onsdag den 29. august 2012

Strøget's 50th birthday on saturday+sunday

Today, it's been 50 years since the street Strøget in Copenhagen became the worlds' first and longest pedestrian street. The celebrations will take place this saturday and sunday (September 1st & 2nd). There is a program from saturday morning at 10:00 to sunday afternoon at 16:00.

You can be a part of the many events which will stretch from Nytorv and Gammeltorv to Amagertorv (refer to your citymaps, the ones with the queen on them!). There will be a performance by the Danish comedian Brian Mørk, Tivoli Pantomime and Copenhagen Pride, and the music will be played by the top Danish DJ's Rosa Lux and Betty Bronx. There will be a "food performance" together with Copenhagen Cooking and some royal opera singers.
Also there will be a 1,1 km long Danish pastry saturday from 10:00-11:30. Selected shops will give out coffee, Danish pastry and individual surprises ( = free stuff!!).
Sunday, you can see The Royal Guards on parade together with the Firemen Parade, Tivoli Parade, CPH Karneval, Hamleys Parade, Gay Parade and Art Parade!
There will be a 4 meter long LEGO-model in Nyhavn and free boat tours sunday between 14 and 16 (for those of you who missed the boat tour today!).
Translated from AOK, article by journalist Therese Rekling.

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