tirsdag den 30. april 2013

Sirene-testing tomorrow

Just a quick reminder so you don't freak out when they test the sirens tomorrow - they do that every 1st wednesday in May at 12. ;)

You're welcome,

May 2nd; free beer in DTU Innovatorium

Go to the Innovatorium at DTU and hear about what's going on and share your ideas with the other users. Or go there to get free beer and learn something new!

From 16-18. Sign up at clunde@gmail.com.



Be an extra in a new Danish movie

And get free drinks - at the same time!!!

The extras will be club guests, and the event is hosted at Hive on the 22nd of May. There will be free drinks for the participaitng people.

Sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1WcmC8aqJx31l5r1h1AR9v4KuxMwr_aGCu1Ckqppg2e0/viewform?pli=1


lørdag den 27. april 2013

Events this weekend

Better late than never!

Japanese festival

Tons and tons ifJapan-related activities, sushi, tea, martial arts and so on... In the middle of the beautiful cherry trees at Langelinje!

Copenhagen Sakura Festival, Langelinie Park, 2100 Kbh Ø, kl. 11-16, free.

Street party at Nørrebro

At Ragnhildgade you can party today from the afternoon. Mund De Carlo, Supa Mike, Skyjuice Reggae, Spirited Sage, DJ L, 2200 Hard Beat and Morfar will be providing music! And later,the party continues inside Bolsjefabrikken, where there will be dub until the morning.

16-21, inside Bolsjefabrikken from 21-morning. And it's free!!!


Flea market in Jægersborggade

Hopefully there will be a lot of unique used things at the Jægersborggade flea market. It is one of the most hip streets in Copenhagen, so chances are good you'll discover something interesting.
Oh, and there will be live music with Taiga Taiga and banjo player Atli Brix Kamban.

The many shops and cafes will be open too.

From 10-16, free.

Also, go and enjoy the sun in Fælledparken!! :)

Best weekend wishes,

tirsdag den 23. april 2013

No lectures on friday :)

So how come there are no lectures on friday?

Well, Danes have always been effective people, so instead of having a whole bunch of holidays as way back in time, they took them and put them in the same day; Store Bededag (Large Praying-day (.......more like stay home from school and work-day)). It is held on the 4th friday after Easter - and that means this friday.  The reason they took them and put them in one "large" day is that for example all Wednesdays were designated for fasting and praying (and then the farmers couldn't work that well).  There were all sorts of more or less known days like the Wednesdays, and as you can imagine, it was just too much.

The day is in more recent tradition celebrated with "hveder" (wheats), a fluffy kind of bread roll, in the morning. You can either buy them at the bakeries or you can try and make them yourself! But why celebrate with bread rolls?

When they decided in 16something that we just needed one day instead of a lot, of course that one day had to be extra "holy". Therefore all school, work, travels, games and so on was forbidden on that day. That meant that the bakers couldn't work either and they had to come up with a kind of bread that people could buy the day before and then heat up on Store Bededag, so they could still get their bread. However, it is not thought that hveder became common before a 100-150 yeas after, when more people could afford the expensive bread - Hveder was expensive back then.

A qualified guess would be that up to 2 million hveder will be sold on thursday. With about 800 bakers in Denmark, it gives about 2500 hveder to make for each of them. Busy guys.

I'll make sure to post a recipe. :


torsdag den 18. april 2013

Roskilde Festival program 2013 announced

I bet you've heard about the Roskilde Festival while staying here. Roskilde Festival is the biggest music festival in Denmark (Scandinavia, too?)! And it's so much fun for almost 10 days! And all the awesome bands. I could write more than 100 posts about how amazing Roskilde Festival is, but instead, I'll show you guys the program and advise you to go and buy a ticket! I know it's a lot of money, but just see all those awesome bands you get for the money! Plus a week on the most crazy campside in Scandinavia (that's for sure!)!

