fredag den 16. november 2012

Events this weekend

Here we go;


Unfortunately, I couldn't find any super-events this evening. So get out and check out some of the bars in Copenhagen! Tivoli is now open again, with its Christmas theme, for example.


International Restaurant Day

On this day, you can open a restaurant for the day, and sell and serve the food you want to. Register here to make your own restaurant:

Or check out all the other ones. A perfect and funny way of getting to know people in Copenhagen and have cheap, homemade food!

There are fourteen pop up places to choose from in Copenhagen on the map, but I bet you can find many more!

Legendary Coma Club Party

The last Coma party will take place at a secret location (but check out the Facebook page for more information). The Coma Club parties are legendary because they are totally insane. You have to dress to the occasion - otherwise you will not be allowed to enter! The theme for this party is "China". There will be awesome music by Sukkerlyn (dancehall), Alfredo and Emil Lange (DJ's) among many others. And about 1000 partylicious people from Copenhagen dressed in crazy outfits.

Tickets are about 300 kroner. It starts at 22 and goes on until early morning.  Buy your ticket here:

The location will be revealed tomorrow, but it's at "a central place in Copenhagen".

Dress this crazy! Not sure if it's actually possible to dress more crazy....


Christmas Markets

Yes, it's that time of the year. Visit one of the Christmas markets this weekend and find something nice for the family or friends. Ravnsborggade has a very nice one. All the antique shops, designers, cafés and galleries will have stands on the sidewalk with Christmas candy, glögg (hot wine with almonds, spices and raisins).

From 10-16 at Ravnsborggade, Sankt Hans Gade, Nyesgade og Ravnsborg Tværggade at Nørrebro.

Best wishes for a nice and calm weekend,

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