onsdag den 6. februar 2013

New Arctic area opened in Copenhagen Zoo

The Copenhagen Zoo is an old, proud one (about 150 years old, making it one of Europes' oldest). Last major change, I remember, was when the elephants got a new and better space for living. It was a big deal. So is it when something nice happens to the other animals!

This time, the lucky ones were the polar bears!

A whole new area has been built for them, with plenty of space for running around - and swimming too! For the visitors this means the possibility of standing UNDER a swimming polarbear as the swimming area is made of glass - and there is a tunnel under it! The whole thing was presented to the public yesterday.

One of the zookeepers told a major newspaper that he had not seen the polar bears play like that and be so happy for years! So if you're not sure what to do one of these days, go look at some really happy polar bears!

The Zoo also have many other animals and it's trademark - a black tower right at the entrance, where you can see a lot of Copenhagen from the top!

Webpage: www.zoo.dk
Address: Roskildevej 32, 2000 Frederiksberg
Opening hours: All days 10-16 (however closing time may vary, check the website to be sure)
Prices: Adults: 150 kroner

Cute photos of happy polar bears:

The tower!


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