Roskilde Festival 2013

The biggest pluses for me is definitely C2C, Queens of the Stone Age, Rihanna, When Saints Go Machine, Angel Haze, Azealia Banks, Marie Key, Maskinen (hit music in Skånsk - the South-Swedish dialect!) and - totally new to me since 5 minutes ago, Jake Bugg, The Bots and King Krule

Buy your ticket here: www.roskilde-festival.dk

Going to Roskilde Festival is probably one of the most Danish ways to spend your summer vacation in Denmark!


Events this weekend: Updated!

Straight to party-news:


Free beer in Etherrummet

This just came in! Free beer in Etherrummet from 14-16 today! Hurry up and get some free beer!

Free ice cream

See the post from earlier this week for details. From 13-18.

Asti-night in Etherrummet

This is one of the largest events in Etherrummet - the Campus bar in the 2nd corner.

The dress code is "fancy clothes" and there will be lots and lots of asti to drink - more than last time, they promise.

From 18-03.


Housewarming for a disco ball

So, the bar Stuen just got a disco ball - and they're hosting a house warming for it! It's a bit of a weird party concept, but I think it's going to be a lot of fun! Maybe you could bring a small gift for the disco ball?

3 DJ's and free entrance. From 23 at Vester Voldgade 10, KBH V.



The soup- and cocktail bar concept Soupanatural are turning 5! They will celebrate this with you and free organic soup and organic cocktails (soup from 16-18 and 100 cocktails or beer). The rest of the night they will be testing their new (and improved) cocktail menu! 8 DJ's, free entrance.

From 16-02 at Soupanatural, Sankt Peders Stræde 31 and Guldbergsgade 7, KBH K.



Techno-party in Bolsjefabrikken

Ok, techno parties are usually not my thing, but when held in the weird, improvised industrial surroundings of Bolsjefabrikken, Nordvest, I'm sure it's going to be unforgettable. The team behind the party is Emptyness Beyoun Nothing and Perception. There will be a live performance and participation by the BunkerBauer crew! Free entrance, cheap bar (only cash)!

From 22!



48 Hours - culture festival at Nørrebro

Free concerts with Wafande and Pharfar, among others, at Den Røde Plads (The Red Square, Superkilen). Lots and lots of other music performances.
Backyard parties in Griffenfeldsgade and Ravnsborggade AND chillout in Nørrebroparken (Saturday) with the record label of Klumben, Raske Penge and TopGunn, Kontrafon.
There will also be a cultural guided tour, with personal, inspiring stories about Nørrebro - but this might be in Danish, I'm not sure. Go for it anyway!
There are seriously so many events going on at Nørrebro this weekend, that I better post the program for you. Right here: http://issuu.com/48timer/docs/program_2013
Also, follow the festival on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/48TimerFestival
From today at 17 to Sunday at 17.

Best weekend wishes,

Øresundsfestival (May 10th-11th)

Finally a festival making the Danes want to go to Malmø! Two days in May with a bunch of really great artists! It will be held in Malmö (all venues will be in walking distance from Triangeln Station). Tickets are sold as one-day (130 DKK) or two-day tickets (220 DKK) here; Billetlugen.
Artists are from both sides of Øresund!
Friday the 10th:
Kashmir, Looptroop Rockers, Fallulah, Helt Off, The Eclectic Moniker, Chords, Big Fox, Linkoban, Martin Prahl's Skelter Wheel, Fastpoholmen, Babian, Stina Kunstlicher, Spillemændene, Skilla, Folkeklubben, Maeds Dominoes, Be Right Bass - Eloq & J.J. Wild.
Saturday the 11th:
Jazz På Svenska,Agnes Obel,
Hårda Tider,
Iceage,This Is Head,MØ,
Night Fever,
Slöa Kniver,
Lisa Alma,
The Hector,
Steso Songs and Stereo Explosion,
More artists to come, so check the event-webpage: http://oresundsfestival.com/


The DTU Gala

The DTU formal/gala/ball/... will be held on May 3rd and you can buy tickets from today for the ball (not with dinner, those are probably sold out as I write this). It's in building 101A (follow the signs) and it's 50 kroner for an amazing event!

