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Chicky Grill - a place to eat Danish food

So, places to go out and eat Danish food are hard to come by, but I once went to this retro-cool place near the hip Halmtorvet on the used-to-be-dodgy site of the Central Station; Chicky Grill. Part pub, part canteen, part grill it's a unique place to try traditional Danish dishes, and the prices can compete with any fast food (30-75 kr). Just that this is - almost - as good as anybodys grandmother can cook it; lots of potatoes, lots of butter and large portions. And you can get beer too (I personally recommend the Høkerbajer for the authentic experience).

It's not fancy. It's exactly what it seems. And this is how it looks:

Foto: Benita Marcussen, Scanpix

What kind of food can you expect?

Chicky Grill

Among the favorites are: 

Flæskesteg med sovs og kartofler (pork roast with crakcling, gravy and potatoes - what a ton of Danes eat at Christmas)

Flæskestegssandwich med rødkål (pork roast sandwich with red cabbage, pickles and crackling)

Stegt flæsk med persillesovs (thick slices of fried bacon with parsley sauce)

Stjerneskud ("shooting star" - a very traditional open sandwich with fish filet, shrimp and vegetables)

Biksemad (roasted potatos with pork, beetroot and a fried egg)

Hakkebøf (beef patties with potatoes and gravy + soft onions)

Grilled chicken!

Yeah, you may have noticed by now that traditional Danish food is all about pig and potatoes. ;)

Worth noting:

- It's allowed to smoke in Chicky Grill. So if you can't eat while it smells like cigarettes... this might not be your new favorite place.

- They do not accept credit card.

After a nice, solid meal, you can go and have a look at the hippest of the hip Danes at their favorite hip places in Kødbyen, which is just on the other side of the building.

Here's how you find it:

Kort for virksomheden

The address is:
Halmtorvet 21, 1700 KBH V

Also, hope you had a great first day at DTU. For reals.


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