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And adventure time! We have some pretty unique events this weekend!


RUSjoint with Magtens Korridorer

Big party for all the DTU students this friday outside S-Huset. Tickets can be bought in S-huset, PF-caféen (the little café next to the Intelligent Building at Matematiktorvet). 80 DKK for PF-members and otherwise 120 DKK. It's only possible to buy tickets in-door if they are not sold out before, however after the concert, you don't need a ticket. The party opens at 20 - and so does the pølsevogn! After the concert (midnight), the Oticon hall will open. After midnight, jackets and bags must be placed in the wardrobe (20 DKK/item). 
There will be super cheap beer betweeen 20-21:30: 10 DKK! YAY!
Free beer
Free beer and award winning architecture (a pavillion)! Actually this event is happening the whole weekend, but the beer is only friday! The opening of the pavillion will be opened friday at 15:00. With music and free beer from Nørrebro Bryghus! It goes down in Kongens Have, KBH K!
Billede: Nyd din gratis Nørrebro Bryghus-fredagsøl i den nye pavillion i Kgs. Have. 
Trylletromler: En gave til København!

Fre. 13. sep. – søn. 13. okt. 
Pavillionen åbnes fre. d. 13. sep. kl. 15 - her vil være musik og gratis øl fra Nørrebro Bryghus. Alle er velkomne.

Kys. Dans. Gåtur. Møde. Picnic. Leg. Musik. Alt (næsten) kan lade sig gøre i pavillonen Trylletromler. Brug den – den er din i en måned.

Pavillonen er vinderprojektet fra arkitektkonkurrencen om en midlertidig pavillon i bæredygtigt træ, initieret af Arkitektforeningens lokalafdeling i København, hvor hele 83 arkitektteams deltog. Trylletromler vandt - designet af arkitektvirksomheden Fabric.
Som et led i deres eksamen har tømrerelever fra Københavns Tekniske Skole fået Trylletromler op at stå. 

Plænen ved Rosenhaven, Kongens Have , Kbh K 

I den kommende måned vil trylletromlen rumme en række aktiviteter. Se mere her:

Free hangover food

Nørrebrogade is one of my favorite streets in Copenhagen - and it's partly because it's always possible to get a cheap, nice shawarma! It is always a big discussion where to get the best shawarma at Copenhagen's shawarma main street - but now we will find out. This saturday, the best sharwarma restaurant will be found.

This involves free tastings! :)

14-16: Taste samples at 11 restaurants on Nørrebrogade. Map:

16-17: Counting votes and award ceremony at Nørrebrogade 66-68.

14-17: Chill out at the venue for the award ceremony. Music, free coffee and sweets. This is also where you get the voting-paper! Without that, no tasting samples. There will be 150 voting papers, so be there early! They give them out at 14-15:30.

More details to come on Facebook:

Copenhagen Tweed Ride

The Copenhagen Tweed Ride is an annual tradition (though it's only it's second time around) and like last year, the profit from the ride will go to charity (this year, bike classes for immigrant women).

The ride will pass the lovely parks of the city as well as some of it's memorable places. Dress up fancy - with at least some tweed! The main thing is a vintage "grandma-ish" look. Hats, gloves, you name it... There will be prizes for "most dashing dame" and "most dapper gent", so put some effort into it and go to get a unique experience.

Sign-up is open, but be quick - only 40 spots are available. The price is 50 DKK for the guided tour and some refreshments on the go. Bring lunchbag and hipflask to keep yourself full and warm.

It starts at 10:30 and ends at 16:00, but you can stay to hang out after. Meeting place is Nørregade 20 at 10:30.

Where to get your hands on some tweed? Go to the nearest thrift shop! There is one at Lyngby Hovedgade and plenty in Copenhagen! Just google "Røde Kors genbrug" or "Kirkens Korshær genbrug".
More on Facebook:


Zombie Run

The Zombie Run is an adventure run for people in all ages. Be ready to "run for your life". The route is 5K and will take you through the most creepy part of Vestskoven. There will be flocks of hungry zombies (walking zombies) who will chase and catch the runners.

You will be given a time taking chip as well as 2 lives symbolized by two strips of fabric from a belt. If a zombie catches one of your strips of fabric, you loose a life. If both your lives are taken, you are dead.

Runners with both their lives kept safe will be guided to the finish line - runners without both lives will be sent on a detour. It is a serious terrain run with time taking and clear route directions - just with hungry zombies chasing you. Expect muddy shoes and legs! It is the first time, the zombie run is around!

You need to sign up, but the webpage is not ready yet - follow on Facebook:

Best weekend wishes,

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