lørdag den 15. juni 2013


Dear readers,

I am terribly sorry for the total lack of any information from my side and the promised events-updates. They have not been here, because of the exam period (and a tiny bit of vacation away from my computer). But now I missed you too much.

I hope you had fun with exams, Distortion festival, Copenhell this weekend and also Northside festival this weekend! From monday, I will begin regular updates again - however, there will be another "blackout" from me in July as I will be far, far away from the internet. This only concerns events, however, as I will be working double to schedule some posts that will be brought to you automatically while I travel.

For the summer, I also plan on a makeover of the blog!

Hang in there, 3-weeks courses are almost over now!!

All the best,

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