tirsdag den 23. april 2013

No lectures on friday :)

So how come there are no lectures on friday?

Well, Danes have always been effective people, so instead of having a whole bunch of holidays as way back in time, they took them and put them in the same day; Store Bededag (Large Praying-day (.......more like stay home from school and work-day)). It is held on the 4th friday after Easter - and that means this friday.  The reason they took them and put them in one "large" day is that for example all Wednesdays were designated for fasting and praying (and then the farmers couldn't work that well).  There were all sorts of more or less known days like the Wednesdays, and as you can imagine, it was just too much.

The day is in more recent tradition celebrated with "hveder" (wheats), a fluffy kind of bread roll, in the morning. You can either buy them at the bakeries or you can try and make them yourself! But why celebrate with bread rolls?

When they decided in 16something that we just needed one day instead of a lot, of course that one day had to be extra "holy". Therefore all school, work, travels, games and so on was forbidden on that day. That meant that the bakers couldn't work either and they had to come up with a kind of bread that people could buy the day before and then heat up on Store Bededag, so they could still get their bread. However, it is not thought that hveder became common before a 100-150 yeas after, when more people could afford the expensive bread - Hveder was expensive back then.

A qualified guess would be that up to 2 million hveder will be sold on thursday. With about 800 bakers in Denmark, it gives about 2500 hveder to make for each of them. Busy guys.

I'll make sure to post a recipe. :


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