fredag den 18. januar 2013

Events this weekend

Now it's finally time again!


PolyJoint Festival at DTU

I so should have seen this yesterday, but here goes:

Upcoming bands perform for free on two stages at DTU today from 16-23. Stages are in Kælderbaren and S-huset.

Sanches (SE) kl. 16:00 -
Seven Thorns kl. 17:00 -
Pylon kl. 18:00 -
Substereo kl. 19:00 -
We Send Smoke Signals kl. 20:00 -

Prices on Draft Beer and Classical Drinks 
19-20 : 15 kr.
20-21 : 20 kr.
21-xx : 25 kr

It is not allowed to bring your own alcohol


Exhibition with HuskMitNavn
One of the most ever hyped Danish artists, HuskMitNavn (RememberMyName) exhibits various works of art (19 paintings and 13 drawings) at Gallery V1 in Kødbyen until 16:00 (after that, Wednesday-Friday until 18). The exhibition runs until February 16th.

Check out his old pieces here: 

Club-legend visit Denmark

Last summer at Distortion festival on Vor Frues Plads in central Copenhagen, the festival guests go to enjoy this guys' awesome show. He's got routine, because rumour has it that he played his first job in the 70s. Fact is that he's been running the electronic music profile on BBC1 for more than two decades now. Pete Tong will give a DJ set on Simons with Rune RK, Danish DJ. IT'S GUARANTEED TO BE AWESOME.

Arti Farti at Simons, sat. 19. jan. kl. 23.30-06.00. Simons, Store Strandstræde 14, Kbh. K. Entré 100 kr. More info on Facebook.

Best weekend wishes,

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