torsdag den 18. april 2013

Roskilde Festival program 2013 announced

I bet you've heard about the Roskilde Festival while staying here. Roskilde Festival is the biggest music festival in Denmark (Scandinavia, too?)! And it's so much fun for almost 10 days! And all the awesome bands. I could write more than 100 posts about how amazing Roskilde Festival is, but instead, I'll show you guys the program and advise you to go and buy a ticket! I know it's a lot of money, but just see all those awesome bands you get for the money! Plus a week on the most crazy campside in Scandinavia (that's for sure!)!

Roskilde Festival 2013

The biggest pluses for me is definitely C2C, Queens of the Stone Age, Rihanna, When Saints Go Machine, Angel Haze, Azealia Banks, Marie Key, Maskinen (hit music in Skånsk - the South-Swedish dialect!) and - totally new to me since 5 minutes ago, Jake Bugg, The Bots and King Krule

Buy your ticket here:

Going to Roskilde Festival is probably one of the most Danish ways to spend your summer vacation in Denmark!


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