mandag den 21. januar 2013

Cafe Spotlight #4 - Din Nye Ven

Cafe Din Nye Ven (your new friend) will be your new friend in 2013.

It's not new or fancy, but it will be there for you when you need a milkshake or a beer. Or coffee. As far as I recall you can also borrow games to play while there.

Price level is standard cafe prices. They also double as a party place!

The main reason it's featured here is that it's a highly underestimated place that I personally don't go to often enough. Plus the art in the cafe is usually above the standard cafe-art level. They have a pin board where you can put some of your own stuff, which ensures variety in the stuff that is showcased.

Klub Sshhh is the most silent clubnight in town, where some band will play an acoustic set on the small stage at Din Nye Ven. Monthly.

Every second Wednesday in the month there is an alternative music quiz, where there will be battled in knowledge about indie, psych, punk, ambient, post-punk, lo-fi,, twee, experimental, hiphop etc. (what is twee exactly?)


Din Nye Ven
Skt. Peders Stræde 34
1453 Kbh. K

Hope you have fun there,
Nanna (the last photo is just because he looks awesome)

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