lørdag den 27. april 2013

Events this weekend

Better late than never!

Japanese festival

Tons and tons ifJapan-related activities, sushi, tea, martial arts and so on... In the middle of the beautiful cherry trees at Langelinje!

Copenhagen Sakura Festival, Langelinie Park, 2100 Kbh Ø, kl. 11-16, free.

Street party at Nørrebro

At Ragnhildgade you can party today from the afternoon. Mund De Carlo, Supa Mike, Skyjuice Reggae, Spirited Sage, DJ L, 2200 Hard Beat and Morfar will be providing music! And later,the party continues inside Bolsjefabrikken, where there will be dub until the morning.

16-21, inside Bolsjefabrikken from 21-morning. And it's free!!!


Flea market in Jægersborggade

Hopefully there will be a lot of unique used things at the Jægersborggade flea market. It is one of the most hip streets in Copenhagen, so chances are good you'll discover something interesting.
Oh, and there will be live music with Taiga Taiga and banjo player Atli Brix Kamban.

The many shops and cafes will be open too.

From 10-16, free.

Also, go and enjoy the sun in Fælledparken!! :)

Best weekend wishes,

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