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Café Spotlight #5 - Cake theme!!!

In this café spotlight, I'll try and guide you guys to awesome cake-places in Copenhagen where you can go to cheer up when it's just a bit too cold and too dark outside!

Kreationer. Udstillingsvinduet hos Dessertdragen kan få selv den største afholdsmand til at stoppe op. - Foto: MARIA FONFARA (arkiv)

Dessertdragen is an amazing place. Just looking through the window makes you drool! They make all sorts of cakes, but the most impressive ones are the huge, decorated ones.
Everything is takeaway as there are no seats in the shop!
Dessertdragens Kageværksted. Mon.-fri. 12-18. Sat. 12-16. Skt. Peders Stræde 26, Kbh. K. www.dessertdragen.dk
Konditori Antoinette
This place brings a bit of life to the otherwise a bit empty street, Pistolstræde. The style is rococco with columns, mirror walls and gold-seats.
The cakes are both the classical ones with lots and lots of cream (45 kroner), tarts, petits fours and mousse cakes. The coffee is good, they also have tea or lumumba (hot chocolate with cognac and cream).
Konditori Antoinette. All days 9-18. Østergade 24 B2, Kbh K.www.konditori-antoinette.dk
Cake Away
Nikolaos Strangas is the go-to guy of macarons in Copenhagen. They are ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! :D
Hos Strangas får man nogle af byens bedste desserter.
The prices are standard café prices and the hot chocolate is hard to find better (maybe at La Glace).
Cake Away. Tue.-fri. 11-17:30. Sat. 11-16. Åboulevard 7, Kbh. V.

The Royal Café
Hiding in the garden between Royal Copenhagen, you'll find the first of The Royal Cafes. The second one is in Tokyo. 
The rooms are decorated in a quite unique way with soaring mannequins among other things. They also serve smushi (Danish open sandwiches served as sushi), but this is about the cakes.
One giant piece of cake with whipped cream for 50 kroner is alright. They also have a superb apple crumble and an awesome carrot cake and some of the best coffee in Copenhagen!
The Royal Cafe. Mon.-fri. 10-19:00. Sat. 10-18, Sun. 10-17. Amagertorv 6, Kbh. K.
Le Montmartre
Superclassic, superfrench and just about cult-status. Le Montmarthe is really good for light, classical french cakes. The aesthetics of this place is colorfull when you enter from the streets, slightly bohéme-ish.
Le Montmartre. All days 10-18. Oehlenschlægersgade 5, Kbh. V.


Super cheap, delicious cakes. Especially the lemon meringue. Relaxed atmosphere. What more could you ask for?
Lækkerier. Mon.-Wed. 8:30-17:00, Thu.-Fri. 8:30-22, Sat.-Sun. 10-17. Borgergade 17F, st., Kbh. K.
How does a gourmet cake place sound? Amazing! There is one right across the street from Marmorkirken. The Far Away Down-cake with coconut, dark chocolate and homemade plum jam sounds too good to be true. And so does the pumpkin cake with pistacchio, dried cranberries and four different spices! And the cheesecake!! Have them in-store with coffee, tea or hot chocolate!
Also, this is a good option for allergics as there are plenty of options with no gluten in them. :)
Taste. Mon.-Fri. 9.30-18, Sat.-Sun. 10-17. Store Kongensgade 80-82, Kbh. K. www.tastedeli.eu


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