torsdag den 19. september 2013

Events this weekend!!!


Free coffee and culture at The Royal Theatre
Today is the opening day of the new café in The Royal Theatre; August B. Retro 30'ies atmosphere and jazz music. There are a bunch of free happenings the rest of the day:
16:00 - Ballet performance in the front hall.
16:20 - Event by "Kompagni B" in the front hall.
 6:30  - Event by "Kompagni B" in the Balcony foyer.
16:50 - Another (different) ballet performance in the front hall.
17:10 - Event by "Kompagni B" in the front hall.
17:20 – Event by "Kompagni B" in the Balcony foyer.
17:40 – Poems & guitar in the Balcony foyer.
18:00 – Opera solo and piano in the Balcony foyer.
18:30 – Bassoon quartet plays ragtime in the Balcony foyer.


SMK friday

SMK = Statens Museum for Kunst. They will show you how to have an artsy friday! This includes philosophy, drinks, beer, talks, art, street kitchen and music at the museum.

And the entrance is free!

From 16:00 at Sølvgade 48-50.

Free concert at DTU - Linkoban

Free friday concert at DTU! Linkoban will be playing her powerfull rap/dub/grime/pop inspired tracks on the stage in the S-house. The doors open at 19, the concert starts at 22. Be there early - there is going to be a lot of people!


Danish Speed Opening Championships in Diamanten

Diamanten at DTU will be hosting the qualifications in the Danish Speed Opening Championships!
Special offer on 5 beers - and possibility of qualifying and going on to the finals to win a travel gift certificate! From 16-19. Also, free shots for the ladies as it's Ladies' Night (until 3:00).


Copenhagen Peace Walk

Celebrate UN's International Peace Day in the streets of Copenhagen to show that you want positive change in the workd! After the walk, there will be many speakers talking about peace! And lots and lots of bands will be performing!

13-14: Speeches outside Christiansborg!
14-15:30: The walk starts outside Christiansborg and ends at Nørrebrohallen at 16:00.
16-17: Speakers and debate.
17-19: Music!!!

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Free fish'n'chips, shrimps, rosé wine and beer!!!

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After the Peace Walk, you can go and get full and wasted for free! 
Toldboden will be hosting a big party on saturday from 20:00! They are changing their concept and want to close the old place with style. Therefore there is free wine, beer and fish'n'chips+shrimps for the first 200 guests! After the food, the night club will start with Lulu Rouge and Slickfandango! Entrance is free until 23:00. After that, entrance is 100 DKK.
At Nordre Toldbod 18-24.

Super chefs!
Sunday you can take care of your hangover by enjoying some relaxing food entertainment. 15 dishes will be prepared live and presented to a panel of judges. It all takes place at the Hotel- og Restaurantskole. The event is not super formal and you get a chance to observe some of Denmark's best chefs up close.
Ever wondered how many ways you can prepare apple? Need inspiration on using seaweed in your food? Wonder if nutella and fish works together? Ever seen a "morkel" or a "brændnælde" (the last is the nasty plant with leaves that leave you with an itchy rush) - or wondered how to make it look delicious? Cabbage and cocoa together? And why would anybody choose to serve stems and leaves? This is your chance for answers!
From 11.15-15:30. Free entrance.
Best weekend wishes,

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