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See you in August

Tomorrow early morning I will be on my way to Spain! So this will be the last post before mid-August. What should you spend your time on then, if you are not lucky enough to go to Roskilde Festival this week? Or if the weather stays like it is today and you have to stay in Denmark?

I have collected a list of other festivals in the time where I am out traveling!
Here we go!

Copenhagen Jazz Festival
From July 5th to July 14th!
Lots of lovely jazz music in Copenhagen for an entire week! Most events are free, and those that are not, are not very expensive.
Web page: http://jazz.dk/Program#q=&d=&t=&v=&s=&e=&u=

CPH Opera
From July 28th to August 4th
I did not know that Copenhagen had an opera festival, but it is a great opportunity to learn about it or learn more
if you are already a fan. You will need a ticket for most of the events, but there should be some free ones too.
Web page: http://copenhagenoperafestival.com/en/calendar/

Fringe Jazz Fest
From July 5th to July 14th
Specialized in New Orleans music: jazz, blues, brassband, funk and swing. It is sure to bring some warmth to 
Copenhagen and sure to make you move your feet. Most events are free!
Web page: http://www.fringejazzfest.dk/

Bas Under Buen
July 20th
A whole day of free concerts, mostly dubstep, bass and dancehall! Right outside my window! I went last year and
it was a blast! Outdoors and for free.
Web page: https://www.facebook.com/events/262288420576273/?ref=22

Henry's Dream
From July 18th to July 21st
A new music/performance festival outside of Copenhagen (specific location is yet to be revealed). 575 kroner for 
a couple of days as a part of Henry's dream. That's really all I know!
Web page: http://www.henrysdream.dk/

Musik I Lejet
From July 18th to July 20th
Set in the beautiful Danish summer paradise Tisvildeleje beach, this lovely festival presents a pretty solid lineup
for the two days it lasts. It looks soo awesome and comes in a lot cheaper than Roskilde with only 150-225 kr.
Web page: http://www.musikilejet.dk/program2013

Open Air in Ørstedsparken
From July 25th to July 27th
Cold beer, three movies and popcorn at Copenhagens LGBT film festival, but don't worry - its for everybody!
Stay tuned at their web page for info!
Web page: http://mixcopenhagen.dk/

Also be sure to check out the slightly more expensive festivals Vanguard Festival and Trailerpark Festival!

Enjoy the Danish summer,
All the best,

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