tirsdag den 11. september 2012

PF Cinema tonight and tomorrow

PF Kino will be showing The Lion King tonight and tomorrow night.

If you don't go this week, you should try it at least once. It's really nice and "hyggeligt"!

The ticket price is 25 kr for PF members and 40 kr for non-members (so become a member!)... it's possible to pay by card! Doors open at 19:15 in building 116, auditorium 81.
Candy and drinks will be sold before the movie.

If you by crazy chance never saw it before, read about it here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0110357/.
It's highly recommended and the first movie I ever saw in a cinema! I still love it after all these years!

Just note: It might be in Danish! But it shouldn't stop you! It's a great way of learning something (especially if you know the story!).


Hakuna Matata!

Not in 3D.

The program for the rest of the season can  be found here: http://www.pf-kino.dk/


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