torsdag den 17. januar 2013

Welcome and welcome back

Hi all, and welcome (back).

Soon another bunch of international students will begin their exciting DTU adventures, and if course this blog will provide them with awesome tips for practical stuff, and more importantly, tips on how to have an awesome time while studying at DTU.

Use the blog as an archive, search through some of the old posts as the non-even related posts might still be very useful.

If you come across events or tips you think I should highlight, don't hesitate to email me or post a comment. The blog achieved more than 500 reads each month, so it's going to be seen as I opt for even more readers the following semester (primarily helped by more posts, as I have just ordered a new and much faster computer than the old one I was working from, and which took more than 15 minutes to fire up)!

Can't wait to get started, so the first event will be posted right away.

All the best,

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