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Awesome DTU dance moves

Ok, so the ones of you who were at the party last night might have experienced something unique.

As part of the introduction week for the Danish students, there are usually a lot of different dance moves involved as part of the social activities.

Therefore we thought that you should also be introduced to this "tradition", and we showed you the very basic moves of "Tunak tunak tun". Or just "Tunak". In this post, we'll also introduce you to some other dances and songs, that the DTU students like. Or hate. Or a little bit of both.

Learn the "Tunak" dance:

The song "Tunak Tunak Tun" is a bhangra/pop lovesong by Daler Mehndi
Watch the video here. The moves to remember from the video are the "pulling spaghetti in the air" and the "wave your arms in the air". My personal favorite is the "thumbs up, thumbs down move".


In between the "dudududuslduududlduldu da da da"-part, these are the moves to use. It's a Swedish guy, Leroy, who did an easy tutorial on how to "stampa".


The three Leroy moves are: "Lilla bollan" ("small ball"), "Mjölka kossan" ("milking the cow") and the hardcore one "Tjernobyl barnat" (the Chernobyl child!).

Bonus beer for the first one to translate the punjabi "Tunak" lyrics in a comment...

Learn the "Gangnam Style" dance:

The new summer hit from South Korea, "Gangnam Style" by PSY is the dance on many of the Danes' introduction weeks. If you want to move like them on the dancefloor when they get back home, this is how you do it:


Here are some of the moves:


My favorite part:

This is how we should all look when we know the dance:

Again, creative as we are, just adopt the moves from the video. They are mostly very easy, but the one where he's walking sideways... none of us can do it! Can you?

Bonus-beer for the first one to translate the lyrics in a comment...

Aaaand the "Puma" song:

"Puma" is a song by DTU's all time favorite band, Roben og Knud. They are singing some very weird songs in Danish. This particular song is about a guy who would really like to own a stork, but it's beak should be short. He thinks a stork is ugly with a long beak. Then he continues describing the stork he wants - it should have a short neck, short, yellowish fur (yes, fur...) etc. The chorus is him summing up how much the new stork would actually look like a puma!!Yeah, it sounds just as weird as it is, but we kind of think that these guys are serious.


The dance moves are really difficult to explain, but they are super easy, so now you know, that when you hear this song, something amazing's going to happen on the dance floor!

Bonus-beer for the best "stork/puma" drawing posted in the comments... 



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