onsdag den 10. oktober 2012

Free scary movie tomorrow (thursday) + Felix Baumgartners Big Jump

Tomorrow you have the chance to go to a very small and kinda secret film club at Nørrebro Station (the old station building called Lygten). They are showing a scary movie from Italy - The Arcane Sorcerer. And don't worry if Italian is not your best language skill - subtitles are in English! I went to one of these evenings and it's great fun. Mostly only Danish people come there and I'm certain they will be happy to have a fresh audience in the building!

Looks pretty scary?

Check the event on Facebook:

And read about the film at IMDB:

It's free and it's at 20:00! They sell cheap beer and sometimes popcorn (otherwise, go to 7/11 and bring candy from there). Last time I went there were some free snacks and some tables set up with pens and paper so you could make drawings while waiting for the film to start!

If you'd rather stay inside, make sure to check out Felix Baumgartner's incredible jump from 36 kilometers height (the edge of the atmosphere!) in the attempt of becoming the first man in the world to break the sound barrier in free fall (and also beating a couple of world records while doing it). Watch it at: http://www.redbullstratos.com/live/

The jump were supposed to happen yesterday, but the mission were aborted last minute due to bad weather. We hope thet have better luck tomorrow!

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