Hope to see you there!


onsdag den 17. april 2013

Reblog: How to piss off a Dane

Just found this - even though it's a bit extreme and obviously just for fun - really funny post about how to piss off a Dane! Don't get scared. If you recognize any of this, just enjoy how accostumed you've gotten to Danish unspoken rules. :)

Piss off a Dane with these six easy steps. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.
THERE’S AN UNSPOKEN RULE in Danish society about privacy and the public sphere. Danes believe that everyone has the right not to be bothered in public, and that they should be able to go about their business free of awkward exchanges, unsolicited greetings, or general inconveniences created by others.
This silent cultural norm is something I began referring to as the Privacy in Public Act (PIPA), and slowly learned that stepping out of line in public is one of the easiest ways to provoke anger in this flock of stoic Scandinavians.
Research was gathered over 18 months of daily life in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. Some of the following strategies were immediately obvious to me, while other conclusions were drawn after long periods of observation, inadvertent social faux pas, or passive-aggressive provocations.
Tactic #1: Ask “How are you?”
I learned this one within days of moving to Denmark, and was fortunate enough to be clued in by a teacher the first time I made the mistake.
The American phrase “how are you?” is a source of amusement for the Danes — it’s a big, fat joke that Americans ask this question in passing with no intention of stopping and listening to the response. If you want to make a friend, ask this question when you have 5-10 minutes to spare. Ask it merely in greeting/passing and that Dane will probably think you’re the most insincere person on the planet.
Tactic #2: Speak their language.
As far as Scandinavian languages go, Danish is considered the most difficult to learn. Only half of the written letters are pronounced in conversation, and a combination of guttural “r’s” and soft “d’s” make developing the proper accent a lifetime achievement. There’s been recent speculation that even the Danes don’t understand each other.
Only 5 million people in the world speak Danish, so their fluency in English and other languages becomes vital from a very young age. They speak English. You know they speak English. They know you know they speak English. So attempting to order your latte in Danish is perceived by your impossibly chic barista as an unnecessary awkwardness that can easily be avoided. She rarely hears her language spoken by foreigners, and it’s easier for her to switch to English than it is to try to understand your accent.
So refuse the English and order your vee-ner-brawd (danish) with confidence. Demand the right to speak the language. She’ll go tight-lipped and speechless.
Tactic #3: Fail to signal in the bike lane.
Like all other aspects of Danish society, bike etiquette is designed to operate like a well-oiled machine. All anticipated actions should be signaled: point low to the right or left if you plan to turn, hold your right hand next to your face if you’re planning to stop, and only use the left side of the lane to pass.
Fail to signal and you will trigger a chain reaction of last-minute breaking and a string of surprisingly violent hisses from passing bikers. They work 37-hour weeks for free healthcare and childcare. Minimum wage is over $20 and the government pays for their college education. Your failure to signal is probably the worst thing that’s happened to them in years.
Tactic #4: Wear your sweatpants in public.
This may seem harsh if you’re on a budget, especially hungover, or attached to the trends of American college campuses. But venturing into the cold light of day in your leggings and university sweatshirt is frowned on, at best. If you insist on wearing your comfies outdoors, invest in a black trench coat and cover that shit up.
The advantage of PIPA is that blending in is generally easy because everyone really wants to mind their own business in return for the same courtesy. But the Danes can stare like Germans if provoked, and there’s nothing worse than being watched like a hawk with your sweats on backwards and last night’s Carlsberg binge on your breath.
Feeling disgruntled that you spent $60 on four weak cocktails last night? Bitter that foreign workers are exempted from that dreamy Danish minimum wage? Feeling wounded by your expat plight? Wear your sweatpants to the 7-11 for hangover hot dogs. That’ll show ‘em.
Tactic #5: Smile at their children (or dogs).
Years of working as a nanny has ingrained in me an unbreakable habit: if a kid stares at me on the train, I smile. Or cross my eyes and make a face. I’ve found that parents in the US tend to appreciate this casual, communal act of entertainment in an environment where meltdowns are potentially imminent and especially embarrassing. Not so in Denmark.
Smiling at Danish children will elicit awkward squirms and suspicious glances from the parent. There’s something about it that’s too close for comfort and in blatant violation of their PIPA. Never mind that their child has watched you turn the last ten pages of your book like an episode of hipster Sesame Street.
Standing in soggy rain gear during your 30-minute commute? Feeling miffed that a woman is monopolizing an entire row of seats on a crowded train with multiple bags and a small dog? Reach down and pet that dog without asking. Rant and rave enthusiastically about how cute it is. In Danish. Get in her space HARD.
Tactic # 6: Act like a human at the grocery store.
The Danes are grocery store robots. Maybe it’s because shopping is one of the few public situations in which they’re forced to cooperate in close proximity, or because budget grocery stores in Copenhagen are notoriously tiny and disorganized. But there’s something about grocery shopping that elicits a deep-seated need for order in the heart of every Dane, and they expect things to go smoothly without having to speak or make eye contact with anyone.
Refuse to play their silent game of chicken as you gather your groceries. Don’t allow yourself to be shouldered out of the way. Don’t move until they’re forced to mutter undskyld (excuse me). Look them in the eye and smile before stepping aside. Acknowledge their existence, and demand to be acknowledged in return.
Approach the register. This is where the game gets serious, and you can’t falter for a second if you hope to maintain your place in line. Half a step to examine the gum rack is all it takes for the Dane behind you to elbow past and claim your spot. And don’t be deterred by the fact that the person behind you is practically on top of you, mirroring your every inch forward as though their life depended on it. Stand your ground.
An expat friend once eloquently observed that a Dane would climb inside your asshole if only to be a few inches closer to the front of the line. But he was in blatant violation of PIPA that morning, and had dared to smile at a Danish child while wearing sweatpants. Perhaps it was the resulting glares that provoked such an extreme analogy. 

