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DTU Campus traditions???

I got asked a question by one of my exchange students: Are there any traditions on Campus?

I have experienced this before.I went to the Chinese University of Hong Kong last summer, they had a funny tradition with a rock-sculpture. You could touch it or walk under it. If you walked under it before you graduated, you would get very bad luck in your studies and never graduate. But you could touch it, and it would give you luck in your studies.

That's the lucky/unlucky sculpture in front of the library... and yes, CUHK Campus is on a mountain-side!

But on DTU Campus, we don't have any traditions like that, it seems. Hm! I've been trying to find out, asking people, but nothing came up.

Luckily we have some traditions, just not like the CUHK-one (or the ones many of you know from your home campuses).

One of the best known is the Årsfest (Year Party/formal/ball/dance/prom/...) held every spring. People dress up, lecturers of the year are awarded, the Dean of Students give a speech and even the Queen pops by and says a couple of words, which is why, a couple of weeks in advance, a queue party is held while the students wait up all night to buy tickets - with or without dining. The dining tickets are limited and everybody wants to get the seats in the room where the Queen will give her speech (the glass room in the canteen). The queue is usually a fun event with beer and tents and free breakfast in a random hallway on Campus. At the Year Party, there are always some great bands too. And lots and lots of pretty dresses.

Historical photo of a year party at DTU!

All queens love a great party!

And a good hangover....

Although the food might not be her style.

The second tradition that pops up in my mind is the costumed pub crawl on Campus (friday, October the 12th this year) following a day before with a running competition around Campus (thursday, October the 11th then).

The custumed pub crawl (or the "(un)serious" PF-Run is a huge event where people meet up in costumed, dressed as a variation of a common theme! I went with a group of sailors, pigs and bananas and human tetris blocks! Some people even build transportable speakers fitting the theme and play music as the pub crawl goes from bar to bar (all bars have a special offer).

Get together your introduction week group for a fun night before the autumn break (you get to take care of your hangover for a week after!). 

It doesn't have to be crazy complicated to go as human tetris!

Fænomen. PSY optrådte i sidste uge til MTV Awards i Staples Center i Los Angeles. Han har også lært Britney Spears, hvordan man laver de karakteristiske 'Gangnam Style'-dansetrin. - Foto: Matt Sayles/AP
"Gangnam Style" PSY wishes you an awesome weekend! Bet you'll see at least 10 groups with Gangnam-theme at the PF-Run!

Have the best of weekends,

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