torsdag den 24. januar 2013

Events this weekend!!!

Hope something interesting will be going on! Let's see!!


2 years birthday on Billy Booze!

The discount bar Billy Booze celebrates their second birthday again, same concept, different kin of booze for 2 kr for a shot!

Distortion Dark!

Refer to the post about this event from earlier this week!

Party in Vega:

The concert venue Vega will be celebrating the 6 bands that they believe will make it big in 2013. This is followed by a party where Eclectic Moniker and Sleep Party People will be DJing

Read about the bands here:

Tickets can only be bought in line - about 100 kroner!

Laundry party number 4!

Go party between the laundry machines! There will be welcome drinks between 20-20:30, Irish coffee, beer from Nørrebro Bryghus for 20 kroner and gin&lemon for 15. The music is disco, funk and tech house! Address is Sønder Boulevard 97 from 20-24!


Yet another birthday party!

Lots of bars celebrate their birthdays these days, I think that the reason is that many Danes open a bar in the winter to have a place to hide from the snow and darkness.

This time it's the club "Keep it Simple" where only vinyls will be played. Martinez will be the one making the music happen. Entrance is 30 kroner, remember cash! Oh, and it's held in the Christiania Children's Theatre in Bådsmandsgade 43. From 23:45 to 05.

A music award show for free!

Saturday from 23-05 you can party with the Danish celebrities at Natbar Bremen (Nyropsgade, close to Vesterport station). DJs will provide the music while you rub shoulders with Danish musicians such as Raske Penge, WhoMadeWho (genuinely nice guys, I met them in Holland), Efterklang and Christian Hjelm. Party guarantee! No entrance fee!

Wishing you the best weekend,

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