tirsdag den 13. august 2013

Slightly improved

I've tried to clean the looks of the blog a bit. No major changes, since after messing around with layout a couple of days, I realized that I really like the way it was.

New additions are;

To the right, above the archive, I've collected pages that are relevant and otherwise completely impossible to find again after first reading them. I've collected all Spotlights, bars and cafés respectively, and found the short trips from the archives (currently working on a couple more trips for you).

Follow by email!
Since I will not be picking any of you up in the airport this year, and therefore not have a golden opportunity to give you my hand crafted link notecards that day, I've added the follow-by-email gadget. Get the new posts in your inbox, no spam.

Plus some more width (since editing from mobile platforms always was a pain in the brain and not respecting my layout at all), larger types and improved contrast. 

Any suggestions for an improved blog will be recieved happily!

I missed you all!


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