mandag den 25. marts 2013

Some events this week

Royal porcelain

  • This week you can take a class in how to paint the characteristic Royal Danish Porcelain in their store at Amagertorv 6, KBH.  You can pick up your homemade plate after 3 weeks when it's been glazed and burnt. One class is an hour and 250 kroner inclusive materials.

    Today and tomorrow: at 10, 13 and 15.

    There is a maximum of 15 participants per class. Book at

    If the classes are totally over booked, you can still go there and paint some easter eggs. No booking needed. 35 kr.

    Foto: Ikke oplyst


    If you're not into porcelain painting, you can check out the LEGO workshop at the Danish Architecture Center (DAC). The focus will be on bridges, and the objective is tho build the most fantastic bridge from a list of criteria given at the workshop. The workshop is mostly for children and their grown-ups, but since we're all engineers, it could still be a lot of fun.

    From today until next monday (April 1st) at 10-17. It's drop-in style and 60 kroner. At Dansk Arkitektur Center, Strandgade 27b, KBH

    If you want to give away a tiny easter present, Simply Chocolate will cover it in a handmade easter egg made of 70 % dark chocolate - on the spot. Max. size of present = 10x4 cm. 159 kroner.
    In ILLUM, Østergade 52, KBH K.


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