onsdag den 3. oktober 2012

Something less girly this weekend

Since I just posted a reeeeeeeeeally long post about girly shops, girly drinks and girly treats, here's something less girly to do. This saturday! Attend the Danish Strip Championships! (Don't worry, ladies, there are also 4 male strippers!)

More information and tickets (187 kroner, presale, 240 on the location) can be found at www.amagerbio.dk
Starts at 20, doors open 18.30.

7 female and 4 male strippers will be competing to win the (proud and honorable?) title of the Danish Strip Champion. Pretty shows, a DJ (Cris-R) and stylish surroundings. 2 poles, one podium. As far as I'm concerned, they're not going to be naked. 

And potentially dangerous, but comical, stunts like the ones you saw on youtube. Maybe the male stripper I saw in a creepy bar in Hong Kong. Maybe the famous "Stripper Daniel" (who once won Strip DM). Or maybe this guy, he cuts it (mainly by being original about the pole-dance concept):

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