playing a fastelavns-concert with a costume theme and a bunch of guest performers including Danish reggae-boy wonder Shaka Loveless, jazz sax-guy Benjamin Koppen, D-A-D guitarist Jacob Binzer, Kresten Osgood and Dreamer's Circus! This is the fifth year in a row! All performers and audience will be in costume and some of the music will be improvised!

The profit from tickets will be donated to the organization Partners in Health, leading the humanitarian help in Haiti.

Address: Amager Bio, Øresundsvej 6, 2300 KBH S

At 20. Buy a ticket at (price in advance = 140 kroner + handling, in-door 165 kroner)

Or just visit any bakery - they will definitely have fastelavnsboller. The ones with cream are divine!!!

File:Fastelavnsboller 4 (ubt).jpeg

Fastelavn 2011

All the best,

onsdag den 6. februar 2013

New on the blog: Danish Music features

Our new friend is called Charlotte/Pølz and she will be posting about Danish music every once in a while and maybe about concerts that's on the program of some of the music venues of Copenhagen. I promise you that she's very nice! Hope you like the new features. :)

Also, Marie, who did some posts last semester, will be back for a short while with some Best-stuff and some recipes for Danish food. Yay!


Bar Spotlight #4 - Ourselves Alone

It's been a long time since the last Bar Spotlight, but here finally comes a new one!

This is about the rather exclusive cocktail bar, Ourselves Alone. Ever been to a secret bar? Well this is not entirely secret, but to enter, you have to ring a doorbell and they will let you in if there is enough space. The reason for this is, that they want to provide their guests the best service and the best cocktails - which is not possible if the bar is blocked by layers and layers of people!

So if you want to really treat yourself with something else than the regular Gulddame, this is really something to look forward to!

The bar opened last year, so it's still fresh and relatively "undiscovered".

The rooms have a retro feel and the drinks selection varies according to season! There's no menu for that reason. But think old-school cocktails (20's-30's mainly). And even the ice in the drinks is something special - not the old regular cubes - it is carved from huge blocks instead! More pricey than most bars you'll find, but I promise that it's really something special.

Open from 16-03 all days! 
Facebook: (note the amazing recommendations)
Address: Badstuestræde 7, basement, KBH K


Cultural happenings for students

An awesome student advantage programme you should know about is Students Only!

It is the student club of The Black Diamond (The Royal Library) and they host a lot of (free!) cultural arrangements for members! You only need to sign up with name and email (and where you study!)! They send the invites on email and some of them, you should book for in advance (but in that case, it will be specified). The emails are in Danish but run it through Google Translate and all will be fine!

Sign up here!


New Arctic area opened in Copenhagen Zoo

The Copenhagen Zoo is an old, proud one (about 150 years old, making it one of Europes' oldest). Last major change, I remember, was when the elephants got a new and better space for living. It was a big deal. So is it when something nice happens to the other animals!

This time, the lucky ones were the polar bears!

A whole new area has been built for them, with plenty of space for running around - and swimming too! For the visitors this means the possibility of standing UNDER a swimming polarbear as the swimming area is made of glass - and there is a tunnel under it! The whole thing was presented to the public yesterday.

One of the zookeepers told a major newspaper that he had not seen the polar bears play like that and be so happy for years! So if you're not sure what to do one of these days, go look at some really happy polar bears!

The Zoo also have many other animals and it's trademark - a black tower right at the entrance, where you can see a lot of Copenhagen from the top!

Address: Roskildevej 32, 2000 Frederiksberg
Opening hours: All days 10-16 (however closing time may vary, check the website to be sure)
Prices: Adults: 150 kroner

Cute photos of happy polar bears:

The tower!


fredag den 1. februar 2013

Events this weekend

Once again time for one of my favorite features: Events this weekend.

I'm not listing any fashion week parties, as they seem a bit too serious about themselves for their guests to actually have a good time. My opinion, if you want to go to some, check out the Copenhagen Fashion Festival programme on their webpage.

Cool, here we go!


Mussel samples

Copenhagen Cooking (a month-long food festival) starts today! One of the events this weekend is the focus-days on mussels! In Torvehallerne, right next to Nørreport Station, there will be given away bunches and bunches of samples of delicious mussel-dishes. And if you don't catch it today, there will be plenty of time to do so saturday and sunday. It's free!

Local DJs and atmosphere

Stuen is a nice, a bit dark place. Tonight, two local DJs will be playing awesome tunes and you should go there, have some beer and dance a bit. It'll be fun!

22-05, no entrance fee. Address: Vester Voldgade 10, KBH K.


Boogie at Christiania

The popular club night, The Boogie, has specialized in finding DJs with interresting music collections to play for you. Mark Seven will be providing the beats in the form of disco, boogie, funk and house. I am 100 % sure this is the best place to be this saturday if you want to DANCE!

Operaen, Christiania (The one on Pusherstreet, not the big Opera!), 22-04, entrance: 60 kroner. Be there well in advance to avoid having to line up. And remember cash for entrance and drinks! More on: Facebook.

Support party for Vibes Apotek

Vibes Apotek was a previous Bar Spot-feature here on the blog. The place is always good for an awesome party, but unfortunately the neighboors can't sleep through it. Therefore Vibes Apotek is fundraising to afford soundproofing so that the bar can still be there and not bother the neighboors. Entrance is 50 kroner or 200 kroner for a VIP entrance (VIP here meaning "Vælter I Pilsnere" = Rolling In Beer, because 10 beers are included).

Since they have some well known Danish DJs (Kenneth Bager, Jean Von Baden, Waqar, Djek and Wilhelm Tretusind (hehe, Wilhelm 3000)) in their lineup, they have moved out of their rather small usual spaces.

The drinks are guaranteed to be cheap! Go go go!

The party is from 22-09 in the morning. Address: Thorsgade 67, KBH N. More on Facebook.

Best weekend wishes,