torsdag den 24. januar 2013

Copenhagen Fashion Festival (next week)

Copenhagen loves fashion. Therefore, fancy events and fancy clothes will be all over town next week. There is a ton of events going on, and I'll list a few of the most noteworthy below (but I highly recommend that you check out the official event-page so you don't miss anything! In general I recommend the "Fashion Night Out" tagged events, as they have some action elements. Or maybe goodie bags!

I just looked into it and it's hard to just choose a bunch of examples, but here you go!

January 30th:

Guided fashion tour with podcasts recorded by Danish designers. The podcasts will guide you through streets and places that are important to the various designers.
All the podcasts are in English! You can download them from 10:00 in the morning on the fashion festival web page. And they are free!

February 1st:

Fashion film festival at Cinemateket! Lasts until February 3rd! Friday it starts at 21:30, Saturday at 19, Sunday at 15.
The address is Gothersgade 55: Nikolai Contemporary Art Center.

There will be a focus on Danish designers and their creations.

I haven't been able to figure out if its for free, but check out the rest of the program at and

You can also go to the Cheap Monday store and make your own signature statement tote bag or t-shirt! From 18-20. Win items from the spring/summer collection! Address: Kronprinsensgade 7, KBH K.

February 2nd:

Mega fashion flea market! From 10 to February 11th at 16. More than 2000 square meters transformed into a second hand paradise! Entrance fee is 35 kroner and the address is Korsgade 29, KBH N.

Hope you think it's easier to choose from the many events than I thought!


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