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Events this weekend

Getting used to posting the good old events-this-weekend list soon!

First: Maybe you can still get available tickets for Copenhagen Dining Week - the concept where you choose a restaurant and get 3 delicious dishes for 200 kroner! Check out the webpage:

Now, back to business:


Free cake samples and coffee

Another Meyers' bakery is opening, this time on Østerbro! 100 % organic, whole grain flour, freshly ground in-store.

This is when you can try some of the cakes (and there will be a special offer on each kind).

7-9: Samples of cinnamon-rolls.
9-11: Samples of one of the most popular bread types sold in the stores.
11-13: Cake-man samples!!!
13-15: Raspberry sandwich cake samples!!!!!!!!   !!!
15-17: A professional comes to the store to show how the flour is ground. Get half a kilo for free including a recipe on the popular bread!

At Classensgade 33, Østerbro

Big birthday party

For Rust, one of the most popular venues in town! Live music, tons of DJ's, 2 stages!

Linkoban (natkoncert)
Ukendt Kunstner (natkoncert)
Lulu Rouge
Phase 5
DJ Typhoon
+ Visuals af Ida Björk

J.J Wild
+ Friends

At Rust, from 23.00
Entré: 60,-

More on facebook:



While staying here, I bet you'd rather spend money on experiences than stuff - but if you still want to change up the stuff you have, take a trip to the swap-market! Bring clothes, shoes, stuff, whatever you don't want anymore (and that can be used by someone else), put it in the bunch of stuff and take some other stuff with you home for free!

There will also be workshops, where you can go and adjust the clothes you just swapped! All leftovers will be donated to charity!

At Rentemestervej 76, KBH NV, 10-15.

SKUM-laundromat party

The 6th SKUM-laundromat party will be held this saturday, this time on Vesterbro! If you haven't been to one yet - try it! DJ's, cheap beer from Nørrebro Bryghus (20 kroner for one) and cheap drinks (15 kroner)! Bring cash!

At Flensborggade 61, From 20-24. Free to enter!

Sunday (there is actually a sunday-event this weekend!):

Wondercool morning walk

Most of you have probably already seen the Royal part of Central Copenhagen - if the building style intrigued you, or maybe you're just into architecture, then forget about hangovers and join the Danish Architecture Center for an interresting walk alongside the harbor. The guiding will be in English! You just have to sign up beforehand here: (it's 75 kroner). Meet up at Kgs. Nytorv 1, KBH K at 11:00. The tour lasts to 12:30 so remember enough clothes to stay warm!


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