torsdag den 4. april 2013

Events this weekend!!! :))

Ah! Refreshed after a nice week away from classes!

And it's weekend tomorrow!

The events this weekend include:


Music in S-huset

The annual "Spring-Joint" will be held this friday in S-huset. I think they are meant as a reunion for the introduction week trips done last summer, but everybody are welcome!

The music will be performed by 8Ball, Djämes Braun and Hedegaard. 

From 19.00 you need a ticket to enter the S-Huset (which also includes the Cellar bar). 

After the concert, S-Huset will be opened to everyone if the fire safety regulations allow it.
The Oticon-Hall (the venue) opens at 21.00. The Fireplace lounge is open from 16.00 and the Cellar bar from 19.00. 

Arrive early! There can be some queue in the peak hours. The wardrobe is by the sports hall. Every jacket and bag needs to be handed in the wardrobe because of fire safety regulations. Between 21.00 and 22.30 the wardrobe costs DKK20, -. Before and after it costs DKK 10,-.

A DJ will play in the Oticon-hall after the concert has ended and the Fireplace lounge and the Cellar bar are open as well. Also, it is not permitted to bring your own drinks and food to the party – it will be confiscated at the entrance.

8Ball is sure to be comical. Have a listen to his song "Klunker" ("Balls"). Yes. I hope he brings the really short guy who's dancing in the video. I need to see if he's really that short.

8Ball - Klunker -

No-photo party
The team behind this party got tired of people interrupting the parties in Copenhagen with their cameras. The thing is that you just feel like you can party harder when you don't have to be nervous that there is going to be pictures of you looking all crazy on Facebook the next day. It's not like there is going to be a crew telling you to stop when taking pictures - but they want you to just be nice and don't take photos at this party, so that the guests can focus on dancing to the music. The music will be provided by South Rakkas Crew who has produced for M.I.A, Michael Jackson and Tricky!!! Also Eloq, Copyflex, Anders Tresselt and Linus E will be playing some awesome music!
At Stengade 18, 22-03. Entrance: 70 kroner in-door.


Finderskeepers is a design- and clothing market held this weekend from 11-17 in Korsgadehallen, Korsgade 29 (Nørrebro). So this is both saturday and sunday!

Entrance is 40 kroner and they only accept cash at the market place - but then you get to experience a lot of up-and-coming Danish designers and their work!! There will also be luxury second hand clothes in the more than 110 small shops.


Golden Ladies Club

So they strike again; The club where only the ladies get happy hour with free Tuborg Gold from 22 and the first guys will be let in from 23 (to clapping semi-drunk women!). This time they will focus on The Golden Cleavage. So, as they say on the flyer, "flash it if you got it". Music by Mama Sally, Emma Acs and a couple of other fine ladies.

At Bakken, Flæsketorvet 19.
Free charity party
I know that charity does not sound like the ultimate fun party, but this is really going to be fun. No entrance fee and a lot of awesome music by Flip, Notize, Kant, Lydmor, Acid Pigs, Ronin Fest, Ashibah, Borneland, Slick Fandango and Repetoiret. Cheap bar. All profits goes to Reden and their work to improve lives for women traded in the Danish sex-industry.
At KPH Volume, Enghavevej 80 from 23.


Well, if you didn't go there saturday. Or if you just want to go there agian. :)

Best weekend wishes,

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