fredag den 15. marts 2013

Events this weekend

I know posts have been scarce the past two weeks, but this will change after next thursday. :)

So what's happening this weekend?


Free beer in Diamanten and Hegnet

DSE will be giving away free beer in the Campus-bars Diamanten and Hegnet! Hegnet from 13-15 and Diamanten from 15-17.


St. Patrick's Day in Etherrummet

Meanwhile free beer will be given away, St. Patrick's day will be celebrated in the Campus-bar Etherrummet. Facebook-event: 

Caribbean cruise party at RUST

Tired of snow and frost? Go to RUST tonight to celebrate Caribbean beats along with a couple of live performances rooted. It's guaranteed to thaw up your frozen feet and make you dance all night. 60 kroner in door.

At Rust, Guldbergsgade 8, 2200 KBH N.
Facebook event:


I couldn't find a super exciting event this saturday - but you could go and visit the nice café, Frenchy, which was awarded the IBYEN-award yesterday for being the best café of the year!

Try their French brunch plate - it's tooooooo delicious!

Everything is homemade and the atmosphere is really, really authentic!

At Hyskenstræde 16, the basement. Open from 9:30-20.


St. Patrick's Day in Copenhagen!

Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day! In Copenhagen the day will be celebrated with a parade, music, dance and everything green! Even green candyfloss. It starts at 13:00 at outside the City Hall, there will be a a café (where you can get Guinness and Irish Coffee) and also a costume shop where you can get the right equipment for the day. Traditional music and dance-performances on the stage at 15:30 and at 17:00, the parade will start. All pubs in town will be incredibly crowded, but go there anyway, people are nice and it'll be a lot of fun. Everybody can follow the parade, but alcohol is not permitted in the parade. The route will be Rådhuspladsen - Vester Voldgade - Stormgade - Vindebrogade - Højbro Plads Gammelstrand - Nybrogade - Rådhusstræde - Vestergade - Rådhuspladsen

Unfortunately, I will not be going to any of this - because I've got the flu. Maybe I shouldn't have put away my winter boots that fast...

Best weekend wishes,

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