onsdag den 27. marts 2013

Pay-what-you-want easter dinner tomorrow

Free Easter dinner and wine tomorrow for the first 100 people! In a church! The churches of Copenhagen are an increasingly more common view in the cultural activities of the city. Otherwise they are mostly empty. This arrangement is held by the group Hipster Jesus (hehe). And it's not necessarily religiously themed - it is just a nice way to use the otherwise empty churches.

The menu will be consisting of Nordic food. 3 dishes themed around lamb, herbs and wine.
There will also be music by two DJs and words and performances while the dinner goes on.

And the craziest thing is that if you get a seat, you choose how much you want to pay for it yourself! Half the donations will go to the chefs. If you don't get a seat, don't worry. There is still room to stay and wine!!

Get there early!!!

Tomorrow night, from 19:30-21 in Sct. Matthæus kirke, Matthæusgade 31, KBH V.


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