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Events this weekend!

Phew, just had 5 minutes to put this post together! Hoping for a bit less busy week next week. I have a list of stuff I'd like to tell you all about, it's waiting here on my desk (under a huuuuge bunch of other stuff)!

Here we go!


Free beer in the Campus bars

DSE is giving away FREE BEER!!!!!!!!!
In Etherrummet from 13-15 and in Diagonalen from 15-17!

New bar opening - more free beer

The newest bar in town will be in Studiestræde - among a lot of other bars! The name of the newest bar is: Studiestraede (simple!). It's supposed to be a minimalistic, relaxed chill-bar. No guest lists. No themes. No concepts. The team behind (Gromit, Daniel Nunez and Joh Hammersholt are experienced experts in the business and in partying, so it all sounds very promising already! The furniture is designed by the team themselves! And the bar will also double as a store with quality spirits and bar-equipment for the ambitious to try out the cocktail making at home!

There will of course be a huge opening party tomorrow from 16. However, there is "only" room for about a hundred people inside, if they stand closely together, so let's hope for wonderful weather and a blast of a street party outside the bar in the afternoon! Open bar for the first couple of hours and DJ's!

At Studiestræde 5. Price-levels: Bottled beer, 35 kroner, wine, 45 kroner and relatively cheap cocktails from 75 kr.

Free concert at RUST

If you want to go and experience Mellow Yellow and others for free at RUST, write them a message on Facebook: with how many you want to show up! There is still space on the guest list. :)

International R-Kelly day at RHK

This is one of the weirdest and possibly funniest events I've seen for some time! It appears that tomorrow is the International R-Kelly day. People all over the world will be throwing parties in his honor - and the Copenhagen party will be hosted at Rigshospitalets Kollegium! 

They promise a red carpet with photographer, live bands and only R. Kelly! ALL... NIGHT... LONG!!!
Friday the 8th of March Rigshospitalets Kollegium (RHK) will turn into a temple of love where R. Kelly is the god that we all worship.

Also, there will be free entrance, R. Kelly masks, cheap bar, beautiful surroundings, hot girls, classy guys, and a lot of fun!

It starts at 21-the early morning, at Jagtvej 120. Facebook: 


New ice cream concept in Copenhagen

As known from the States, the "pour your own low calorie ice cream" concept is finally here in Copenhagen! My Fro'Yo Cup will be opening this saturday and there will be FREE ICE CREAM FROM 13:00-17:00!!!

At Fiolstræde 9.


Spring market at Ravnsborggade

The really nice Ravnsborggade will host their annual spring market this sunday! The antique-shops, designers, cafés and galleries will be moving to the sidewalk! There will definitely be some unique stuff there - and a lot of people and nice atmosphere!

From 10-16 at Ravnsborggade, Sankt Hans Gade, Ryesgade and Ravnsborg Tværgade!

Best weekend wishes,

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