torsdag den 18. april 2013

Events this weekend: Updated!

Straight to party-news:


Free beer in Etherrummet

This just came in! Free beer in Etherrummet from 14-16 today! Hurry up and get some free beer!

Free ice cream

See the post from earlier this week for details. From 13-18.

Asti-night in Etherrummet

This is one of the largest events in Etherrummet - the Campus bar in the 2nd corner.

The dress code is "fancy clothes" and there will be lots and lots of asti to drink - more than last time, they promise.

From 18-03.

Housewarming for a disco ball

So, the bar Stuen just got a disco ball - and they're hosting a house warming for it! It's a bit of a weird party concept, but I think it's going to be a lot of fun! Maybe you could bring a small gift for the disco ball?

3 DJ's and free entrance. From 23 at Vester Voldgade 10, KBH V.


The soup- and cocktail bar concept Soupanatural are turning 5! They will celebrate this with you and free organic soup and organic cocktails (soup from 16-18 and 100 cocktails or beer). The rest of the night they will be testing their new (and improved) cocktail menu! 8 DJ's, free entrance.

From 16-02 at Soupanatural, Sankt Peders Stræde 31 and Guldbergsgade 7, KBH K.


Techno-party in Bolsjefabrikken

Ok, techno parties are usually not my thing, but when held in the weird, improvised industrial surroundings of Bolsjefabrikken, Nordvest, I'm sure it's going to be unforgettable. The team behind the party is Emptyness Beyoun Nothing and Perception. There will be a live performance and participation by the BunkerBauer crew! Free entrance, cheap bar (only cash)!

From 22!


48 Hours - culture festival at Nørrebro

Free concerts with Wafande and Pharfar, among others, at Den Røde Plads (The Red Square, Superkilen). Lots and lots of other music performances.
Backyard parties in Griffenfeldsgade and Ravnsborggade AND chillout in Nørrebroparken (Saturday) with the record label of Klumben, Raske Penge and TopGunn, Kontrafon.
There will also be a cultural guided tour, with personal, inspiring stories about Nørrebro - but this might be in Danish, I'm not sure. Go for it anyway!
There are seriously so many events going on at Nørrebro this weekend, that I better post the program for you. Right here:
Also, follow the festival on facebook:
From today at 17 to Sunday at 17.

Best weekend wishes,

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