Read more at http://matadornetwork.com/abroad/how-to-piss-off-a-dane/#8Y4D60PMkuXtYLfg.99 

Best not-pissed-off-Dane wishes,

tirsdag den 16. april 2013

More free Ice cream on friday!

Another ice cream place is opening! This time it's Sicilian and they give away free ice cream on Friday from 13-18!!!

At Christianshavns Kanal 2!

mandag den 15. april 2013

Post number 100 and free kanelsnegle tomorrow!

Yay! Now we've been together for 100 posts, happier than ever (or, I could be more happy, because I don't have as much time for this as I'd like)!

Let's celebrate with a post telling you about free kanelsnegle (cinnamon rolls!) tomorrow at Nordisk Brødhus, Rantzausgade 58b, KBH N from 8-18 (they make like 400 but if you ride your bike to DTU in the morning anyway, go there and get free breakfast! Or lunch!

Lots and lots of facebookhearts!

Better be there early or I will have eaten all of them!!! :))

søndag den 14. april 2013

An event on tuesday :)

Sorry for letting you hanging there waiting for events this weekend - I've been to an intensive workshop this whole week and when it was over this friday, anything remotely related to sitting in front of the computer was just about one of the last things I could get myself to do.

However, I have an event for you on tuesday!

Science and cocktails is an event held by the Niels Bohr Institute (the physics department of Copenhagen University) and the physicist Jacome Armas. It's been running three times since 2011 at Byens Lys (The Christiania cinema). This is the fourth time.

It's basically a series of public lectures with elements of art, music and performances and cocktails! I'm very excited about this! It sounds truly unique. It's all in English and for free.

And usually every second tuesday at 8pm.

