søndag den 14. april 2013

An event on tuesday :)

Sorry for letting you hanging there waiting for events this weekend - I've been to an intensive workshop this whole week and when it was over this friday, anything remotely related to sitting in front of the computer was just about one of the last things I could get myself to do.

However, I have an event for you on tuesday!

Science and cocktails is an event held by the Niels Bohr Institute (the physics department of Copenhagen University) and the physicist Jacome Armas. It's been running three times since 2011 at Byens Lys (The Christiania cinema). This is the fourth time.

It's basically a series of public lectures with elements of art, music and performances and cocktails! I'm very excited about this! It sounds truly unique. It's all in English and for free.

And usually every second tuesday at 8pm.

This time the theme is quantum mechanics. If you want to understand it a little (better) or just understand why it is so hard to understand it - go there, grab a cocktail and ask your favorite scientist!


Best hungover weekend wishes,

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