tirsdag den 19. februar 2013

Wanted: Audience to live TV-show

I know the show is in Danish, but I've tried it and it's definitely interresting to see how the production of a live TV-show goes os. The show is "Dårligt Nyt" (Bad News) with Danish writer/thinker/comedian/multi-talent Anders Lund Madsen. The show is like the news in the evening, just with a crazy twist on all the news (funny graphs, fanmail, real interviews).

It's live from DR-byen every thursday from March 7th at 22:00.

As far as I remember, there are free drinks (beer, wine, soda) before the show!

Sign up here with how many tickets you want:  daarligtnyt@dr.dk

Read more about the available dates: http://www.dr.dk/DR1/Daarligt_Nyt/Loest/20120927150504.htm

Get famous in Denmark!

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