This time the theme is quantum mechanics. If you want to understand it a little (better) or just understand why it is so hard to understand it - go there, grab a cocktail and ask your favorite scientist!


Best hungover weekend wishes,

søndag den 7. april 2013

Free ice cream in Copenhagen

Today Oswald's Ice Bar is opening for the season and give away free ice cream from 14-20 at Værnedamsvej 3, Frederiksberg. :)

And tomorrow from 14-17 there is free Ben&Jerry's ice cream in the Ben&Jerry's stores in Copenhagen!!

Just thought you should know!


torsdag den 4. april 2013

Events this weekend!!! :))

Ah! Refreshed after a nice week away from classes!

And it's weekend tomorrow!

The events this weekend include:


Music in S-huset

The annual "Spring-Joint" will be held this friday in S-huset. I think they are meant as a reunion for the introduction week trips done last summer, but everybody are welcome!

The music will be performed by 8Ball, Djämes Braun and Hedegaard. 

From 19.00 you need a ticket to enter the S-Huset (which also includes the Cellar bar). 

After the concert, S-Huset will be opened to everyone if the fire safety regulations allow it.
The Oticon-Hall (the venue) opens at 21.00. The Fireplace lounge is open from 16.00 and the Cellar bar from 19.00. 

Arrive early! There can be some queue in the peak hours. The wardrobe is by the sports hall. Every jacket and bag needs to be handed in the wardrobe because of fire safety regulations. Between 21.00 and 22.30 the wardrobe costs DKK20, -. Before and after it costs DKK 10,-.

A DJ will play in the Oticon-hall after the concert has ended and the Fireplace lounge and the Cellar bar are open as well. Also, it is not permitted to bring your own drinks and food to the party – it will be confiscated at the entrance.

8Ball is sure to be comical. Have a listen to his song "Klunker" ("Balls"). Yes. I hope he brings the really short guy who's dancing in the video. I need to see if he's really that short.

8Ball - Klunker - http://youtu.be/dzKbAxOiofY

No-photo party
The team behind this party got tired of people interrupting the parties in Copenhagen with their cameras. The thing is that you just feel like you can party harder when you don't have to be nervous that there is going to be pictures of you looking all crazy on Facebook the next day. It's not like there is going to be a crew telling you to stop when taking pictures - but they want you to just be nice and don't take photos at this party, so that the guests can focus on dancing to the music. The music will be provided by South Rakkas Crew who has produced for M.I.A, Michael Jackson and Tricky!!! Also Eloq, Copyflex, Anders Tresselt and Linus E will be playing some awesome music!
At Stengade 18, 22-03. Entrance: 70 kroner in-door.


Finderskeepers is a design- and clothing market held this weekend from 11-17 in Korsgadehallen, Korsgade 29 (Nørrebro). So this is both saturday and sunday!

Entrance is 40 kroner and they only accept cash at the market place - but then you get to experience a lot of up-and-coming Danish designers and their work!! There will also be luxury second hand clothes in the more than 110 small shops.


Golden Ladies Club

So they strike again; The club where only the ladies get happy hour with free Tuborg Gold from 22 and the first guys will be let in from 23 (to clapping semi-drunk women!). This time they will focus on The Golden Cleavage. So, as they say on the flyer, "flash it if you got it". Music by Mama Sally, Emma Acs and a couple of other fine ladies.

At Bakken, Flæsketorvet 19.
Free charity party
I know that charity does not sound like the ultimate fun party, but this is really going to be fun. No entrance fee and a lot of awesome music by Flip, Notize, Kant, Lydmor, Acid Pigs, Ronin Fest, Ashibah, Borneland, Slick Fandango and Repetoiret. Cheap bar. All profits goes to Reden and their work to improve lives for women traded in the Danish sex-industry.
At KPH Volume, Enghavevej 80 from 23.


Well, if you didn't go there saturday. Or if you just want to go there agian. :)

Best weekend wishes,