tirsdag den 27. august 2013

Welcome and welcome back!

A big, happy welcome to all you new international students at DTU and to all of you who's been here before - both at DTU, in Denmark and at the blog.

I hope you have some really nice introduction guides and buddies and that they will take you to see some awesome stuff this week.

The reason I started this blog was to give you all inspiration on stuff to do and experience in Copenhagen - that Danish people also go and do, so you don't go home one time and discover, that all you saw were lecture halls, campus bars and Kulørbar (nothing wrong with that, though). I think, that if you go to a new (or just different) country, you should experience the whole thing, go and do stuff that the "locals" do. I'm here to help you with that - and also give tips on DTU and Copenhagen life! You can ask me anything and I'll try to do features along the way.

Also, again, I would like to encourage you to write posts, send them to me (ask for my email address in comments or PM me on Facebook) - and I'll put them here for you with name or not - if you find something that's too awesome not to share.

I'm looking forward to meet you all!

Also, I'm happy to tell you, that the blog has had 1000+ views each month since it's beginning exactly one year ago. Even though I might be busy from time to time (I assume you know the feeling as fellow students), I really love your response on the stuff I put here and I really, REALLY hope that you'll have an AWESOME time here in Denmark - no matter for how long or how short you will stay!

FIRST advice to you guys, if you are not familiar with the drill;

You can get your new coursebooks cheap at www.usedbooks.dtu.dk, where DTU students put their used books for sale. AND you can put them for sale there by the end of the semester (or if you realize you bought a book that you'll never have time to read because you're too busy having fun here - I hope that!).

Second, when going around in Copenhagen - watch out for angry bikers. Bikes get their way in Copenhagen! And if you go biking yourself, wear a helmet. It can get rough out there! No accidents, promise? Good. For more advices, check the earlier features with tips - to be found in the "Sider"-feature to the right. That should give you a nice start at least.

All the best wishes for the new semester, have fun!

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