mandag den 21. januar 2013

Distortion Dark

This friday you can go to the first of three planned Distortion winter parties. Distortion is the largest street festival in Denmark (and the most awesome in Scandinavia).

For 60 kroner (in-door) you get a super lineup and low prices on beer and booze! But be there early. There is only room for 500 people and more than 1000 have said yes on the Facebook invite. I'm sure even standing in line is going to be a party in itself!

Ukendt Kunster (live)
Bwoy De Bhajan
DJ Er Du Dum Eller Hvad
Fou Fou
Oh Boy!


Friday 25th. Kayak Kajen under Knippelsbro from 22-04. 60 kr.

I promise to keep you updated on the next two parties!


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