torsdag den 25. oktober 2012

Sensation 2012 (November 3rd)

Some of you may know the Sensation-parties from where you live. Others may have heard or read about them. The Danish party will be on November 3rd. For the mere sum of 79 Euros (!!!), you can be the happy party-goer and experience something above and beyond the friday bars at DTU.

This time will be the 5th time that Sensation will take place in Parken. However, this year, the party will be without any Danish DJ's. But there are still many things that will be the same. You must be dressed completely in white to enter the party. There will be a ton of lights and decorations and a fancy lineup including Irani-American Sharam (one half of the duo Deep Dish), Riva Starr, Sander van Doorn, The Man With No Shadow and Mr. White.

Imagine this: There will be about 20.000 people dressed all in white and you'll get your photo taken at the entrance with the possibility of, all of a sudden, seeing it in giant size abouve the dancing, sweating crowd!

Buy your ticket here:
The party starts at 18, November 3rd in Parken.

Sensation Source of Light

Foto: Sensation Bucarest

Foto: PR

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